10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

There are many characters in anime out there that have left their mark over the years for many reasons, so today we’ll be reading about the 10 most cold-hearted anime characters.

But they have one thing in common: almost most of them have white hair and barely express their feelings. So that’s why they are the best cold-hearted anime characters of all time.

Here is the list of the 10 Most cold-hearted anime characters:

10. kiznaiver

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

This character earned this place on this list as one of the most cold-hearted anime characters out there. He barely has or expresses any feelings, whether they are emotional or physical.

This guy here refuses to feel anything; he just decided to wake up one day, say screw this, and shut the whole world off from himself. He is the perfect subject to use in the Kiznaiver experiment.

This experiment links the feelings and physical trauma of five people together, meaning if someone feels pain in their leg, the other four will as well, and even then he just remains calm, cold, collected, and sometimes distant.

9. Goblin Slayer

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

I mean, come on, guys, you can’t think I would make a list of the coldest people in anime without mentioning this guy here, right? this man is colder than the Arctic and has only one thing on his mind: killing goblins. If you even think about it, the most common word he uses is goblin. He is just obsessed with them and wants to completely eradicate them from the face of the earth.

You know, it’s kind of funny now. I noticed the most badass and cold characters have white hair. I can’t believe it’s the first time I’ve noticed this in all my years of watching anime but a goblin slayer is such a mysterious character that we didn’t even get to know him.

What is his name? The only thing we do know or rather, what we got to see about him, is that his body has a hell of a lot of scars and he has well-white hair. I wish for the upcoming seasons to elaborate more on his past and identity a little bit more. One of the best cold-hearted anime characters to watch.

8. Code breaker

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil—this guy doesn’t give two craps about anyone that comes up against him. He has an amazing ability that allows him to release blue flames from his hand and scorch anyone who commits evil without leaving a trace. His powers suit his unforgiving personality and unwavering sense of righteous justice.

While Rey is in the park scorching some thugs for killing a dog, he is witnessed by a girl who is coincidentally in his same school, so Rey ends up burning her too to cover his tracks. The interesting thing is, however, that the next day when he went to school, the girl was still there, alive and well surprised.

Well, I guess I did my part here and gave a reason to watch the show and find out what exactly is going on and just how she survived when the thugs didn’t. I mean, really, what could be better than that?

This guy has an instant barbecue cooker right at the tips of his fingers Once upon a time, he had a code but now he is bound by nothing and is limited by no one. Rey has had no fear for years and can’t be faced with anything whatsoever. Oh, and did I mention that, with one glance, he can scare the living out of you?

7. Tokyo Ghoul

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

Oh, look, another white-haired character! Well, he wasn’t always white-haired but we all know what made him the way he is. For those who don’t, I’ll give a small hint: one thousand minus seven Tokyo goal readers and watchers are already sitting in the corner and chicken from the PTSD for those who don’t know. This is practically the torture Kaneki was subjected to to fight Jack; he was beaten up, his fingers cut, insects pushed into his ears, and blood drained from him.

The torture was unbelievable and it broke Kaneki beyond repair, changing him forever. Kaneko then transforms into a powerful beast that doesn’t play around and kills in the coldest, most painful ways, to the point where he makes Jack torture him or scream in agony as he devours him. Tokyo Ghoul got its place in a cold-hearted anime characters list.

6. 91 days

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

This is one of the coolest anime out there when it comes to stories and tales of Revenge Angelo’s family was also ordered all but him by the Vinita Mafia Family mercilessly; however, as a child, while escaping, Nero spared his life and didn’t kill him for that reason.

He made the biggest mistake in his life by sparing him without knowing that this man is on the course that will end the Vanetti family for good, except for Nero.

Of course, this journey of Angelos is one of the coolest Mafia stories in anime I have watched and deserves to be checked out. Angela plays them all for fools and leads them one by one to their deaths without them noticing.

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5. Dorohedoro

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

Kaiman is the lead character of the manga; he appears to be the victim of a magic user who laid a curse on his head that’s reptile-like about him, and that’s it. The anime is set in a gritty world of hellish design and magic powers and users.

After waking up in this form and with no previous memories, this guy will go to any lengths and cross any line to find out who he is and what exactly happened to him. I mean, sure, I could tell you why he was eating someone’s face off in the first episode and who he truly is, but where’s the fun of that?

The Cold-hearted anime characters are quite fun and even though it is in CGI, which might annoy some of the viewers, it’s still a great series with one hell of a complicated story that will grab anyone’s interest if he enjoys magic, mystery, and gore.

4. Darker Than Black

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

This man goes by many names and has worked with many secret organizations over his lifespan. He is a powerful contractor who is only compared to a sudden death. Anyone who even sees Haze’s mask is a dead man. No one can escape this man or outrun him if he is told to assassinate you. Even if you hide in the deepest caves under the surface of the earth with the highest defense and security systems and a personal army to protect you, he will kill everyone and find you.

This man is no joke and even though he is powerful, he is just a cold-hearted anime character. This man is very good at what he does and what he does best is kill. He is a powerful contractor with electric abilities and even though some might argue that in this world many powerful contractors can beat him, especially when it comes to sheer force, I argue that with his experience, finesse, and tactics, no one can defeat Hay, if that even is his name.

3. Helsing ultimate

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

Other Card is one of the most terrifying sons to ever exist in anime history and I dare say he is even more terrifying than Guts himself. I mean, have you ever seen this guy when he is on a killing spree? And what is even worse than all that is his freaking final form—his true form.

He summons the army of the dead, puts on his armor and if you didn’t piss yourself off just yet, just by witnessing that, I gotta say you have balls of steel. What makes him even colder than a badass are his actions, immortality, and, of course, the fact that he is killing Nazis.

This monster is the most powerful vampire in the Helsing organization. One of his most deadly flaws is that he underestimates his opponents not out of pride, oh no but out of boredom. This guy is so damn overpowered and broken that his opponents bore him to death. His abilities are just insane and godlike. One of the most cold-hearted anime characters in the anime world.

2. Banana Fish

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

Personally, I haven’t watched the show myself yet; however, I know from my friends that it is a great show that deserves all the publicity it gets, especially among girls. Ash became one of the coolest and most beautiful badass anime guys. Even though the intro song is so iconic, you can immediately tell which anime it’s about.

Ash is the main character of the show and his personality is much less graceful than his looks. He’s known for sporting a snarky attitude, recklessness, and a seemingly cold ability to kill without a care in the world, landing his fair share of enemies. After all, he is a mafia leader who has his own gang and was raised by none other than Papa Dino.

1. Vinland Saga

10 Best Cold-Hearted Anime Characters

witnessing the death of your role model right in front of you as a child is an easy thing. Especially when that role model is your father. As a child, he used to dream of Finland, a land beyond the Wide Ocean, as warm and fertile and rich in every way imaginable. Since that day, however, all he has ever thought of growing up was killing the bastard that killed his father and ruined his life and his mother’s life forever.

Thorfin now has to train as hard as he can if he ever wishes to reach the level of an elite swordsman. This escalates one problem, however, when he starts to see Askalot as a fatherly figure. Yeah, that happened. The manga events are truly dope and trust me, this is one Viking adventure you do not want to miss. I prefer the Vikings live-action series, but this one is a good alternative and was quite fun to watch as well.

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So this is the list of the 10 best cold-hearted anime characters.

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