10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

Welcome to animeexpert! We love Manhwa so I’m back with another top 10 Manhwa/Manhua with the OP MC recommendation list. So today I’m going to recommend something that was released in 2023 so I hope you guys enjoy my list. 

10. World’s strongest get reincarnated 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

The story goes back to the protagonist, who was living peacefully deep in the mountain and was attended by a mad couple of demons, Zenke and Goiki. He is all right now. This was precisely, you know, En No Ozunu, a Japanese ultimate maverick, who confronted not only government officials from the capital. However, even the gods—finally, the most powerful sister—grew old, realized his fate, and used self-reincarnation.

This is not the end; things have only gotten started. He got reincarnated into contemporary Japan, even as a bullied student attending a boy high school, particularly for this. Japanese Inspire action fantasy with the social element and power of Buddhism through a mix.

09. There’s a Ghost within me  

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

After traveling through a parallel reality, Qin Feng discovers that humans have evolved and that elementalists have taken control of the planet. They rely on the awakening system to advance in rank and face deities head-on.

08. Apocalypse hero as a ruthless killer

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

Moving about completing tasks and protecting the safety of the gang’s eldest lady, Ling Ming, was his most important thing. However, the apocalypse came suddenly and Ling Ming was accidentally turned into a zombie.

Loses his mind, leaving a slice of a night knife at Mo Ming with that slashed Mo Ming gets a system and the system is tasked with protecting Ling Ming at any cost.

07. Rebirth of the  first immortal of the city 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

In his past life, he was betrayed by his girlfriend, his father died in misery and he was handicapped, leading to a depressing life. Now that he returned from the cultivation realm in my past life, I didn’t have the power to protect my family, causing me to lose it all in this life. “I shall have the whole world bow before me.”. So this Manhua plot is quite similar to Immortal Emperor Lao Wu Ji, if you guys like reading Immortal Emperor Lao Wu Ji.

06. Savior of divine blood draws out 0.0000 one percent to become the strongest  

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

Oh, I mean, it’s a manhwa name, yes, and a warning for people who don’t like reading simple cowards and who don’t know how to use the power that is given to them. In this manhwa, MC has all of these three features so if you guys don’t like reading manhwa with these three features you should have dropped this manhwa as a player who can fight Creature from the Wonder of Another World.

The main MC was bullied and was chosen as a rainbow-ranked player, which is neither gold nor silver nor copper. He acquired the skill to freely manipulate blood and his life and position changed completely as he continued to fight every day. He gradually earned the title of a savior who would save the world.

5. My apprentice is actually the Empress Qin Tian 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

The most useless peak master in the sect becomes entangled with Animeowling, who is The Reincarnation of the Female Emperor; however, soon after, Miaoling joins the sect and becomes the disciple of the most useless peak master in the sect.

She finds out that the so-called useless qin tian is merely putting up an act arousing her immense curiosity as The Reincarnation of a Female Emperor.

04. The Red Dragon hero is no good guy 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

I have to subdue a bird who wants to save the world. Hold up, why are my hero skills so abnormal? With tentacles and physical binding, there is no way I am an upright hero. So this one had six or seven chapters so if you guys read it on MTL, you can find more than 30+ chapters. If you guys can’t wait for the translation, you can go and read it on MTL.

03. I Learned to kill Gods in an asylum

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

Asylum Have you ever thought that behind the city filled with neon lights, a monster from an ancient tale resided? Have you ever thought that high above the sky, behind the moon, stood a god passing about the mortal world? 

Have you ever thought that in this crowded 21st-century city, there are superhumans who are seph agents in this society ruled by humans? Multiple weirdnesses lurk within. Poseidon, the god of the sea, must be eliminated from this world that belongs to the mythical man.

02. Bad Ending Maker 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

MC objected to the management of the bill policy so he was laid off overnight from the job he directed his youth to and so on, his life as a director of Wings Online came to an end. It’s a game he created, as are all of his creations.

That’s why it’s solely up to him to bring this world to a conclusion. He will become the final boss and personally put an end to this game. Now I will show you what a bad ending looks like.

01. Player hide his past the virtual reality game 

10 Best Manhwa/Manhua With OP MC 2023

History of Arcan The continent became a part of reality and a player who was synchronized with the human appeared to protect the world’s main character.

OP MC, who was an ordinary salaryman, took over the body of a character he created in middle school, which would have been the absolute failure of a career but Grandville, whose occupation is Demon Hunter, becomes extremely proud in front of demons. The only demon hunter in this world, Grand Fell, started to make a move.

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