Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

In this list, I won’t be speaking about romance manga recommendations that already have a very popular anime adaptation like Toradora or My Dress Up Darling so I can shine the spotlight on some underrated ones. Here are the 10 best romance manga recommendations to read right now.

List of Best Romance Manga Recommendations to read right now

10. Daily Butterfly

Daily Butterfly- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

We’re starting with the pretty girl, Trope. She is pretty but she is also very unreachable. What does that mean? Shi Shiuan recently joined college and she’s so pretty that people fall head over heels for her but she is unapproachable since she only sticks with her friends.

She soon got the nickname Tane Noan, which means the beautiful flower that is impossible to reach but things change when she is saved by a fellow freshman called Kawasumi Kaa. It’s some instant love right there and Shibazaki decides she’s the guy she wants.

It’s one of those perfect power couple stories that twist some tropes here and there. If you’re in college, then read this romance manga if you’re feeling bored with the lectures.

9. High School Debut

High School Debut- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

This gives me some Toradora vibes. Haruna is a girl who blindly follows the advice in fashion magazines but fails to land with any guy whatsoever so what does she do? She recruits cute upper-classman Yo Kiyama to instruct her on how to make herself more appealing.

Now that this guy also gives her a challenge, she will learn from him but she also should not fall for him. High school debut takes the good old like someone else but falls for the person who’s supposed to help me get him Trope well.

I mean, nothing does it better than Tadora but the high school debut comes close and since this whole thing is like a game, you get some nice romantic tension along the way.

8. Midnight Secretary

Midnight Secretary- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

It’s the good old Secretary Tro being played again We know how this goes but wait, this time we have a twist. the boss of this secretary is a vampire Wait, let me back up Kaaya Sauka works for the mysterious director of the Tomma Company.

Toma Tomo always criticizes her but what happens when she discovers he’s a vampire? No, the girl doesn’t leave him and this isn’t going to be Twilight either.

The characters are a bit more mature than your average high school romcom so expect a nice, thrilling Supernatural manga with vampires. Do we get werewolves? Nah, I won’t tell you. Read the manga and find out.

7. Sweat and Soap

Sweat and Soap- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

All right now, take a deep breath Here comes the weird one: Asako, a girl who works for toilet tree company, is living her dream Yes, you heard that right. Why is she living her dream because her body odor is bad and her working company is the only thing that helps her keep off the odor?

But what happens when the lead perfume designer of the company likes her bad odor? Yeah, I know anything that I said up until now doesn’t convince you to pick up the manga but behind all that odo-filled plot is a nice and wholesome love story.

I know that’s unbelievable but this romance manga recommendation is more about facing your insecurities and becoming more happy. The only problem is how they used body odor to bring out that theme.

6. The Demon Prince of Momochi House

The Demon Prince of Momochi House-Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

Hey, what happens when the new house you purchase is a gateway to the spirit realm? Do you blame the real estate company? Not really, because one of the supernatural natural beings is a nice demon guardian. This is what happens when Hemari Momochi, a girl who moves into the wrong house at the wrong time, realizes it’s the gateway between this world and the spirit realm.

If you need the supernatural living together love story, then this romance manga will throw it straight at you. It reminds me of Eno X Boku because of the whole innocent girl and guardian demon trope, but trust me, this has a few surprises along the way, so if you need a supernatural manga with demons, give this one a go.

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5. Honey, so sweet

Honey, so sweet- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

Yeah, honey is sweet but this girl doesn’t know if her honey is sweeter or an angry gangster Here we have Naur, a girl who helps a boy called Tigga in middle school. Then, surprise surprise, she meets Tigga in high school and a guy arrives at her with a bouquet.

He wants to date her and he plans to marry her in the future so how did giving bandages to a stranger lead to marriage proposals?

I won’t tell that to you, but what I’ll tell you is how this one can make you laugh and cry and give you that cozy, wholesome At the same time, the start and finish might not be the best but you know what they say—it’s not the end that matters but the marriage proposals we saw along the way.

4. Love Attack

 Love Attack- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

The main girl in this romance manga is a damsel in distress. Either you treat her badly or she treats you with her fists chima Usa is a girl who fights for bullied students and since she’s gotten into so many fights with bullies, her teacher says she’s going to expel her but if she does one thing, she must clean up the act of Akifumi Hirata, the biggest bully in school.

So it’s a heroic girl trying to tame the big, bad bully. How will it go? Come on, you know how it goes. love Attack is unique because of the way it presents the female lead. She’s badass; she kicks ass but she also slowly becomes compassionate towards our big bully boy.

3. Perfect World

Perfect World- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

Even though the title says perfect world, the characters are pretty much imperfect and that’s what makes us fall in love with them. This is about Tumi Kaana, a guy who reunites with her High School crush, Yuki Ayukawa She has feelings for him but there’s one problem: he must move around in a wheelchair the whole manga is about the couple working through the challenges that come up in their relationship.

This romance manga recommendation is perfect not because it has the word perfect in the title but because it gives a realistic portrayal of people with disabilities and the main love story is very wholesome too. The couple goes from helping each other with everyday things to discussing heavy subjects and the story balances the comedic and slice-of-life tone very well.

2. Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

Welcome to one of the most popular mangas of the late 2000s and early 2010s and it all starts with a cell phone. After T’s brother dies, she finds a cell phone he left for her, and that phone is the address of a man named Daisy.

This guy keeps sending her messages of encouragement, and her girl starts to rely on him more and more. This is also the time she breaks a school window and has to face the school janitor. The relationship starts a little rocky but they form a friendship and what’s strange is how the janitor also knew about her brother. Even though the plot looks like the start of a murder mystery, this manga is a very wholesome romance anime.

There is a little mystery in it but you don’t need to be the next Sherlock Holmes to figure out where the clues are headed. This got very popular for a reason so if you need a nice romance manga recommendation, give this a go.

1. Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku- Top 10 Best Romance Manga Recommendation

This is probably one of the most legendary romance anime manga of all time; it’s what berserk is to anime fans Koko Otonashi is a girl widow who becomes the manager of an apartment complex. Yusaku Godai is a college student who arrives at the apartment and falls in love with Kyoko at first glance.

The entire story is about how these two live together in an apartment with other weirdos Bon Ikoku is a legendary manga for a reason; the way it is written and drawn and the way comedic as well as serious moments are handled are perfect.

What’s more, the chemistry between the two main characters is fleshed out better than most of the generic romance anime that comes nowadays so if you need a perfect romance manga recommendation to read with a very long chapter count, then give this one a go.

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So this is the list of the top 10 romance manga recommendations to read.

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