Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Best Martial Arts Manhua you Must Read

Hey, royalties let me give you my list of the best 24 cultivation or martial arts Manhua, who are cultivators, Cultivators are people with power beyond mortal bodies; they can flatten mountains with a punch or split the seas with a single swing of a sword.

Some even go as far as wanting to swallow the sun and moon. Today’s manhua recommendations are all about these monsters called cultivators Some of the MCs here are crazily overpowered, while others start as weak as chickens among these monsters.

24. God of martial arts

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Martial arts are the only path to respect in the world of this manhua. The strength of a weak martial artist can only crush boulders; the strength of a strong martial artist can split rivers and even flatten mountains. The god of martial arts has gained immense popularity owing to its captivating narrative and well-crafted world, which follows characters on their quest to become the most powerful and unbeatable, and of course, this is one of the insane revenge manhua out there.

The main character, Lin Feng, is plotted against and kicked out of his family as the legitimate younger but things turn around for him after being accepted and carefully nurtured by the sect. Sadly, this sect got betrayed and wiped out, leaving our main character as the only surviving member after the sacrifice of the sect leader and elders to protect him. This martial arts manual has over 600 chapters and you will not be bored reading it.

23. Eternal supreme

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

One of the strongest Marshal Emperors, Gue Fei Yang, passed away in the standing mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yun Xiao, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable Geniuses of the current timeline.

Though he was the fourth strongest person on the continent before dying, this time he wanted to reach the ultimate martial arts level that had not been reached on the continent with over 240 chapters.

This cultivation manhua is quite different from the usual stories we see. The MC here is quite shameless, and his philosophy never ceases to amaze me. If you’re looking for a decent martial arts manual to read, then consider checking it out.

22. Invincible at the start

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This martial arts manhua follows the journey of our protagonist, Chen Changan. He was constantly chased around by innumerable monsters, demons, and ghosts alike; they craved his holy body because eating him would grant them immortality.

One day, when a female ghost wanted to devour him, he awakened the Invincible domain system, and with it, he stayed in his domain to grow incredibly Invincible. When he gets bored, he occasionally raises a few disciples and accidentally cultivates them to become leaders in the spiritual world.

If you are looking for a martial arts manga with an incredibly overpowered main character right from the beginning, then this is it. The fight scenes and artwork are out of this world.

21. Martial Peak

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

True manual lovers will tell you that they have probably 10 times more from Marshall Peak than from Naruto, even though it is not a goat-like Naruto. Marshall Peak, with its 3,600 chapters, is a manhua that will stretch your mind and your perspective. If you are an introvert like me, this manhua martial arts reign supreme, and the High Heaven Pavilion does not accept weaklings; therefore, their learning environment is designed for the survival of the fittest.

Our protagonist, Yang Kai, was among the weakest students waiting to be expelled one day when he chanced upon a mysterious wordless black book that changed his life from a weak and insignificant fellow to an aspiring invincible master who seeks to stand at the summit of martial arts. Based on the number of these chapters alone, you can tell that this is an incredible history not to miss so do check it out.

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20. Martial arts reign

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Among his fellow mates, our MC, Ye Ming, is a commoner born into a branch family within his family. He is considered a genius, but his envious relatives deceive him, severing his meridians, impairing his capabilities, and mercilessly shackling him. Even so, he may never give up since he will do anything to exact revenge on the Hang family for the murder of his parents.

However, he is unaware that his family views him as a nuisance and that a massive plot broke his meridians. As fate would have it, he met with an old master who tried to take over his body for himself. But when he obtained the “Divine Spirit Cloak,” lucky for him, that clock removed that old master’s spirit from his body and brought him to his senses. From there, his new journey in martial arts started to become the strongest in the world.

This is an incredible martial arts manhua with good character development. Even though the translation was a bit messy at the beginning, it got better after a few chapters and I have read every single one of its 600+ chapters. This is the only martial arts manhua where you will see the funniest dragon.

19. Magic Emperor

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

The demon Emperor Zhou Yifan used his millennial wisdom and strength to overcome all his opponents until the day he was betrayed but he managed to reincarnate with his last breath into the body of a pitiful young servant. The servant has a spirit tie with his young lady Luo family; this spell made our MC oddly attached to her.

However, as a demon emperor, he decided to work towards breaking this spell. His first step is to make this declining family into a top powerhouse on the continent.

This is another martial arts manhua that I strongly recommend to everyone. This is a manhua that will open your eyes to psychological warfare, though. I’m not advising you to be evil; you need to know about how tricky people can be to protect yourself so make sure to put this martial arts manhua on your reading list.

18. Banished Disciples Counterattack or King of martial arts

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Since its initial publication, this cultivation manhua has completed over 450 chapters. The main character, Ye Chen, had committed his life to defending his sacred medical field; however, the medicine he was guarding was taken during an uninvited battle with his enemies and even his allegiance to the sect was insufficient to keep him out of trouble.

He was ruthlessly betrayed and he was banished from the sect. Ye Chen then decides to become a stronger cultivator after he gets a Havenly flame meteorite that accidentally hits him.

This martial arts manhua, though the translator did not do a good job on some chapters, If you are looking for a manhua where the author is ruthless towards the MC, then this is a must-read manhua.

17. Tales of gods and demons

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

The narrative spans more than 500 chapters in Chronicles: The Adventures of Nie Li, a formidable demon spiritualist who lost his life in combat and was reborn as a younger version of himself who retained all of his memories.

Mc sets out to become the greatest spiritualist and vanquish his opponents who have previously defeated him, using his knowledge of the future to alter both his own and his loved one’s destiny.

The series is renowned for its complex world, well-rounded characters, and gripping plot that is hyper-enticing. Moreover, the artwork is excellent, featuring intricate illustrations that vividly depict the martial arts manhua world. If you are a Donghua fan, then it has a Donghua version as well.

16. Peerless battle spirit

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

In the Magnificent continent of Kanglin, strength reigns supreme over martial artists through the use of Marshal Spirits. Spirits communicate with nature, entering the path of self-cultivation. Strong cultivators on this continent can annihilate mountains and rivers with a single strike and in a barren corner of this continent was our MC, Qin Nan.

But when he ended up awakening a grade 1 martial spirit, he was considered trash because of the Marshal Spirit. He awoke, though he was a genius who excelled in comprehending martial arts. One day, he was struck by lightning and unexpectedly gained a divine battle spirit. With the help of this battle spirit, he set out on the road to become invincible and challenge the gods.

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15. Library to Heaven’s path

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This martial arts manhua follows the story of MC Zhang Xuan, who finds himself becoming an instructor after entering another universe, “The Secret Library System,” called the Library of Heaven’s Path. Then, along with his transcension, a book on its flaws will automatically compile in the library as long as it is something he has seen, whether it is a human or an object.

As a result of this, he becomes a formidable instructor who defies common sense. This is another manhua with a decent and unique storyline; however, if you do not like manhua here with long discussion panels, then this is not for you. The artwork of this man would perfectly complement the storyline so do give it a try.

14. Global martial arts

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This one has a fairly high rating as well What if we combine martial arts in the Ice Sky genre? It sounds fantastic I know the plot of this manhua was centered on Fang Ping, who is reborn into a different reality—the world in which martial arts rule supreme. Do you think this might be a little too much for him to get through all of this?

There is a system in place. Most people are tired of this system-based management. By now, though, this one is a little different. The system does not entirely depend on the MC. He works hard in his studies. The art style is also pretty neat so it is a pleasant read.

13. The Son Of The First Emperor Kills Enemies and Become A God

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

If the thought of having level up system in Marium World is thrilling to you, then this is for you. Our Mc Zhao Qi gets reborn in a war period at the time when Qin emperor, Yin Zheng, started a war with six nation, and rule the overall world.

Zhao Qi gets a uniquie system which make him level up when he kills the enemy, slowly he become commander of the Da Qin army. But orignally he is the son of the emporer and prince.

This martial arts manhua is quite interesting, with an incredible plot. As for the artwork, it is done in a way that accurately brings out the beauty of the plots.

12. All hail the Sect leader

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Here is another lucky Earthling who transmigrated into the cultivation world and got a system with a quest to build a powerful sect. The protagonist, Jun Changxiao, found himself reincarnating into the body of the solo member of the Iron Bone sect. Not only has he become the sect master by default but the sect is also the lowest in the area.

The system then asks him to build the strongest sect on the continent within 1,000 years. If he fails to complete the quest, his body and soul will be blown to pieces by the bomb the system has bound for him. He then embarks on a journey to build a sect with abnormally powerful disciples, as he believes that he will become a godfather on the continent as long as he has powerful disciples.

This martial arts manhua is amazing, with a plot that is filled with comedy, and watching the main character grow and adapt to this dog-eat-dog world is quite fulfilling.

11. History’s Number 1 Founder

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This is probably the Manhua to read when you are going through something. In this martial art, Manhua, our main character, Lin Feng, is transmigrated into a cultivation world filled with crazily overpowered individuals. Luckily, he got an overpowered system but this system gave him a task that seemed almost impossible to complete.

Not only is the main quest to create the strongest sect that has ever existed but all his disciples must have first-rate talents in cultivation. In this world, those powerful clans will stop at nothing to even recruit second-rate talents, let alone first-rate talents. Though the main character started out extremely weak as a chicken, he is probably the main character with the strongest mental strength ever.

10. keep a low-profile sect leader

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

If you are looking for a manhua where the MC likes to show off, then this is just the manhua for you. This martial arts manhua follows the story of our protagonist, Lu Chao Ge, who transmigrated into the Tianxuan world. He used to play a cultivation game he used to play before dying. Having an idea of the plots to come and assist him to help him level up, he goes around showing off in every little thing he does.

His sole goal is to make the low-level sect where he reincarnated into a First-Rate powerhouse. On the other hand, he is patiently waiting for the beta server of the game to launch with the sole purpose of enslaving the players in order to build a massive amount of wealth for his sect. This is an amazing martial arts manhua with crazy artwork so do check it out.

9. My female apprentices are all big shots from the future

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

In the vast starry sky of this universe, countless worlds exist and there are also countless powerful gods there. They can cut down Stars swallow the Sun and determine the life and deaths of hundreds of millions of creatures Each time those gods fight, countless worlds and civilizations get destroyed, leaving behind ruined worlds and civilizations one day.

The saint system was born with the sole purpose of finding a suitable host. This host will then go back in time to accept future big shots as disciples and change the fate of the ruined worlds. After searching for years, the system finally found the only compatible host.

Meditating in the void, it directly started binding with the host, introducing itself in an arrogant tone, not knowing that the host is the most powerful being in the universe. This is a martial arts manga with a crazily overpowered main character but he likes laying low and not showing off. No comment. Go and check it out.

8. I upgrade by rewarding apprentices

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This story follows the journey of our protagonist, Yu Zangfeng, as he finds himself reincarnating into a cultivation world. After this, he grew up in a small sect named Nine Sword Mountain. This sect was just a low-level sect protecting villages surrounding it; however, one day the sect master, who happened to be the master of our MC, was assassinated but sent his soul to make our trashy MC.

The sect leader informed him that another sect challenged their sect so the MC needed to prepare for the coming fight. Panicked, our main character decides to flee but gets interrupted by the activation of the system. Then he tells him that as long as he gives something to his disciples, the system will reward him with something that is at least twice the value of what he has given and the maximum reward will be 10,000 times.

The value of what he gives now, with the system, is that he quickly looks for who to take as a disciple. This is an amazing martial arts manhua where the main character is constantly targeted by forces more powerful than his without giving him time to develop and most times he gets forced to retreat.

7. Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This is another insane manhua not to miss MC. In this manhua, humanity’s martials had to retreat in defeat time and time again. Lu Sheng transmigrates to that time, but in his dreams, he enters a world 10,000 years later.

This boy was currently undergoing training under the influence of his dream, where MC laid low and practiced hard to get stronger day by day. This was the very first martial arts manhua that was freshly released so I highly recommend it because, without it catching my attention, I would probably not be reading martial arts manhua.

6. My disciples are all big villains

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

In this martial arts manhua, our MC transmigrated into the body of an old man at the end of his Road Not only was this old man the patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, But he was also the biggest villain who had raised nine disciples Each of his disciples was a renowned villain, vicious enough to even calculate their master. As soon as MC woke up in his body, they were besieged by the top 10 experts in the world.

Now MC is faced with enemies both outside and inside, on top of his body being weak with only a few days’ worth of life energy. Thankfully, he got a system and with it, he set to defend his new place and reform the villainous disciple I strongly recommend this martial arts manhua, as it doesn’t have boring cultivation panels. The artwork and fight scenes are amazing, coupled with a bit of comedy.

5. Swallowed star

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

In this martial arts Manhua, our protagonist, Luo Feng, finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world full of sentient monsters. He then resolves to become a warrior, progressively improving as he overcomes numerous challenges. However, his voyage is marred by carnage when he encounters foes far more powerful than himself.

Swallowed Star is a must-read action manhua with its heart-pounding futuristic setting and compelling storyline. The artwork and storyline complement each other well and seeing the main character evolve from nothing is very satisfying so go ahead and check it out.

4. The Great Ruler

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This is a manhua where many clans live and different lords of the regions live. Our Mc, Mu Chen, is from the northern spiritual realm, where there is constant conflict with Liu Territory for the spiritual land. He was also considered the best talent in the northern region, but due to the spiritual road incident, he was also considered the butcher of the spiritual road.

Having countless unique encounters, like getting Nine neither bird as his partner and having a plot with her lover Lou Li for her, he wants to get strong. To get her he has to become one of the strongest martial artists in the spiritual realm.

This martial arts manhua is incredible, with a fast-paced story without leaving out any important information. The artwork is also incredible so do check it out.

3. Apotheosis

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

Once a young master of a wealthy family, Zen Luo now leads a life of captivity due to his family’s downfall. With his sister imprisoned by a strong force, he has no choice but to work for others to rescue her sister.

However, amidst the challenges, there is a ray of hope. His father’s ancient book contains a magical spell that can transform a human into an instrument. What secrets lie behind this mystical power? It’s a battle against fate.

This manhua has a very unique storyline and a good martial arts story where the MC gets strong as the story goes by also have donghua version if you want to watch it.

2. Demonic master of Mount kunlun

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

The true Heavenly demon devoted his entire life to tidying up the mess left by his vengeful father. However, he passed away a year after ascending to the demon cult throne. He is granted a second chance by fate when he wakes up. He is an abandoned baby, but a Mount Cin Sect Elder quickly comes to get him. This time, he wakes up. He is an abandoned baby but a Mount Cin sect elder quickly comes to get him.

This time, he will enjoy life on his own terms rather than using it as a tool for other people. You won’t even realize how quickly the excellent pacing and plot will have you scrolling for the next chapter. The more you read, the more you come to like the strange-looking artwork.

1. Beyond myriads of people

Top 24 Martial Arts Manhua to read

This martial arts manhua follows the adventure of our main character, Eang. He gets transmigrated into a cultivation world and his system tells him that he cannot cultivate, so it pushes him to complete tasks such as painting, cooking, and training in raw martial arts unknown to him. He is the strongest being in the world. On the other hand, other people can tell that he is an existence beyond their imagination while he insists that he is a mortal who cannot cultivate.

This martial arts manhua is filled with comedy as the MC creates a sect full of weirdos and his disciples cultivate power, which is similar to other martial arts manhua main characters like One Punch Man, One Piece characters, and many more. If you are looking for something to laugh about, then this is the manhua you are looking for.

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Now that I have given you this list, let me know in the comments section the name of your favorite martial arts manhua. Do not forget to like and share this list with your friends; they might be looking for a new manhua to read peace out.

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