Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

New High School Romance Anime

You know there’s something about schools that makes romance just 100 times better and it always hits the spot to make your heart go fast. So today we’re going to talk about the top 10 new high school romance anime.

10. Liar Liar

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

How much of a liar do you have to be to have the same two words in the title of your anime? Well, he just became the strongest in the school after he beat the empress and it’s not just any normal school; it’s one of the most generic institutions. I’ve ever heard of a series called Academy Island, where everything is done through games where each student bets stars to determine their ranking. This basically gets to the anime.

Other than that, you could think of it as No Game, No Life, but in school, there are a lot of mind games and strategic thinking involved in this series, especially since the entire concept is based around it. Other than the concept, everything seems to be quite decent and it does the job of making the anime feel solid, so just give it a watch so you can see for yourself.

09. The Reincarnation of the strongest Exorcist in another world

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

Not only was this guy the strongest exorcist but he also got reincarnated, which always means he’s getting another big power-up Our boy Haruyoshi was reborn as Psy Lamp Prog, and even though he didn’t get a lot of magic, he was still stronger than almost everyone he encountered. But why was he even reincarnated? Well, he didn’t get hit by Trubut; he was betrayed, sadly, though he didn’t go crazy.

What makes this one so good is the fact that it mixes two different types of magic in one world. We have Japanese Exorcist magic and the classic fantasy magic that everyone always sees. There’s romance here too, because Psy happens to bag two girls that could take a spot in the best waifu of the season. The writing is amazing and the subplots are engaging enough to the point that you somehow won’t ever get bored by them.

08. The Dreaming Boy is a Realist

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

Can you ever be a realist and a dreaming boy at the same time? MC does this most ridiculously because, at first, he is your typical cringy weeb who does everything to get his crush’s attention and starts confessing every single time he sees him. However, he becomes a normal human being when he finally lets go of that stuff and suddenly becomes a chad, and guess what? His crush finally starts making a move on him.

This show isn’t like Rent a Girlfriend because the MC has some character development, unlike kazuya and the show puts a lot of emphasis on romance. The dynamic between the different characters helps make their interactions even more entertaining. Most of the characters also feel mature, which is a breath of fresh air, especially in high school romance anime.

07. Our dating story The experienced you and the inexperienced me

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

When a girl brings you into her room, there’s only one thing left to do. I know all of you wish you could be like our boy Ryuto, who confessed to the most popular girl in a school and got the dub in one way or another because they just went on a date because they had nothing else to do. Still, he ended up falling in love and it’s not too far of a stretch to say she did too.

This is one of the newer anime on this list because it was just released in the fall of 2023. The concept is hilarious and it’s sort of similar to My Girlfriend as a Gal or My Dress-Up Darling, with the girl being way out of the guys’ league. It has humor, romance, and everything you need in between. This is one of the best high school romance anime.

06. Girlfriend X Girlfriend

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

First, we have Liar Liar. Now we have Girlfriend X Girlfriend, but our boy doesn’t only have two girlfriends; he has four. MC is a literal Sigma male because he got the high school girlfriend, the short-haired one, the blonde and even the white-haired one. He’s collected them all and he’s living the dream. Do you know why he didn’t choose one? That’s because he wants all of them to feel loved.

Girlfriend for Girlfriend isn’t your typical harem anime because all of them seem to get along. For the most part, the guy is hilarious too, because he does the most ridiculous things from time to time and he will get you off guard. Aside from that, there’s not much plot but it’s still very entertaining, to the point that you might overlook all two seasons.

05. Date A Live 4

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

I think it’s because this is one of the few school romance anime that pushes past two seasons, much less three so that goes to show how good this one is. It’s all about our boy Shido and a lot of super powerful women who make sure no one hurts him and this season he encounters a girl named Nia, a manga artist who’s also a spirit. Not only that, she’s related to Dex Mack Industries and things got a whole lot spicier.

Other than Rance Date A Live is just full of action and some crazy animation. It finally increases the pacing of the story and it makes the plot so much better. The characters are great and this might be, in my opinion, the best season data Live has to offer but before you watch it, just watch the first three so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

04. koikimo

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

Koikimo is also called It’s Too Sick to Call This Love, and don’t ask me why because I’m just as confused as you are but what’s even more confusing is that after Ryu falls for a girl and it turns out it was his little sister’s best friend, it doesn’t even phase him because he keeps on trying to flirt with her even if she’s too freaked out.

However, does consistency beat creepiness? Well, I have to find out. Koikimo is totally off the hook and it might be a major turnoff for most anime fans. Still, you might be surprised because it’s quite enjoyable, seeing as once you get past the weird part, it feels like the characters actually like each other a lot, the colors of the anime are nice and the art style somehow is a mix between woy and Kao-made Sama.

03. Beastar

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

This is one of the best underrated romance anime of all time and people just don’t watch it because they’re afraid of being called a furry, which they will be after finishing it. Just like in Zootopia, our main characters are a wolf named Legoshi and a white bunny named Haru. In this show, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as we explore why Legosi’s friend died along with the romance that is starting to bloom between the rabbit and the wolf.

It may sound bizarre but it is one of the best high school romance anime. I mean, this is the anime man approved of. Everything takes place in the drama club and there’s some deep, thrilling mystery that’s the main focus of the plot. The writing is downright amazing and you’ll be surprised at how connected you are to the characters overall. It does a great job of making this show one of a kind high school romance anime.

02. Insomniacs after school

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

I can’t sleep; all these guys can’t either, but they have something that you don’t and that’s some sweet, sweet romance MC is unlike most of us who just want a good nap but when he meets his girl in their school’s observatory, his life turns upside down because, finally, as someone who he can share the night with, we’ll get to see how these two insomniacs have a relationship and conquer the challenges that come their way.

One of the biggest highlights of insomniacs after school is definitely the animation, because it helps make the atmosphere so much more beautiful It’s a soft, relaxing anime that you can watch on a quiet Saturday night. Just like your name, it has a banger of a soundtrack too. The show takes its time with the plot and is perfect for any Slice of Life and high school romance anime fan.

01. Romantic killer

Top 10 New High School Romance Anime

Nope, this one isn’t about two assassins, like Love of Kill, but focuses on our girl Ani, who’s so normal that we can relate to her in every way possible She’s forced to get involved with boys when Riri, who looks like he’s drawn by a 5-year-old, makes sure her life is your typical reverse harem anime.

Now this is breaking the fourth wall to the max. Enzo’s peaceful life was ruined and it might not be so bad for her. You have every reverse Harum character Trope and a time game Trope imaginable all stuck in one show; however, it puts a lot of effort into making sure each character isn’t left out and the romance is always on point, which is a plus.

It has everything you need for a show in this genre so that’s why it’s number one on our list of the top 10 new high school romance anime.

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