Top 10 Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

we always see the leads being so outgoing and extroverted, but some characters didn’t even bother talking to others, so what if these people had some love? So here’s the top 10 romance anime where antisocial and loner MC finds love.

Top 10 romance anime where antisocial and MC is a loner finds love.

10. Watamote

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

Starting our list is an anime that’s unique our girl, Tomoko, was a master at AME games and already had 100 virtual boyfriends but that didn’t help when she had to find a guy in real life. She thinks she’s good but isn’t so that’s why, with her best friend and brother, she tries to live high school and dominate it just like the game.

But it just doesn’t go well I have to admit that I have never laughed so hard because of a show I thought was another cliche rom-com. not only is it rare to have a loner MC but it’s even rarer for it to become a female. The MC is also really relatable because, just like most normal students, we have no social skills.

9. AOI hana

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

What’s better than a good love story? a Yuri one with a shy main lead, Fumi, was shy but she had her best friend Akira with her, then suddenly ended when she and her family had to move. Years later, they met again as they attended different girls.

Still, this reunion might not be as special as Fumi initially thought since new people might start to get in between them. Aoi is wholesome so if you expect a lot of fan service like Citrus, then it might not be for you.

This is because this series tries to show us how people learn about themselves as well as how friendships can turn into romance. It’s slow and soft and there aren’t any flashy dramas or over-the-top comedy. Oihana is a beautiful, mature, and realistic story of two girls trying to find out what love is.

8. Welcome to NHK

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

What happens when you drop out and start believing the earth’s flat? Well, you become Satau, who is still in need at 22 years old. He believes that one organization is the reason why he’s becoming one and he calls it an HK, the Nyhan Hikori Kyokai.

Because of this, the man cannot just relax but things might just turn around when he meets Misaki and he may just be able to join society. One thing this series does best is educate you about a really serious issue while still making it funny.

They don’t make it dark or overdramatize it; they just keep it real yet entertaining. I mean, you might also be surprised that there are a lot of psychological themes under all that comedy. Although the production is quite decent and there are some clumsy moments, I think it makes this series better since it matches the concepts.

7. To all of you that I loved

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

To all of you that I loved, why did you reject me? that is what I would like to say but we’re talking about an anime here so what’s it all about? Well, in this series, people can travel from one dimension to another but then there’s Takasaki, who’s just a loner, and his entire life got messed up when one of his classmates said they were lovers in the 85th.

First of all, there’s another movie that you should watch after this one called to me, The One Who Loved You, and I promise you it’ll make everything hit harder. It’s on par with series like Garden of Words and Your Name; it’s so wholesome and so impactful that it might just give you goosebumps. I’m trying not to spoil it so just watch the anime and you’ll see what I mean.

6. Kotoura-san

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

Son Lolly fans, stay out of this series because don’t ruin its wholesomeness for the rest of us. It’s all about, of course, Koutura, whom others see as creepy because she can read other people’s minds. However, one person would turn her entire life upside down and it’s the man who is very interested in her abilities because her new friend Cura might start to enjoy life again.

This entire series is just so wholesome that you can feel the bond between the characters, especially how Couture’s interactions with Manabe changed her outlook on life. There are heartbreaking and heartwarming moments that’ll make you stand out of your seat the art style also fits the series atmosphere well. There are times when the drama and comedy might not mix in that well but judging from its overall quality, it’s kind of not noticeable.

5. Love of Kill

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

If you’re tired of high schoolers, how about an assassin and a bounty hunter? Our girl, Chateau Danworth, is the Assassin named Song Ranga but she has other plans and wants to take her out on a date. She doesn’t like to socialize much, much less have relationships, but this deal might just land her the opportunity of a lifetime. love of Kill is not just another enemy-turned-lovers trope; there’s so much more to it.

There are a lot of psychologically action-packed moments as well as some intense romance scenes. The MCs also aren’t completely in love with each other because, as much as possible, they manipulate each other. Add in some dark comedy and you have one cool series. If you like what you’re seeing, why not check it out? In my opinion, this anime is one of the most unique out there.

4. The Great Passage

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

I bet on my first board that you haven’t heard about this series. Araki was just about to retire so he could take care of his sick wife but he needed someone to replace him and complete a project named The Great Passage.

That’s when he meets Maim, and even though he lacks any social skills, he becomes a rock’s replacement. With the new environment and co-workers, he might just experience the greatest moments of his life.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best-underrated animes that you should watch. There is also no anime similar to this one; the closest I could compare it to was Bakuman but this one was just more realistic. The characters feel like they were derived from real people, especially with how they interact with each other. If you want a hard-hitting series that has deep meanings, then check this one out.

3. Omamori himari

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

At first glance, you could tell the series was made in the 2000s or 2010s. Our boy Uto lost his parents and was now living alone in the city but that was until he turned 16 and Takashi started to attack him. He was saved by a woman, and that’s when he discovered he was a member of a family of demon slayers. It went from Orphan to Tandra real quick and you can think of this series as Demon Slayer with a harem.

Still, though it might sound trashy, which it might be because of the amount of ecchi it has, it’s entertaining to watch. You’ll be satisfied after watching each episode, and each character is likable. With the number of girls appearing on Uto’s doorsteps, there’s always something for everyone.

2. More than a married couple but not lovers

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

So if they’re more than married couples but not lovers, then what are they? Well, in this institution, students get married and are graded based on their performance. Jiru and Akari aren’t married to their crushes and are assigned to each other.

That’s when they decide to do everything to reach the top 10 of their class so they can switch and get the chance to pair up with the one they want the most. This is one of the most unique concepts I’ve seen in a rom-com, and you might remember Qu to Uso when you watch it.

Even though you see a lot of tropes in the series, the way the characters interact and try to achieve their goals is just so entertaining that it doesn’t feel cringy. The uncertainty of their situation also adds a lot of spice to the mix.

1. Kimi No Todoke

Anime Where MC is a Loner Finds Love

Everyone’s heard about this series and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best ram-com series of all time Sako was told to resemble Sadako and that’s why she almost had no friends because a lot of people misunderstood her but that was until Kaya, the most popular guy, met her. As time passes, she starts to have more friends and may even have a romance story of her own.

You’re at the stage of Kim Toed, which is unique and captures the atmosphere of the story perfectly. It sets itself apart from other romcom series by being the first one to adopt the shy girl Trope and it was breathtaking to see the entire anime is so wholesome and it’ll completely swallow you up with its plot and that’s why it’s the best out of all.

So this is the list of top 10 romance anime where MC is a loner finds love.

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