10 Best Office Romance Manga

Best List of Office Romance Manga Stories

Hello everyone! This is the best list of romance manga for office love stories, also known as office romance manga. Well, these are the best office romance manga; let’s go to the list.

10. Awkward Senpai 

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

A serialized version of the webcomic Awkward Senpai, It’s about a tsundere senpai who can’t be honest with her feelings. She likes Kanagawa, one of her subordinates, but she becomes mean to him because she’s nervous around him. Typical tsundere stuff in office romance manga. 

9. My Company’s Small Senpai

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Shinozaki is an office worker who is taken care of by his small and cute senpai, Katase Shiori. It may look like she’s doing it out of duty, but she likes him. Their relationship is also supported by the chief, who is the greatest wingman of the decade.

This one also has a serialized version with 3+ chapters and a sequel where they are married. One of the unique office romance manga to read.

8. Kawaii Joushi O Komarasetai

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Ira Megumi is a 31-year-old woman who is currently at the top of her career and she has no interest in love or marriage. One morning, after a drinking party, she wakes up to find the new employee, Aoki Shun, next to her. One thing led to another, and they started dating. But their relationship is not what I would call smooth sailing.

7. Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Himuro is the descendant of Yuki-onna; every time he’s flustered, he will freeze anything surrounding him. He has a crush on Fuyutsuki, a girl who sits next to him, and every time he’s charmed by her, you know what happens. There are also other quirky characters, such as Cat Girl and Phoenix Guy.

6. My Short Senpai Is Way Too Cute

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Takase starts working in the sales department of a certain real estate agency. He meets a senpai at this job, Komai, who looks more like a middle school girl due to her height and she has incredible cuteness!

They will eventually get closer and continue in the two sequels, which have already been completed as well. One of the best office romance manga to read.

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5. Kono Kaisha ni Suki na Hito ga Imasu 

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Tateishi and Mitsuya look like co-workers who can’t get along! Mitsuya always looks cold and mean to Tateishi, but they’re secretly dating each other. Contrary to how they act at work, they are always acting lovey-dovey when they are alone.

4. SE (System Engineer)

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Oka Shirou finally works up the courage to chase after a girl he often sees on the train reading a programming book. As he reaches out, he grabs her bag and spills the contents. The girl snatched it and ran away in embarrassment. Oka resolves to move on and focus on his new job as a system engineer. Little did he know, he would meet the girl once again. It turns out she is the company president at the place he works for. 

3. Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Kouta Takeda is a young office worker who, at the entry level, is under the direct supervision of Kyouko Takizawa. She is a stunning woman with a fearsome reputation at the company as an inflexible and cruel boss. But Takeda finds out that Takizawa is no iron lady and that she has a kind and clumsy side to her.

2. Senpai Ga Urusai Kouhai No Hanashi

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Futaba Igarashi is an office lady who finds her big senpai, Harumi Takeda, annoying. He is big and laughs loudly, but he always has her back and takes care of her. She starts to notice that her heart is slowly veering toward him, and she can’t help but fall for the big senpai.

1. Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii

Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Narumi Momose had been dumped by her boyfriend once they found out she was an otaku,  so she’s gone to great lengths to hide it. But she meets with her childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji at her new job. He comes up with a proposal; why doesn’t she just date him instead? Thus, a fellow otaku, coworker, and childhood friend begin dating each other. Well, this is it.

I have never worked in the office before, but imagining having romance at work might be fun.

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