Top 10 New Romance Anime in 2024

It’s the new year and there’s nothing better than to start 2024 fresh so that’s why in this list we’ll be talking about the top 10 new romance anime coming out in 2024.

List of 10 New Romance anime in 2024

10. Alya sometimes hides her feelings in Russian

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Starting off our list is an anime with a really specific title, because why does she only hide her feelings in Russian anyway? The anime is set to air in April 2024 and will be animated by Studio Doga Kobo. It’s all about our girl, Alysa Mikona Kujo, who’s half Russian and half Japanese and was called the school idiot because of that. Because of that, she seems unapproachable except for our boy, Masa Chica, who’s the only one Alisa gives her attention to but she made one big mistake from the concept alone.

Anime is unique. It’s interesting to see how the studio is going to use the whole Russian language based on the news of the light novel. Some are calling it wholesome and sweet. I mean, who does it like Aundre speaking Russian? I think it’s a great and refreshing twist.

9. The Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Now this next one sounds like the title of a novel if Harry Potter and Twilight had a baby or more specifically, what would happen if the devil as a part-timer was set in a high school. Well, it starts with our boy, Akitsu, a demon that pretends to be a human to find candidates to help hell fight angels. That’s when he meets Lily, whom he tried to recruit but, as you correctly thought, is an angel in disguise.

With the first episode on January 9th, 2024, this new romance anime sounds good. The devil is completely falling for the angel even though she revealed her identity, and that’s kind of cute. The animation isn’t godly because it’s being done by a relatively unknown studio, but if you go past that, it has a really good story, at least based on the trailer.

8. Whisper me a love song

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Yuri fans are eating well this 2024 because, whisper to me, a love song is coming out personally in terms of Yuri. In any manga, I would consider this one of the big three It’s about Yuri, who never had a relationship before but that was until an underclassman named Himari confessed that she loved Yori Well, she loved Yu’s music, and now that she finally sees signs of finally getting her own Love story, Yori does her best to make him fall for her Instead, from the trailer alone, I could already see that the animation was going to be pretty well done.

The character designs are really good and modern and not to mention, Yuri just looks so cool. This Yuri anime also actually has a plot, not just fan service If they follow the manga, watch out because it’s coming out in April 2024, and let’s just say even your fans will like it.

7. Hokkaido gals are super adorable

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

All Japanese girls are adorable but there’s something about GS from Hokkaido in this anime that just hits differently, like our boy Tubasa who recently moved to Kitami City in Hokkaido, seeing a girl standing in the snow wearing skirts while the cold felt like literal needles, Our hearts are just lit up on fire Guaru are built differently because, in their right mind, who has their bare legs out while living in Hokkaido?

You might be surprised that it’s going to be animated by Studio Silverlink, which not only animated the misfits of the Demon King Academy but also Ragna Crimson. So this means the anime might have a pretty big budget but, um, try watching it because the OST is a complete banger. Who knew a Guaru anime would have this quality? But hey, dress up, darling; it already exists.

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6. Tales of wedding rings

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Okay, early warning You might get a stroke at figuring out how the character’s names are spelled in the tales of wedding rings. Our boy Satow always had feelings for his child, Ood. What’s weird is that he and her grandfather just mysteriously appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. With the 10th anniversary of their meeting about to come, Satow will finally become a Chad or stay as a beta forever.

First of all, the animation resembles Chinese anime, more similar to the Apothecary Diaries. Based on the trailer, there’s going to be Echhi involved too so it may be that both of them were teleported to another world. Of course, there’s going to be lots of girls there and Satow might become more than a Chad after he builds his own harem. The first episode will air on January 6, 2024, and if you still don’t know how their names are spelled, just look them up on the internet.

5. Unnamed memory

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

New romance anime where the main guy doesn’t look like he’s from Junior High School This series follows the story of Oscar, who has the curse that any woman he marries will die anyway. He climbs the tower to find the Witch of the Azour Moon and lets her break his curse. But after seeing just how much of a beauty she is, he decides who better to be his wife than someone who can just be immune to the curse instead.

This anime was originally a light novel and even if it isn’t that popular, the ones that have read it say it’s good; it’s straight-up fantasy and there’s no ecchi stuff going on, which is rare nowadays. One reader said it had a bit of everything they would want in a fantasy novel so I have high hopes for this to turn out great.

4. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

You might be surprised that this new romance anime is actually from a Korean Manhwa Dr. Song Jun, one of the best surgeons in Korea, was the wife of the emperor in her past life. She wasn’t as well managed as her modern self but after a plane crash, she was reincarnated back into her previous body and now she tries to not die using her memories as a surgeon.

So this sounds like a villainous anime but instead of reincarnating in a game or book, she reincarnates as her past self. In reality, technically just time travel reincarnation, the animation and art style have some resemblance to the original Mano and I have to admit that the concept sounds cliche and unique for a new romance anime at the same time. Will it be better or become ordinary? We just have to wait and see once it finishes airing.

3. Dandadan

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Uh, I’ve read Dan Dad’s manga and I promise you, this is going to be the funniest and wildest series that’s going to come out in 2024. Our girl Momo meets a boy named Ken who’s obsessed with aliens, while she’s addicted to ghosts. That’s when they try to make a bet on which one is true and they quickly find out that both are true. They both get in trouble and let’s just say Ken loses the one thing a man needs to be to a scary grandma.

Although the studio isn’t mentioned in the trailer, the animation is already so good, and they need to give the manga even a little bit of justice. Everything that happens here is just so entertaining and extraordinary that I can’t explain it to you without sounding like I’ve been to an asylum; it’s definitely a new romance anime of the year candidate.

2. Villainous level 99

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

I may be the hidden boss but I’m not the Demon Lord So based on the title, The Demon Lord, is it the hidden boss? Well, in this series, people hate dark hair and our girl, Aruna. Dulness doesn’t only have dark hair but also has dark-type magic. She tries not to stand out but that was until her being level 99 was leaked and now everyone thinks she’s Sus, especially the heroine of the AME game, who thinks she’s the Demon Lord.

We’re back with an AME game but instead of the MC being smart, she’s also really powerful, which adds a bit of spice to the mix. The animation is a mix of 2D and CGI, which isn’t that bad but what makes this series so special is how Yuelia interacts with other characters. She isn’t there for love; she just wants to survive.

1. Chain soldier

Top 10 new romance anime in 2024

Ever thought about being a slave to your favorite waifu? Well, look no further because they already made an anime just about that in this world. There’s a dimension called Mat that houses terrifying creatures, but all hopes are not lost because they found the Mat fruit, which is sort of like a devil fruit but only for women. That’s when our boy Yuki was saved by a member of the anti-demon core named Quoka, and now he has to become her slave.

This sounds like a dream come true for some viewers out there, especially since the wives who are here are bangers. The animation has to be awesome to match just how cool the manga is and from the trailer, it did not disappoint. With all that action, fun, and fan service, it ranks number one on our list of the top 10 new romance anime coming out in 2024.

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