10 Best Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Romance anime where the MC gets laid. Throw away those worthless high schoolers and bring in these guys because these guys got laid. Yeah, every other anime’s main character feels worthless. Now let’s start with the list.

Top 10 Best Anime where the Mc gets laid:

10. You know a girl who chants love at the bound of this world

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

From the title itself, you can tell this was adapted from a visual novel, and this time we have parallel worlds. You know the good old spider-verse stuff, so is this anime about our guy getting different girls from parallel worlds? Nope, this is about the guy getting a girl and then deciding to learn about parallel worlds.

It turns out our main character’s father is a historian, and as soon as he found out about this, he disappeared. Now it is up to our guy and a bunch of his friends to find out what the hell’s happening around them. Since this is based on a visual novel, you already know how this goes.

The anime is broken down into routes, and each route focuses on a different girl and our main character’s interactions with her. But don’t worry; the story isn’t just about girls. Along the way, you find the weird teacher who smokes cigars, another teacher who acts too mysterious, and finally, the silent transfer student who looks like she’s hiding something. if you love parallel worlds with love, give this one a shot.

09. Rumbling hearts

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Another rumbling heart is a heart that is rumbling because the boy decides to find another girl. This starts off like your average love triangle. High School anime with characters having inhumanly large eyes before slowly becoming a drama that speaks about cheating broken hearts.

Rumbling hearts and the good old school day stuff—don’t worry, this isn’t like a school day, so calm down. Control when there is an anime love triangle and one girl starts showing mental trauma. You know the anime isn’t going to go in a wholesome direction for those who are curious.

The love triangle is between this blue-haired girl and this orange-haired girl, so keep your pitchforks ready and pick a side more than anything. Rumbling Hearts knows how to maintain its tension throughout its 14 episodes. The anime keeps slapping the viewer in the face with levels of tension that could pop out a couple of human brain cells.

08. REC

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Rec is one of the craziest romance anime I’ve watched. It’s also one of the best romance anime I’ve watched because it kicks pacing in the balls and decides to build its own pacing.

The main character gets stood up and then gets laid in the same episode when the last time that happened was right to his girlfriend. The guy was crying inside his room while in Rec, and the guy was lucky enough to find a girl on the same day.

I think it’s all about the couple trying to understand whether their relationship is platonic or romantic. The themes discussed here are much different than in other romance animes, so ignore that old animation and give this a go.

07. White Album 2

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

This is not a sequel to White Album One I don’t know why they put the same name, but the original White Album is about a boy and an idol, and White Album 2 is about a boy and a love triangle, just like the love triangle and White Album 2.

We have some cheating going on here as well, but instead of making our guy look like a jerk, the anime reveals the thought process of each character. The whole scene looks like a love triangle instead of a suicidal love drama.

Yeah, unlike the last White Album, here we have a lot of music.  I recommend going to watch this anime for the drama and then understanding the whole message of this anime, even if getting laid is a part of that message.

06. Cross Angs

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

The name Cross Ange makes it seem like this anime is about a Bowman, but nope, this anime is about a prideful princess. Guess what her pride is about to come undone. It turns out the Nobles became Nobles because they had the ability to control a technology known as mana.

On her 16th birthday, Angelise finds out she cannot wield Mana, so she gets kicked off to a random island. This is where she meets Tusk. Tusk has the usual fall upon the girl and then gets slap disorder, but he is also fiercely protective of the girl.

This is like that sweet love story inside an island. Oh, wait, I forgot about the dragons, the Mecca battles, and the crazy psychopathic villain. Apart from that, this is a romance anime that focuses on giving character development to our main character. 

05. I can’t understand what my husband’s saying

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Let’s take a break from these annoying high schoolers because this time we have a married couple. I can’t understand what my husband is saying about a wife who can’t understand what her husband’s saying because her husband is an otaku and our wife is a drunk too, but how do these two survive in the same house and lead a successful married life? That’s what this anime is about.

This anime isn’t a serious one, but it discusses the little troubles and issues you get while leading a family life in a very comedic and wholesome way. This has 13 episodes, and each episode is only 14 minutes in length.

Yep, I know that’s a disappointment, but this means you can finish the entire anime in one day, and trust me, there’s nothing more interesting than the relationship between a nerdy husband and a drunken wife.

 04. Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

When you think of fate, romance is the last thing that comes to mind. Yeah, this is based on a visual novel where the correct heroine played a major role in the story. Many of Fate’s anime adaptations focus more on the action and less on the romance, but Heaven’s Feel is an exception.

It has action scenes that’ll make you jump up and dance in your scenes while also focusing on the romance between Shiru and Sakura. Evansville is a movie trilogy, and it’s done by Ooftable.

Yeah, you know how well the action scenes of this trilogy are going to be, but we’re not here for the action; we’re here for the romance. The second movie focuses a lot on romance, and as I said, I think this is the route with the most romance. 

03. Nodame Cantabile

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Once again, we kick off these annoying teenagers and move to a bit more adult couple. Now they aren’t married, but it’s going to be love at first sight that connects them to music.

That’s right, this time we have our guy playing the violin and the girl playing the piano, and as soon as they hear each other’s music, it becomes one of those love-at-first-sight scenarios. This series also happens in Europe, and for some reason, even in Europe, these characters speak in Japanese.

Along its three seasons, it develops the relationship between the couple and even inserts some drama here and there, like a certain other anime with a violin and a piano. This doesn’t have a sad ending, so there’s no need to go with your tissue boxes.

02  Fruits of Grisaia

10 Best Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

Nope, this isn’t about Fruits Genius; this is about a badass guy attending a school where every girl has mental issues. No, they aren’t psychopaths either. But the blue-haired one might be a psychopath; she tries to kill our main character with a blade every time she sees him.

Our MC Yuji goes to a school with five girls who have mysterious pasts, and just like you guessed, this is adapted from a visual novel about the difference between the fruits of crochet.

Another visual novel adaptation is how Fruits of Grisaia shoves every girl into a harem at the very end of the second season, so if you want to focus on every girl’s route, then make sure to read the visual novel. The main character here steals the spotlight every time he’s not on screen. Seriously, this guy deserves a medal.

01 Horimiya

Top 10 Anime Where the MC Gets Laid

What’s the point if we don’t end up on this list with Horimiya? Here, we meet Koyuko Hori and Izumi Miyamura at school. These two are the complete opposites of each other, with Koyuko being the bright and cheerful one and Umi being the dull nerd.

But when their true personalities are revealed, the two are forced to hide them from the public, and thus they begin to fall in love. Horimiya is great not because it does anything original but because it explores the life of a couple who’s dating instead of a couple who is going to date in several millennia.

Most anime take the time to create tension and build chemistry between the two characters, but Hori Miya focuses on issues you encounter while you are in a relationship. This was released in 2021, but it feels like it was released 10 years ago. I hope a second season is in production. If you aren’t as patient as me, you can always go read the manga.

So this is the list of romance anime where the MC gets laid.

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