10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

There is nothing more painful than being betrayed by those you think are good or who you were in love with. Many people in our real world have faced this situation where they were betrayed by the closest people to their hearts some presidents lose faith and trust in the other world and some don’t give up and work on their revenge.

As this stop will mention, we will see the best manga where MC is betrayed and working on his revenge, so stick with us.

List of the top 10 best Manga where MC is betrayed:

10. kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Healing magicians cannot fight alone Kiri, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploded again and again by others but one day he noticed what lay beyond healing magic and convinced us that healing magicians were the strongest class.

But by the time he saw that potential, he had lost everything; as a result, he was using magic to repair the planet, going back years and choosing to start over. This is the heroic story of a healing magician who, by applying his wisdom from a previous life, proved to be the strongest. As we said, healing magic is hard, but not getting up on your feet is the hardest part, so don’t let anyone break you. It’s one of the finest manga where MC is betrayed.

9. Nidome No Yuusha

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Getcha desperately struggles to fulfill his rule as a Samoan hero. He defeated the Demon Lord and saved the fairy world only to meet an end field but with betrayal companions that he would trust throughout his journey, he betrayed him and killed him by sticking a blade throughout his chest.

That’s when he promised himself that if he had another opportunity, he wouldn’t adhere to the idea of religion with such rigidity. He committed himself to exacting the most heinous retribution imaginable. His ward continues, saying he will do everything correctly if given another opportunity. I would get every single last one of you, I swear, and so he died. A voice sounded through his head and informed him that there was more to his fate than what lay beyond the grave.

8. Shigurui

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

In 1630, in the province of Surrogate Japan, the crowd pressed de Naga, the third brother of the Shogun Nimis, to decide to gather the most violent fighters to make them face each other in a tournament.

The first duel was between two men who seemed to know each other’s Fujiki and Eriko but what was their real connection? The manga where mc is betrayed was extremely violent, involving so much death and blood.

7. Blade of the immortal

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Mangi is an immoral swordsman; he has been cursed with the children’s lives; he has grown tired of living with all the deaths he has created; he has no skills other than killing; thus, he forms a plan to gain his mortality: he shall kill 100 evil men for each good one he has killed.

The old witch who applied Mangi with immortality increased some of Ang’s propositions and veggies set on his path to kill 1000 evil men on his journey. On his journey, he meets a young girl named Ning, who has her revenge against the sword school whose members slaughtered the family ring in Mangi’s journey together, each hoping to find some kind of peace.

Then, where there are many feared enemies grinning, Mangi is almost constantly under attack and must learn to live their lives, avoiding being consumed by revenge. It’s one of the best manga where the MC is betrayed.

6. Blade of the Phantom Master

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

After wandering through the desert for days, a better warrior named Moon Soo is lost and unable to continue his life. Li saves it from Moon Ryu, a young man who dreams of becoming a secret agent for Jiton, a once-graced country that was recently destroyed. Eon’s goal is to save his girlfriend, the champion, a born fighter who is held captive by the evil Lord. Beyond that, from out of nowhere, blood beans trickling from his chest, he has been fatally wounded by the syringes, a cannibalistic bread of desert goblins.

The quick-thinking monster convinces these beasts to spare his life in exchange for the peaceful handover of the moon’s appetizing corpse Although skeptical of Mauryan motives, the monster sets out to continue the mission that the young idealist described as a companion by an army of gauss troops unleashed using the powers of a given Chi Minh su liberates Chen Han, after visiting her boyfriend’s final resting place, declares herself a masseuse bodyguard and sits out on a mission to punish those who strip it of its original glory.

5. Kangoku Jikken

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

In the prison lab, the EMA is bloodied by his classmate’s constant tunes and beatings; however, through a good turn of events, he receives a strange invitation to the captivity game, where victory promises unbelievable wealth to participants. he must accept the rule of capture and choose one victim to imprison for a month for Yama.

The only choice is Yakushima, the ringleader of his body and the source of all his suffering. The rules of the game are simple: the jailor may do whatever they please with their inmates in the murder but to win the game, the identity of the capture must remain hidden from the law and isolated cells, and the funds to purchase supplies must be provided Most good revenge manga where MC is betrayed are full of action. But this one is different Prison Lab is the mother of all torture manga. Hey, don’t think I’m a sadist.

4. Ubel Blatt

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Win, which threatened to invade the fever of Holland, the Emperor’s bash at 14 youths of these seven heroes hilted the invasion to herald a time of prosperity, while the four lenses of betrayal were supposedly defeated two decades later. The losses of betrayal have reappeared, and a bandit’s militia needs the frontier fief, Kornberg.

A man with a black sword and scar over his left eye slides an entire troop of Dodds militia. He is identified as a boy and becomes as much an object of fear as of hope, even as his past motivations and purpose are mysterious to those he meets in his travels. Noble Blood is one of the masterpieces of revenge manga where Mc is betrayed, provided you stick with it while reading the first few pages. You may want to drop it, but don’t do it. Keep reading; after a while, you will realize the mistake you will have made if you drop it.

3. Tate No Yussha No Narigari

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Naufome gave some money to another wound to become one of the four heroes, namely the shield hero. Starting out with poor popularity and the tablet as the weakest, Naufome found himself betrayed on the third day of his adventure, losing faith and money.

All that was left was his shield, vowing to exact revenge on those who had betrayed him. The manga might be one of the best revenge manga where MC is betrayed out there; it’s still in progress and also has an anime based on it that will take your sadist inside in a good way.

2. Dungeon seeker

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

Takeda, a high school student, was childhood friends with Noriko and Polly Cheetah. One day, during the usual course of Pauline Jumpy, they were suddenly taken to a different world by the whim of God. Simone adhered to cheats, or so he thought, but it turns out jumpy states were even worse than average former.

Check it into a death Lila beneath by the only one he trusts. He walks to the jury for revenge. In this manga where MC is betrayed and left to die by his classmates and his childhood friend. If you love reading a manga where the MC turns dark after betrayal, this might be your pick. Fair warning: the weights are progressing. I think it’s turning into another Isaac—a hairy manga.

1. Berserk

10 Best Manga Where MC is Betrayed

A former mercenary now known as the black suit man is out for revenge after a tumultuous childhood. He eventually finds someone he admires and assumes he can trust. Only do you have everything fall apart when this person takes away everything important to his guts to fulfill his desires?

Now, the market for death cats has become a condemned natural fate in which his relentless pursuit by demonic beans sitting out retreat for quests related to misfortune, armed with a massive sword and a monstrous strength, will let nothing stop him, not even death itself, until he is finally able to take the head of the one who exposed him and his loved one of their humankind.

The story is probably one of the longest-running mangas where MC is betrayed. You are going to enjoy it but it might not be the cup of tea for everyone. Sorry, Prog Acid Smooth Bass, and you enjoy it but it takes time to update so enjoy.

So this is the list of the top 10 best manga where Mc is betrayed.

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