Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

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Here is the list of the 10 best Isekai manga with Op Mc:

10. Souzai Saishuka

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Takeru Kamishiro is a normal guy with an ordinary office job but he finds himself summoned to another world. Takeru starts his new life in a world with swords and magic, fully equipped with multiple skills. Not only does he have enhanced physical and amazing magic abilities but he also has the power to search for valuable items. With the cheating skills he’s been provided, Takeru starts his new adventure in this new isekai.

The main character is overpowered from the start and there are no harem-type female characters so that’s also a plus. The story of this Isekai manga with op mc is quite simple and lighthearted; it’s more focused on the slice-of-life elements of an Isekai world.

The art is also good; there are a few fight scenes here and there and they are well transitioned. The side characters are also very well written and have some originality to them the main character has a simple, good-guy type of personality. Only read this if you want an easy-going Isekai adventure.

9. Dead Mount Death Play

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

A necromancer called the corpse god is fighting against the church that is trying to subjugate him. Using his last ounce of power against the calamity crusher, he gets defeated. But his reincarnation magic activates suddenly he got transported in a world of modern society and the body of a kid Polka Sinoyama is a reverse isekai manga where the main character gets isekai to the modern world after dying in a fantasy world.

There are some annoying plot holes at the start of this manga. The main character is overpowered from the start but he has quite a forgiving personality and he revives the same girl who killed the owner of his real body. That assassin girl also gets very annoying, at least for the first few chapters later on, she gets less screen time, which makes it a bit better.

The art of this Isekai manga with op mc is decent and it gets a bit better during fight scenes. The side characters are also written very well. The overall premise of this manga is quite good. Give it a try if you can bear through the first few chapters; after that, it becomes almost gold.

8. Dungeon Tou De Yadoya

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

One day, Sana Dashiro, who works for a black company, is transported to another world using his creation magic, an ability he gained when transported. He opens an inn and is supposed to lead a slow life. But this other world is a little strange; it’s a world where women are overwhelmingly dominant, where women do dangerous work in battle and men are powerless and protected. This new Isekai world has reversed gender roles so women are more dominant.

Here, many women also try to have their way with our MC, but he makes it through somehow. This manga has a pretty interesting plot. The main character’s abilities also work very uniquely and it’s always nice seeing him level up. All major side characters are women; it also has some ecchi stuff so guys in heat are going to like it.

There are also some light kingdom building elements but we will see if they develop further into something big or not. It starts pretty intense but then it gets more laid-back overall. Overall, it’s pretty decent and I must try for horny fellows.

7. It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Yokosuka is an ordinary salaryman working overtime for a black company when an unprecedented event happens. He dies and is sent to another world, unlike those other Isekai novels where the main character decides to be a hero or a demon lord.

Koto here doesn’t care for any of that. The isekai system rewards his lack of choice with several powers that have never been seen before: the ability to store items in a limitless inventory, immediately dismantle them into materials, and then use them to create something new.

This manga starts just like every other Isekai manga but after some chapters, the real plot is revealed and the story becomes much better. The art of this manga is decent; it becomes a little bit better during fight scenes. The main character is overpowered from the start, and he also has a very upright and cheerful personality. Give this a try if you want an isekai manga with a chosen one-type setting.

6. Fukushuu O koinegau

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Raul, who had defeated the demon king as the strongest hero, should have become the savior of the world, having his treasured companions and family killed by power-hungry aristocrats. He was executed with false charges brought against him by the princess just before his life collapsed.

At last, his heart fell into darkness. He would kill every one of those bastards without mercy and make them taste hell. Obtaining the power of darkness, Raul was revived, sneering and vowed revenge several days later. The hero’s revival in the imperial capital, where flowers bloomed in profusion, and the parade that would advance towards tragedy began.

The main character is ruthless and cunning; he makes all those guys who betrayed him pay tenfold in satisfying ways. If you like a redo of the healer, then you’re going to love this one too. The side characters are also very well written. The world building is quite dark and this manga is not recommended for people with faint hearts.

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5. Assassin De Aru Ore No Sutetasu

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Akira Oda is a high school student who has the special skill of not being noticed. He and his classmates are summoned to a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. Where they are powerful heroes tasked with defeating a dark lord by a king with his new-found skills as an assassin Akira soon uncovers a plot by the kingdom’s royal family and is cast into a labyrinth to die. He swears vengeance on the king and seeks more power to achieve his task.

This manga has a slightly different premise from a regular Isekai manga with op mc, where the main character and his class get summoned by a kingdom. The main character has a good personality but he’s too good-hearted, which always comes to bite him back in the ass later on.

The art of this manga is good; the fight scenes are also portrayed nicely; the overall story is good but there are a little bit of plot holes here and there; and the world-building is the best in this world. Only read it if you can bear an overpowered but a little bit forgiving main character.

4. I’m not the hero

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

After saving a girl and then getting run over by a car, the main character gets reincarnated as a sub character of a video game that he used to play. Now he’s reincarnated as Rex, who’s a handsome guy and has skills in all fields but he is a helper character in the early stages.

Though Rex has a high-level balanced skillset and a multitude of abilities, he’s useless in the later stages of the game. The main character decides to face the fact that he’s useless in this fantasy world so he wants to relax by letting the main character of the game do both saving the world and fighting for his life against monsters.

This is a well-polished Isekai manga with op mc. It has a lot of solid, in-depth game mechanics and it’s filled with explanations, which can get boring for some readers. The world-building of this manga is also very good. The characters are written very well and you never find any annoying characters. The main character also has a very likable personality. The art is also good and the fight scenes are very satisfying. If you’re bored with the cliche Isekai settings, then this manga is for you.

3. The Red Ranger Becomes An Adventurer In Another World

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

In the final battle against the evil exterminators, Asagi Togo, the red ranger from a super sentai, traded his life for the enemies. It seemed like everything was over but suddenly he found himself in another world. He becomes an adventurer, transforming into Kizuna Red, and continues fighting to save people in trouble.

Here he meets a young wizard named Aidola, and his journey in this new world begins. The story of this isekai is pretty straightforward: many nobles in the kingdom have some devil seeds in their possession, which can grant them the powers they want but these seeds are double-edged swords and they can transform their owners into monsters.

It’s now our main character’s responsibility to defeat the owners of these devil seeds and stop the demon king from resurrecting. The main character has a pretty straightforward, good-guy-type personality, but he is also overpowered from the start. The side characters are well-written, and this manga is high on the power of friendship, which can put some readers off. The art is also good and if you’re a Power Ranger fan, then this manga is a must-try for you.

2. My Companion is the Strongest Undead in Another World

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Yuma is a timid college student who has been summoned to a different world. It was thought that a fun life in a different world would begin with a cheating ability given to him. But what was waiting for him was cold-hearted and cruel treatment. His body is chopped up with fear and severe pain runs through his whole body. It’s a living hell that never ends.

Aside from Yuma’s heartbreaking cry, the blessing of immortality continued to regenerate his body, and a human was made into an experimental animal by researchers who were fascinated by the possibility. But he meets a pretty girl by chance in the facility, and after meeting Eva, his life in a different world begins to change.

This Isekai manga with op mc is pretty good. It starts a bit generic but after some chapters, its story becomes more deep and better. The art of this manga is also very nice. The main character is a noob at the start but he gets overpowered very quickly after some chapters. The side characters are also written very well and they have some uniqueness to them. The story can get a bit dark sometimes but it’s still a must-try for all Isekai genre fans.

1. Isekai Shikkaku

Top 10 Best Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Osamu Dazai is an author. He’s bored with his life. he attempts a double suicide with his lover, except he gets hit by a truck and summoned to another world. Instead, no one wants to find his lover so they can commit double suicide again.

All the fantastical adventures he keeps running into are just getting in the way of his poetic dream of finding the perfect place to die. But no matter how much he risks his life, everything seems to keep turning out okay.

In the end, this Isekai manga with op mc is really good. The main character’s personality is unique, and the world-building in this manga is also quite good. At first, the side characters look pretty generic but after their stories are revealed, they become much better. The art is not the best but it still gets the job done. This hidden gem is a must-try for every Isekai manga with op mc genre.

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So this is the list of the top 10 best isekai manga with op mc.

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