11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Top 11 lists of martial arts manhwa

These are the best martial arts manhwas to read. All MCs are OP in their character stories. I will highly recommend these manhwas for those who enjoy reading the martial arts genre.

11. Long way of the warrior   

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This is a good martial arts manhwa with an overpowered protagonist. During his childhood, the protagonist was taken in by a general who trained him hard enough and made him one of the best warriors in the nation.

Later, he gets selected to become the nation’s princess guard but after a few years, some people revolted against the nation, and the kingdom was overthrown.

The protagonist then becomes a war slave and lives his life as a gladiator in the arena until later he finds out that the kingdom princess is still alive and starts his search for her. It is a good manhwa that I will highly recommend you try out.

10. Escort warrior  

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Again, This is a martial arts manhwa with an overpowered protagonist who hides his power. The protagonist was the captain of Murim’s best assassin squad.

One day, while on one of their commissions, everyone on his team fell and he was the only survivor. Later, he starts to serve the family that saved him as an escort while hiding his identity. It is also a good manhwa that you should try out. 

09. Weak teacher   

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This is again a martial arts manhwa with an overpowered protagonist who also hides his power. Right now, I’m still determining who the actual protagonist is because it has fewer chapters.

There are two potential protagonists: one is Murim’s best assassin, who worked in the dark and the other is a child from a renowned family who is weak.

The assassin Guimeon Dok and the child were invited to a newly established martial arts academy, where Gyumeon Dok was assigned to be a teacher and the boy became a disciple.

 08. Warrior guard 

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This martial arts manhwa again has an overpowered protagonist who also hides his power. The protagonist lost everything in his childhood but at the point of death, he was rescued by someone.

Later, he gets trained by the same master who saved his life, and after he learns everything, he sets off on a journey to gain back everything that he lost while hiding his real strength.

This is also a good martial arts manhwa with a good hat that has been released recently. Be sure to check it out; it is a pretty great story.

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07. Return of the bachelor

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Here is another martial arts manhwa with an overpowered protagonist. The main character in this manhwa just wanted to be a scholar but unfortunately, he got trapped in the immortal valley.

If one gets trapped inside of it, there is no chance of coming back, or so it was the protagonist who managed to stay alive, and after great dedication, for 10 years he finally managed to get out of that place and back to his family.

After returning, he opens up the sect and takes a disciple to train them It is a good idea to try it out 

06. Strongest fighter 

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This is an isekai martial arts manhwa where the protagonist transmigrated to a martial arts world. In another world, he was taken in by the master of the Jyongnam clan when he was a child, where he started his training and became one of the best disciples of the clan.

With his knowledge of the earth, he also created his unique martial arts that brought changes to the murim world. It is a good manhwa where the main character turns strong from weak so check it out.

05. Way to heaven 

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This martial arts manhwa has a rather peaceful story that warms the heart. This manhwa’s main character was an orphan living with his brothers and sisters in a run-down place one day and was one of the strongest martial arts warriors.

Because of her old age, who was suffering from amnesia, she lost her memory and thought that she was the grandmother of those children.

She started to nurture them for several years until one day martial artists from the demon clan started to come and attack her. It is a good martial arts manhwa that I will highly recommend you try out.

04. Wind spirit

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

In this manhwa, MC fought like a demon to survive. A task force that lives on a mission and dies on a mission Only MC is the only survivor and accidentally meets with a murim master, who passes on his martial arts to him and becomes his disciple.

To read more, please read this manhwa. It is one of the best martial arts manhwa to read. It has one complete season to read.

03. Memoir of the king of war

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

This is a martial arts manhwa in which Dan Sa Yu, a descendant of Goryeo, greatly reprimands the central district for the sake of his friend, whom he treasures the most.

He reigns in every battle! No one could stop him! Become the Havenly Artillery General. Having a unique art style and a very good martial arts story to read.

 02. Bow blade spirit 

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Bow Blade Spirit is a popular manhwa but I have seen several people drop it. The protagonist of this manhwa is really powerful but during his journey, he hides his power and doesn’t reveal his strength.

This plot gets dragged on for too long and people start to lose interest because the warrior never exposes his power and all he does is just follow commands from other people.

But if you have dropped it, I highly recommend you continue reading it because it gets better after 50 to 70 chapters.

01. I reincarnated as the crazed heir 

11 New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

The main lead of this manhwa was killed through poison during the political conflicts of the murim. When he thought he had died, he realized he now possessed the body of another person who was the son of the demonic cult leader. 

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So this is the list of best martial arts manhwa with OP MC. Be sure to check them all out; these are good.

Here are some new 5 bonus martial arts manhwa with OP MC to check out:

5. Father unrivaled

New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Fearless Dad is a unique series, as far as Asian martial arts stories are concerned, about one martial artist’s amazing journey through fatherhood and battles gajeong No is a strong, dedicated, and humble man with much respect for martial arts.

After the death of his lovely wife, this muscle for hire just wants an easy job that allows him to be a good father to his three babies. He is even happy to pull guard duty and fend off amateur fighters if it means he can return home safely each night.

But when a creepy cult starts stealing children from the city, MC must rise to the challenge and discover his true warrior potential. Overall, it’s a very good dream. While the story isn’t all that complex as of now, it’s delightful and makes you root for the main characters.

Give it a try. I would recommend trying until at least chapters 16 to 17. If, by then, you are convinced it’s worth reading, then it’s probably just not your thing.

4. Best Teacher BaeK

New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Once the finest instructor in the blood cult, Soo Young Bake, is killed, he wakes up in the body of someone who teaches martial arts at a small ruler academy. His new body may be weak but he knows how to fix it and it’s not the first time that he’s found himself in a body that can’t access his inner power. Curing his body requires money.

However, Soo Young decides that becoming the greatest instructor at a top academy is the best way to do it since he will be up against tough competition. Su Yong will have to use everything he’s got to become a teaching superstar. The art is decent and the story holds together well with a somewhat slow pace in the current chapters. I look forward to the future chapters.

3. Heavenly Demon Chronicles

New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Get ready for an epic revenge tale with the action-packed cultivation pack martial arts manhwa heavily influenced by Demon Chronicles. It follows two betrayed friends, one joining the righteous orthodox act and winning the Demonic Consect for a second chance.

Though they are living different new lives, they share a common goal of revenge against those who frame them in this gripping narrative of betrayal and redemption. Heavily Demon Chronicles delivers turning-progress fantasy.

The vibrant artwork invites you into a mystical world with brilliant battle scenes. If you love overpowered main characters with explosive cultivation power-ups and high sticks intersecting rivalries, this manhwa is a must-read. The electric pacing and great cast make it impossible to put down Heavenly Demon Chronicles, which earns its place among the top martial arts manhwa.

2. The Scholars Reincarnation

New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

Check out The Manhwa Who Is the Scholar Reincarnation for a refreshingly light-hearted take on cultivation fantasy. It follows a former murderer reborn into a peaceful family as a scholarly large sun.

He chooses to live a quiet life focused on knowledge rather than violence, but when his new family is threatened, he is prepared to unleash his power against any enemy with less action but plenty of heartwarming family moments.

This manhwa emphasizes the main character’s redemption. The art creates a tranquil atmosphere, fitting the slower Pace if you want to change from dark action-packed stories this thoughtful cultivation manual provides a nice contrast. The uniqeness of the characters and setting will draw you in for a meaningful story about Second Chances don’t miss this top martial arts manhwa with OP MC.

1. Absolute Sword Sense

New Best Martial Arts Manhwa with OP MC

With his dentin shattering from a key rampage, Su Woonhui has been cast aside by his family. After that, he was kidnapped by the blood cult, where he spent his life as a third-grade spy.

One day, he is killed after being used to find the legendary secret records of the sword, but instead of dying, he wakes up 10 years in the past on the day he was kidnapped by the blood cult, along with the power to hear the voices of swords. Overall, it’s a good new best martial arts manhwa with OP MC.

So this is the new updated list of martial arts manhwa hope you like it…

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