Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Time to travel to the land of the Chinese and meet cute girls, handsome guys, and a lot of stuff related to the afterlife. if you’re bored of Japanese romance anime, here are 10 Chinese romance anime you must watch.

Here is the list of the top 10 Chinese romance anime to watch:

10. Memory Of Changan

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Imagine being forced to marry someone just to keep an alliance between the two different kingdoms. Arranged marriages are certainly scary in real life but in fiction, oh, we love that trope from a couple that could barely stand each other to a couple that is so head over heels that you just can’t separate them and you bet this series is one of them. As a bonus, it even has a pinch of action so you can all expect a cool female lead rather than just the boring Damsel in Distress.

The art of memory of Changan is simply beautiful, along with how landscapes were drawn in detail, and has stunning visuals for a Chinese romance anime. The animation isn’t that bad, and the story might come off as a bit political due to the kingdom differences but that’s exactly what brings our two main characters together in A Beautiful Romance.

9. Immemorial Love For You

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Oh, grab your tissues and cry about the fact that you don’t have an alien waiting for you—a 3,500-meter main character, an enthusiastic makeup artist, and Mr. Perfect, who’s an alien. These two completely different people met coincidentally in ancient Babylonia and ended up falling in love with each other or that’s not where the story ends due to some unfortunate circumstances. The girl dies in an accident but she gets reincarnated in modern-day China.

Will she be able to meet her love one more time in this life? It’s the Chinese reverse easy guy’s love for you, just like any other Chinese romance anime story but it’s really fun to follow. The characters are somewhat relatable but they do get you sometimes. This anime offers a gentle romantic story that’ll make you crave someone who you’ll love in every lifetime.

8. Adorable Food Goddess

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

A young and talented cook who wishes to become a renowned Chef one day Thanks to her luck, she got reincarnated way back in time to the Imperial China days but there’s a twist, and it’s not a good one.

It entered the body of the most useless girl. That’s why she got kidnapped and was set up for ransom However, using her wits and knack for annoying others, she was able to redeem her freedom because even kidnappers can’t stand annoying people.

To me, the story has interesting elements like food, romance drama, and even a slice of life, but mostly a lot of food. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a romance anime with some good plot twists and cooking abilities that might help you in your daily life? If you like food wars, maybe you should try this one.

7. My Cultivator Girlfriend

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

If you’re reading web manhua or webtoons, the emergence of the cultivation niche is something very noticeable. Here we move on to a modern cultivation world where a rule known as the law of the jungle makes everyone’s lives insecure.

After saving a cultivator girl security guard, my Ying Zhang accidentally starts the journey of practicing cultivation abroad. If you’ve read works in a similar niche, then you know how this is going to go. This is the concept of leveling up and gradually gaining strength.

The characters have backstories that shape their personalities, and if you are a fan of power fantasy, you’re going to love this. My young Zhang is the man we need to talk about here. He may look like a generic protagonist but that’s the last thing you would think after watching this Chinese romance anime. Oh, and his girlfriend’s very sweet too. That’s what you can call a sundress suite.

6. Sweet Bite Marks

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

When you hear bite marks, you know where this is headed. This is a romantic story between an ordinary human girl and an annoying vampire. This story is bittersweet, as the two main characters go from extremely hating each other to passionately loving each other.

It’s the classic enemy’s turn to lovers, Trope Imagine being an introverted human who encounters an irritating vampire—not an average one but a prince vampire Yes, this is the old vampire era where they still run the world.

We all enjoy a good vampire story with a lot of romance in it. Sweet Bites might remind you of the case study of Anitas, except for the fact that the beef between the characters is much more intense like they hate each other. If you’re into that, try stepping into the world of Sweet Bites; maybe it’ll be your introduction to Chinese romance anime.

5. The Beauty Blogger

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Ever wondered if humans and AI could ever fall in love? no this doesn’t mean you should try dating chat GPT this story’s different The Beauty Blogger might not be the perfect Chinese romance for everyone because it’s mostly shoju; however, if you’re looking for a binge-worthy anime with a lot of romance, we’ve got you covered.

The story revolves around a beauty blogger trapped inside a virtual world after getting into an accident. She’s tasked with doing the makeup of various people in the virtual world. This anime has a unique yet good sense of romance with a lighthearted story.

You’ll be delightfully surprised to find out how good the animation quality is, along with how wholesome it is It doesn’t have the drama and heartbreaking scenes that Plastic Memories has but it’s still a good show I know you’re not expecting a lot from an AI falling in love with a human but it’s worth a shot.

4. Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

If you’re into Chinese anime and Fox Girls, you’ll love this anime. We all know how chaotic it always is when hearts from two opposite worlds fall in love; it doesn’t usually end well, but luck. This Chinese romance anime offers this service where humans can reincarnate and regain their memories to be with their past Yokai lover, ah, to be in love with the same person in every life but just make sure they love you back.

There are tons of emotional scenes and the animation is smoother than your Chinese anime boyfriend. The animation style is classic, colorful Chinese 2D animation and not CG so that’s a plus if you enjoy a refreshing anime but it can also make you ball your eyes out. Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the one for you.

3. The Demonic King chases his wife

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Looking for a Donghua without the typical lazy female lead? This one’s for you because the female MC is no joke. When our badass Queen just got reincarnated into another world, she already had to deal with men surrounding her single-handedly, including the demon king, whom she thought was taking advantage of her. Of course, as a king himself, why would he let things go that easily?

He took her to a place a noon and you seriously think I’m spoiling what happens next? Well, no, you have to find that out yourself. with each episode, you’ll find yourself drawn deeper into the captivating world of royal intrigue and the power of true love. It’s a bit cheesy but you’ll be surprised that you’re starting to dig it so buckle up and prepare to be captivated by this epic love story.

2. I’m Joybo

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Having amnesia must be so bad, for that matter, and you forget the memories that matter, but you see, if they’re meant to be in your life, the universe will find a way to always bring them back to you. Just when Joybo heard the bad news of being reassigned, he met a person from the past, but of course, he doesn’t know that yet. He’s got amnesia.

All right, what a way to make up for the bad news with a title that sounds straight out of Forrest Gump! I’m Joybo beautifully captures the office romance most young adults crave. The drama and wholesome romance are equally balanced. All in all, this anime paints a colorful and captivating picture of a romance that goes beyond time and memory, leaving viewers longing for more. The only thing missing is the Five Seconds of Summer song as the OST.

1. Psychic Princess

Top 10 Chinese Romance Anime

Imagine having to live in isolation as you’ve always had supernatural abilities, sort of like Elsa oh yes, Elsa, but maybe in a different font. This is the story of a girl who’s always had supernatural abilities and because of those unusual abilities, she had to isolate herself and live in the mountains. When she turned 16, she had to marry a cold-hearted prince as a substitute for her older sister.

Well, if you’re looking for an anime where romance comes second because bitter feelings come first, you’ve found the perfect pick for you. The psychic princess not only offers us some kick-ass action but also the uniquely sweet aspect of the typical enemies-to-lovers trope. The animation isn’t bad and this is one of the catchiest posts I’ve heard.

So this is the list of the top 10 Chinese romance anime.

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