Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

In this anime recommendation, we delve into the realm of icy Mc to unveil the “Top 10 romance anime with a cold-hearted male lead.” Join us on this journey as we unravel the tales of these reserved and enigmatic protagonists, each contributing a unique flavor to the anime landscape.

Who on Earth even dares to throw hate on the classic Sunshine girly and grumpy guy too? That’s why, in this list, we’ll be showing you the top 10 romance anime with a cold-hearted male lead.

Here is a list of romance anime with a cold-hearted male lead:

10. Kanojo GA Flag Wo Oraretara

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

What if you had the power to see how your love life would turn out? That’s the case for a high school boy who could see flags on people’s heads that show their destiny, but instead of using his gift to find true love, he isolates himself from everyone because of a tragic past.

That is until four stunning girls decide to invade the space in his heart. So one thing that makes this series stand out is the concept. I mean, when did you ever see another series use Destiny and Flags?

At the same time, there’s also the part where you’re going to be surprised. The series has a lot of twists, which makes it stand out even more. The art style also reminds me a lot of the classic 2000s Vibes and it’s a rare kind of show where the characters have become the highlight.

9. My Love Story With Yamada-kun At Level 999

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Breakups are hard, especially when your ex dumps you for someone else despite being so pretty and she still falls victim to that because she’s still hung up with her ex. She logs into Forest of Savior, the game they used to play together, and signs up for an in-person event where she hopes to crush him but things get complicated.

When she meets Aikido Yamada, a legendary gamer who is also her guildmate, it reminds me of the icy guy and his cool female colleague from the previous season in a different context and with a bit more expressiveness. What makes it so charming is how the two MCs are different and similar at the same time.

It makes it more entertaining than your average Shoujo anime and you feel this unique appeal while watching it. Nothing’s better than gaming and romance.

8. The Danger in My Heart

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Imagine being a killer who has a crush on your victim. No, this isn’t book talk; it’s the situation of Kotaru Ichikawa, who dreams of killing his classmate Anna Yamada, the most popular girl in school but his plans go wrong when he realizes that she’s pretty dumb, and he has no idea what he’s up to.

See the Dangers of My Heart has had quite an interesting run, from a full-on cringefest to an incredibly wholesome ride filled with great character development that will make your heart feel in danger.

It’s quite a refreshing take on rom-coms themselves, and who doesn’t love it when the girl takes the lead?

7. Code Breaker

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Some people say that opposites attract, but what if your crush is a cold-blooded killer who could set people on fire with his eyes? That’s the dilemma that Sakura faces. Sakura Koji faces this thrilling story of love, justice, and supernatural powers.

Sakura is a sweet and strong girl who believes in doing the right thing, even if it means kicking a butt along the way, while Ray is a mysterious and moody boy who has a dark secret that he hides from everyone when their paths cross.

The storyline and great character writing make up for it Rom-coms can get boring sometimes so Codebreaker adds that extra violence we all need.

6. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Some people dream of fame and fortune, but Anne Howford only wants one thing: to be a silver sugar master. She has a sweet tooth and, at the same time, is a total sweetheart. She’s willing to do anything to achieve her goal but needs a bodyguard who can protect her from the dangers of the road and the only one she can afford is Chal, a grumpy and gorgeous fairy who hates humans.

Well, will he be able to melt Chal’s icy attitude or will he make her life a living hell? Sometimes a sweet little fantasy is needed; it’s so sweet that you might just get diabetes after watching the entire season.

It doesn’t have a lot of action, like Codebreaker, but the wholesomeness does the job. With a neat art style and animation, it’s perfect for Shoujo anime lovers because you’ll always feel soft and fluffy inside.

5. AHO Girl

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

The story is straightforward because, well, it’s just about an idiot and the people who have to suffer because of said idiot. It’s just pure fun, and the jokes usually hit the mark.

There’s a little bit of fan service too for all your cultured weebs out there but it’s not too much and it still feels kind of pure.

4. Devil’s line

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Imagine being assaulted by a vampire only to be saved by a cop who’s half-vampire. That’s the terrifying situation Sukasa Tiara finds herself in when she encounters Yuki Anai, who is part of the clandestine police force that tracks down vampires in Tokyo.

As they get closer, they discover that they have more in common than they thought and more to fear, but as their relationship grows, so does his lust and hunger for her blood.

One of the highlights of this series is that the bond between the two main characters feels mature. It also has some similarities to Tokyo Ghoul, although not as intense, and Devil’s line focuses more on the romantic side of things; it’s a bit more dramatic than most other entries on this list. So if you want a little bit of spice, then what are you waiting for? Check it out.

3. Taishou Otome Fairy Tale

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Some people say that life is what you make of it, but what if you have nothing to make it with? That’s the case for Tamah Koshima, a 19-year-old who lost his right hand, his mother, and his place in society in one tragic accident.

Now he lives alone in a remote cabin in the mountains of Chiba, where his only companions are books, birds, and his bitter thoughts. He’s given up on his future and his only goal is to die with dignity if you’re into more innocent romance and believe in this thing called Faith.

Then the Taishou Otome fairy tale might just be for you. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the drama and the crying and the fan service, and from the character designs alone, you could already tell it’s going to be wholesome.

2. Welcome to NHK!

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Imagine living in a tiny apartment surrounded by anime DVDs books and cup noodles tatuo sat with 22-year-old Hikori, who suffers from extreme social anxiety and paranoia. He thinks the world’s out to get him and there’s a secret organization called NHK.

NHK is behind his misery but his boring and lonely existence is about to change when a cute and quirky girl named Misaki knocks on his door. She claims to be a savior and offers to help him overcome his hikori condition.

A lot of people already think that Welcome to NHK is a masterpiece and that’s because the storyline has never been seen before and it’s told brilliantly. I mean, this is practically an anime for conspiracy theorists.

The characters are well fleshed out, the plot is insane and the twist is just immaculate. It’s like the author thought you knew what would make a good story about psychological disorders and it worked.

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy

Top 10 Romance Anime With Cold-Hearted Male Lead

Do you think life’s meaningless? if you answer yes to this question, then you might relate to Haiman Hikaya, a cynical loner who has given up on love, friendship, and happiness. He spends his days mocking his peers and dreaming of a peaceful existence but his life’s about to change when he’s forced to join the Service Club, a group of volunteers who help others with their problems.

ODU isn’t the first one to do this but it is the one that pulled it off the best I mean, Heaya is just cringy and relatable at the same time. The romance and storytelling were also perfect and there’s this dynamic between the main characters that makes everything feel anxious. It’s not relaxing and wholesome but somehow it feels so good to watch.

That’s why it’s at the top of the top 10, so this is the list of romance anime, where the main character is cold.

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