10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

Hey everyone, today we recommend an awesome list of the top 10 manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System. In these stories, the main character gets access to all sorts of cool powers and abilities that let them level up in a big way.

You’ll see the MCs gaining all kinds of combat skills, summoning magic and other powers to crush their enemies. It’s sure to get you pumped up to read more.

Here is the list of the 10 best manhwa with OP MC and leveling system:

10. The Genius Assassin Who Takes It All

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

In this manhwa, our OP MC is transmigrated into the novel he wrote. He needs to transform into the antagonist “Shin Kanghu” and gain greater strength than the hero in order to alter the inevitable conclusion that would destroy the world.

This Manhwa is a wild ride from the start. The story may not always make sense but our OP MC adventures keep me grinning the whole time. If you’re looking for pure entertainment value, be sure to check out The Genius Assassin Who Takes It All.

9. Heavenly Demon Cultivation System

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

Manhwa’s list in our OP Leveling System is the cultivation martial arts powerhouse, “Heavenly Demon Cultivation System.” Our OP protagonist, Seol Hwi, trains for scouts for years and is assigned to the area near Mount Hua by their leader. Little does anyone know that all of them were set up in a trap and got killed. Suddenly, a status window pops up and he awakens in the past of his time before he accepts the scouting mission.

He soon embarks on a campaign of overpowered awesomeness, becoming an incredible martial artist and establishing an unstoppable team with a hilariously busted MC dishing out insane damage from the start. This manhwa delivers non-stop wish fulfillment.

8. The Ten Thousands Races Invasion: Guardian of The Rare

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

At number eight is the action-packed Manhwa, the 10,000 racist invasion guardians of the rare. When Legions of alien clans invade, every citizen is conscripted to defend humanity, but when teen Asia Nan Zing stays behind at a recruitment center instead of fighting on the front lines, he scorns him as a coward. Little do they know, Nan has awakened five insane abilities and is quietly preparing for war.

This Manhwa with op mc and leveling system delivers thrilling battles on an apocalyptic scale, and I love how it subverts the usual hot-blooded hero formula. Instead of rushing to the battlefield, Nan calmly guards the home front with his OP skills maxed out. If you want to see a smug, underestimated MC slowly reveals his mighty powers, then the 10,000 race invasions bring the heat.

7. Steel-Eating Player

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

Our protagonist, Lee Hyunwook, is the steel emperor and also the last savior of mankind but he dies. To change its destiny in the future, out of all the places, it regressed to the military camp. But he has a special way of getting stronger quickly: by eating steel.

I love the creepy vibe as Lee consumed more steel and treasures for his super growth and it’s super satisfying to see him ignore arrogant young players and elders who once looked down on him. If you love an underdog MC quietly cultivating an unconventional power before shocking the world, don’t miss Spirit Sacrifice.

6. Virus King

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

It’s doomsday as a superpowered virus transforms humans worldwide into terrifying monsters but jackpot for our MC Chen By, who gets set back in time and is directly injected with this zombie strain himself. By dominating and evolving the infection, he awakens as the mighty virus King Rising, an SSS-level threat.

What follows is a deeply dark yet addictive power fantasy. Watching Chen command legions of horrific creatures to overwhelm enemies never gets old and I love how creatively he develops new viral abilities. Virus King delivers if you crave an edgy original Manhwa with op mc and leveling system, and apocalypse formula.

5. Boundless Necromancer

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

In this op mc and leveling system, manhwa, it starts with our MC, who never thought he could become a hunter. But by luck, he stumbles into the “Tower of Trials” and has selected candidates for Earth. He chooses the difficulty of the trials as level hard and becomes OP by clearing these hard-level trails.

Watching him take down the arrogant Yang Masters by weaponizing random junk never gets old. I love the ironic twist of Zero turning into a hero by doing hard-level trails. If you want a first take on cultivation that is repetitive, don’t skip this gem, “Boundless Necromancer,” which rises from deer to monarch using only his sheer will.

4. I Rely on My Invincibility To Deal Tons of Damage Passively

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

Gamer Chang Chiamo achieves your status in his favorite MMO only to tragically lose it all before reaching number one but when he gets reborn into a real-life version of The Game World, Chang jumps at his Second Chance having retained his maxed-out God rank across all job classes, he sets out on an unconquerable domination spree.

It’s incredibly cathartic watching Chang obliterate every obstacle without breaking a sweat; no one stands a chance against his effortless invincibility. If you crave top-tier wish fulfillment power fantasy, don’t miss the satisfying face roll of a Manhwa with a leveling system.

3. The Constellations Are My Disciples

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

legendary Warrior Hono Kim is reborn 300 years after sacrificing his life to save the world To his shock, the stars in the sky are actually his former disciple’s constellations given human form Watching Hono rudely whip these cosmic superhumans back into shape delivers non-stop entertainment.

The art pops with color, the fights are spectacularly animated and the smug badassery oozes off every page if you love larger-than-life power fantasy ROMs. This Manhwa crams insane Feats of Strength into compact yet addictive chapters A fair warning: though Huno training his female disciple could squeak some readers overall, The Constellations Are My Disciples is a must-read manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

2. Trash of A Dark Fantasy

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

kiles gets reborn inside a fantasy novel as a background character who dies early. He’s mad at the author who wrote his bad fate so Kile decides to go off-script and get strong enough to beat the writer. The count’s family looks down on Kale for being useless trash but we know he’ll prove them wrong with a smart plot and forbidden magic.

I love how Kile messes with the story on purpose and it’s really funny seeing him trick dumb nobles. If you like characters beating their destiny, don’t miss this creative revenge manhwa. One of the best manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

1. The Return of Apocalypse’s Tyrant

10 Best Manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System

25 years after humanity is wiped out by a Hellgate badass, Warrior Namgung returns from clearing a quest to find his young daughter, the only Survivor, to protect her. He starts devouring Godly Revard to gain strength rapidly what follows is a power fantasy romp where the 11.

Namgung obliterates hordes of demons and arrogant human elites with an almost bored non-calent; his power is scaling higher than ever yet he remains a loving father behind the scenes. If you want giant battles between swaggering gods and titans wrapped up in heartwarming family fields, this manhwa delivers it all.

So this is the top 10 list of the best manhwa with op mc and leveling system to read. Hope you like the list.

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