10 Best Romance Manga With the Maid

Top 10 Romance Manga with the Maid (Where MC Falls in Love With His Maid )

Hello everyone! This is AnimeExpert. This time, I will recommend a list of romance manga with the maid. These mangas have unique stories and unique characters and all are focused on romance with a maid plot.

Ahhh…Maid…They look adorable and elegant. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Maid No Kishi-san

Romance Manga With the Maid

Hayase Kiichirou is a wealthy guy; he is an elite among elites. But he has one glaring weakness, which is that he is clumsy, and Kishi, his coolheaded maid, is the one who always takes care of him.

He loves his maid and he always tries to make her happy, but because of his clumsiness, he always gets taken care of instead. To know more about the story, please read this romance manga with the maid.

9. Tsukushi Biyori

Romance Manga With the Maid

This is a world where every family has at least one maid robot in their house. Souta’s family is no exception. Souta grew up with his maid robot since he was a young boy. He learned that there are people out there who have fallen in love with their maid robot.

But he chooses to be a tsundere and doesn’t want to fall for his maid robot. Sadly, this one has not been updated for a long time; I’m pretty sure it was already completed long ago. I wish you good luck if you find this manga completed.

8. Mechanical Marie

Romance Manga With the Maid

Marie gets hired to be a maid. But not just any maid; she has to become a robot maid… This is because her master, Arthur, is a rich guy who lost his faith in humans and wants a robot companion.

Now she has to act like a robot while protecting her master from any attack. One of the best romance manga with the maid to read has a technology touch and a romance touch.

7. Hanaukyo Maid Tai

Romance Manga With the Maid

After his mother died, fifteen-year-old Taro was invited by his grandfather to come to Hanaukyo Mansion. But soon after he arrives, there’s no sign of his grandfather.

Taro learns that not only will he inherit the unbelievably huge mansion, but he will also have access to the countless beautiful maids working there. Nice!! This manga has a unique story to read and a romance with the maid.

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6. Meika-san Can’t Conceal Her Emotions

Romance Manga With the Maid

To repay her favor, Meika has to work for her childhood friend, Kouta, as his maid. However, she has special feelings for her master, and she’s doing her best to suppress them. But she’s not doing a good job at suppressing it.

A webcomic about a maid named Meika who can’t help but feel something for her boss, Kouta, is serialized. I highly recommend reading this manga.

5. Tekito na Maid no Oneesan & Erasou de Ichizu na Botchan

Romance Manga With the Maid

Arisugawa Riku is a rich young master who has a crush on his older maid. “When I’m an adult, you may marry me,” I remarked ten years ago. Even today, I could still recall those priceless promises!

10 years later, when he becomes an adult, he still has a crush on her and proposes to her. This is a romantic comedy where the story’s time always switches between the past and the future. Make sure to read it, and if you like then share it with your friends.

4. My Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious

Romance Manga With the Maid

A little child called Yuuri inherits his family’s home when his parents pass away, but he is unable to pay for workers. He makes a pitiful attempt to manage the mansion by himself. Lilith, a maid, shows up at his front door. He is skeptical of her, especially when she offers to labor for free pay, but he is eventually won over by her serious appearance and deep purple eyes. Even though Lilith is a skilled worker, Yuuri can’t help but be suspicious of her and can’t stop thinking about her.

The Young Master is suspicious of his recently hired maid because she looks so beautiful and knows exactly what he wants before he even asks. Seeing the curious young master, the maid tries to tease him, but the young master counters it with no reverse card. The young master is just too Chad.

3. Kimi wa Meido-sama

Romance Manga With the Maid

A girl in a maid’s uniform suddenly comes to Hitozu’s house and wants to work there. However, her previous job was as an assassin!? Hitozu became afraid and sent her away. But then she saved Hitozu from almost going to the isekai.

After that, he reconsiders it and hires her as a maid, but she is clumsy at doing house chores. As they spend their time together, this cold-hearted maid assassin will find new emotions and a new purpose in her life. One of the best romance manga with the maid.

2. The Duke of Death and His Black Maid

Romance Manga With the Maid

A witch curses young noble Viktor, making him kill whatever he comes into contact with. His mother rejects him as a consequence, and he is sent to live on a different estate alone with a butler and a maid named Alice.

In the process, Alice and the noble get close to one another. He looks for the person who cursed him and tries to adjust to live with the curse. So read this manga to know about the full story.

1. Orenchi no Maid-san

Romance Manga With the Maid

Takaomi is flustered whenever he’s around Kimishima because of how cute she is. As they spend their time in the same house, they will eventually fall for each other.

There is another couple as well, despite one questionable couple. But mostly, this romance manga with the maid is wholesome. I highly recommend to read this number 1 manga on the list.

Well, this is it. A maid is a type of girl who will care for and pamper you.

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Sigh. Where can I find a maid in my life?

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