10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

Don’t you always get annoyed when the girl just rejects the guy for no reason at all? Well, get ready because, in today’s list, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 anime where Mc gets revenge on girl who rejected him.

Here is the list of anime where mc gets revenge on girl:

10. His and Her Circumstances

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

First, we all know everyone has their circumstances but my guy, Chiro, just made this girl’s circumstances even worse. You see, Yukino tries to be the perfect student, being the representative of their class and getting the top score, so Chiro is her rival, but she rejects him when he confesses.

Now that he sees her ugly truth, he gets revenge by blackmailing her into doing his student council duties. There’s nothing like taking good old revenge by making the other person your slave. Well, this show has two sides to it.

This is because the couple here are really interesting, and unlike your typical lovey Dy Duo, you can compare them to Shiroan and Kaguya. But they’re just more realistic and have more flaws than you, and best of all, they do the deed in bed.

9. Amagmi SS

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

What’s worse than being rejected at school and being stood up on Christmas Eve? That’s exactly what happened to our boy, Juni. But that wasn’t the end because our boy met girl after girl after girl and even his childhood friends secretly liked him, from the class representative to the sporty girl and even the transfer student.

This man has been collecting girls like they’re Pok√©mon. There’s no big plot and it’s split into short stories that involve all six girls in the series, although this might sound like your generic Harem plot Amagmi SS is entertaining enough that you might just stick around through the entire series. You’ll be satisfied with the endings involving each girl and most of the storylines are simple so everyone can understand them.

8. Over The Sky

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

I bet you’ve never heard about this one because you might just have been over the sky. See what I did there? Well, it’s all about the childhood friends Mio and Arata Moo secretly liking him but she straight up denies it and that’s why her friends started making a move on Arata.

She tries to meet him after they fight but on the way, she gets transported into another world. Over the Sky is just like your name, with a mix of beyond the boundary. There’s a lot of action involved, especially since Yo-kai is trying to hunt Moo down.

There are also some plot holes here and there but that doesn’t stop the overall enjoyment you’ll gain from the film. Overall, it’s solid, with a good animation soundtrack and characters that everyone can like. It also comes in the list of anime where mc gets revenge on girl.

7. My Girlfriend Is A Gal

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

This list is all about rejection so bear with me because we’ll get to that You see, our boy Juni asks Yukana, your typical Japanese gal, and, to his surprise, she accepts his confession. But along the way, something between them happens and Junichi might have just realized that bodies aren’t always the answer.

To everything for all the degenerates out there, this is your series because fan service isn’t something this series will lack. It’s pretty hilarious how they did the character designs and the pacing is surprisingly well done.

Although there was that fat guy who liked kids too much other than him, the other characters were funny and enjoyable to watch. Even though the premise is quite dumb and full of body parts, some fun and cute moments give it a refreshing feel. One of the best anime where mc gets revenge on girl.

6. Just Because!

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

This series is good just because my jokes keep getting better and better anyway. We don’t focus on only one character but there are more and our MC’s life will get even more hectic, even if he’s just about to graduate. His past and present might mix in and the emotions make the air even heavier in this last semester. Every little secret might just come out.

This is what high school feels like for your everyday teen. Of course, there are moments where you feel like you’re on top of the world, but most of the time you just feel depressed, full of anxiety, and have so many problems with your relationships. That is why, just because it does it perfectly and has a solid storyline, it’s become an excellent series. The premise is simple but the impact is still strong.


5. Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

Finally, an anime where the childhood friend won’t lose but won’t she? Well, our boy Suahara’s childhood friend Kuroha is one of the girls that boys want to be their girlfriends. However, she likes Suahara but he rejects her, even though he found out his crush already had a boyfriend and Kuroha started scheming something to make Suahara hers and get revenge on the girl, which was the reason she was rejected.

Just from listening to what I just said, you already know that anime is all over the place, which makes it unique for a series in this genre. The art style is bright and even the character designs just scream the word cute. Meanwhile, Suara isn’t like Kazuya in renting a girlfriend because he acts like a normal human being instead of a complete degenerate, which is already a plus. I highly recommend this anime where mc gets revenge on girl.

4. A Sister’s all you need

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

I already know this man has an entire FBI Department looking into him because he just likes little sisters a bit too much. Then there are his friends, like The Prodigy Pervert, a successful author, a friend from college, and a stepbrother who does all the chores in the house. We get to see their daily lives and the issues they encounter along the way.

Just like Omakase, it wasn’t obvious and the first thing you’ll see when watching it is a lot of fan service and ecchi stuff but just push through it because the cringiness will stop and the story will get better. Aside from the concept, the animation is unique and it might be a hit or miss for others overall. This is just a solid series and words can’t express how much you’ll like this show so you just have to watch it.

3. Domestic Girlfriend

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

Our boy was totally in love with his teacher but he got into a one-night stand, although they didn’t like it. Then he finds out that the girl he did the deed with is his new stepsister, and his teacher is also the sibling of the same girl now living with his teacher and crush and the girl he had his first time with his life might just get a bit harder or will it be better?

Domestic Girlfriend is like the holy grail of anime for degenerates but if you push through the first few episodes, you’ll find out that this anime has a lot of potential. You can define it as trash but if it’s good trash if you know what I mean, then where is the challenge? Well, just ask the teacher.

2. Masamune kun’s Revenge

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

The entire series plot is quite literally the title of the list Masamune was rejected by Aki Adaki when he was a fat kid, so he was so traumatized that he worked out, became handsome, and now goes through his villain Arc, where he’ll make Aki fall in love with him and then he’ll just reject her as she rejected him.

This man was so traumatized by that moment, when he was even nicknamed Piggy, that he went through a glow-up so good that people went to the gym thinking they’d be him. This isn’t your typical rom-com show because, trust me, from the unique revenge story, you’ll be surprised every step of the way the comedy’s on point too and it’ll either make you cringe so hard you’ll implode or laugh so loud the neighbors will call the police. One of the best anime mc gets revenge on girl.

1. The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist

10 Best Anime Where MC Gets Revenge on Girl

What do you call a Sigma male? You call him Wataru because, after his crush kept rejecting him, he did what a normal person would do and stopped. This man did what no other rom-com MC could do and because of that, other girls started liking him weirdly enough that his crush started giving hints that she liked him but is it too late for Wataru to become one again?

The male lead is just a normal guy and he has a brain for once. The other characters are just as, if not more, interesting than Wataru everything is solid, from the animation to the soundtrack to the acting and even the plot. It’s balanced in every way, which makes it hard for H, which is why it’s number one in our list of the top 10 romance anime where mc gets revenge on girl who rejected him.

So this is the list of top 10 best romance anime where mc gets revenge on girl.

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