8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Yandere manga, Romance manga with an overly attached girlfriend

Hello everyone! This is a list of recommendations for Yandere manga. What happens when two young people fall in love with each other?

That question is answered in this manga list. Follow the Yandere couple those who have suspense in their life, obsession, jealousy, and psycho love stories, so read the list of manga. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Tsubasa-chan, Kimi wa. Macchingu shita Onna wa Satsujinki

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Sousuke-Kun is a boring university student who finds comfort in texting Tsubasa-chan, a woman he met through a dating app. But Tsubasa-chan, who is she?

After blurting out something he shouldn’t, Tsubasa-chan started her murder spree. And she sets out to destroy Sousuke’s everything. This manga was canceled due to the author’s health. That’s unfortunate.

9. I Wanted To Be Hurt By Love

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Spoiler alert: She’s dead. Don’t blame me for that; it happens exactly at the start of the manga. At her high school, Kanae is a girl who finds it difficult to fit in with the other popular students.

She has developed an acute inferiority complex that has led her to engage in questionable after-school activities to feel wanted. But that changed when she met Hiroshi, a high school baseball star.  She started to change and become obsessed with him.

8. Black Kanojo

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

While returning home from school, Hoshino Teru, a mediocre middle school boy, thought about her crush. However, “Micchan,” Amamiya’s, who is famous at school for her psycho alter ego, stands between them and brings chaos to Teru’s life.

After what he had been through, the signs of his life wouldn’t be the same ever again?! I highly recommend reading this Yandere manga.

7. Dokuzakura

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Ryougoku Atsushi, a college student with the power to see people’s affection for him or “favor” others, lives a comfy life supported by beautiful women in his harem. Nice going, my man!

But one day, a girl calling herself his “childhood friend” appears,  destroying his paradise and maybe even his life… A harem suspense story. To know more about this manga, you must read it.

6. Aisareru yori ○ Saretai

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Every day, Asahide goes to school not feeling well. Things change for him one day when he meets a pretty girl on the rooftop of the high school and she suddenly asks him, “Are you going to die?”. After that, they talk to each other and become friendly with each other.

But there is something more about this girl, that seems to be more mysterious than she lets on. Hmmm, I wonder what it is. Of course, she is a Yandere; this is a Yandere manga after all. Go read it and know the mystery.

 5. Koharu no Hibi

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

In this manga, while going back home from school, Torii Akira helps a girl who is about to have an accident. From that point on, our MC kept running into that girl again and again. But after some time, Akira begins to notice that there is something about the true face of that girl.

She becomes more and more fixated on our MC every day, and because of that girl’s eccentricities, she goes to great lengths to win her senpai’s love. Really elevating the request, “Please notice me, Senpai.” Easily among the greatest manga ever written.

4. Stalker x Stalker

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

What happens when two young people fall in love with each other and they are yandere stalkers? That question is answered in this manga story.

Follow the Yandere couple through their story. They are a scary yet really cute couple. Truly a match made in heaven. One of the unique manga stories to read.

3. Happy Sugar Life

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

Contrary to the title, it’s not a happy sugar life. The story of Matsuzaka Satou, a high school student who lives a lifestyle of sleeping with boys one after another, ends when she meets Shio, a young girl for whom she believes she is experiencing genuine love for the first time.

Satou may seem like an innocent and chill girl, but there is nothing she won’t do to protect their lives together, including committing the crime. However, how long was their “happy sugar life” together, and from where did she find the young girl? Read this Yandere manga to learn about the entire manga story.

2. Hiai Mousou

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

A married guy named Kazuma started to enroll in school as a teacher. He has the principal’s daughter, Noeda Kanade, for his class in a new school semester. She seems like a peaceful girl at first, but she’s starting to rediscover her abnormal love for Kazuma!

What a lucky guy! I mean, how unfortunate that he already has a family! This is a psycho-love story that accelerates thought and action. I highly recommend this manga for Yandere lovers.

1. Ijousha no Ai

8+ Best Yandere Manga You Must Read

The demon in human form is named Midou Saki. She fell in love with a guy named Kazumi Ichinose, who was 16 years old. She fell in love with him when they were elementary school students. That was the beginning of her jealousy and obsession.

She will harm any girl who gets close to his crush. Just a warning ahead: This manga is a little bit scary. I would say that this is the case where I don’t want to have a Yandere girlfriend such as her.

Well, this is it.

I wonder what happens if there’s a Yandere girl in real life who likes me.

I can only dream…

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