10 Best Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

Good Manhwa with OP MC

Top 10 Good Manhwa that will make you binge night What’s up, everyone? It’s We Love Anime back at it again with another top 10 list for all you Manhwa lovers out there and I know how it goes once you start reading a perfect title. Before you know it, the sun is coming up, and you’ve stayed up all night glued to the pages.

Well, today I’m sharing my picks for the top 10 good manhwas with op mc that had me in a total Binge trance. From action-packed fights to juicy romance triangles, these stories had me hiding the next chapter button like it was my job, so pour yourself a big cup of coffee, get comfortable and prepare to spend the next few hours scrolling through some new addictive series.

10. Study Group

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

An overlooked gem study group follows Gaiman, a studious outlier at a rough technical high school. Despite rejection, he perseveres to create his study group When his former tutor, Hank Yung, joins the faculty, they both strive towards dreams deemed impossible. The plot hooks you as G confirms threats aiming to destroy his academic hopes.

The vibrant art immerses you in school life. What separates this is the cerebral protagonist, whose intellect pushes the story while he analyzes opponents packed with action and sprinkled with comedy. His antics are a blast. The author has crafted a layered tale fusing school hierarchies. Heartfelt motivation and quirky characterization give this underrated story a shot. One of the good manhwa with op mc.

09. Boundless Necromancer

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

Looking for a fresh take on tower climber stories, boundless Necromancer will hook you It follows Seong Yun, an aspiring hunter who has failed to improve for years, when a mystical tower summons challengers. He joins and all his effort pays off as his stats reset and he can finally grow. Embrace the ruthless trials. The crisp art pulls you into confrontations where cunning and tactics win over sheer power. Yun is a well-ridden protagonist.

His cold personality, shaped by past traumas, makes his measured decisions satisfying. With each floor harboring new threats, the plot remains intriguing. The creative battles and skill systems add further depth if you want strategic fights, systematic training, and the protagonist overcoming their limits. This good manhwa with op mc delivers the mysterious tower and hosts ample adventures for our calculating hero.

08. The World After The End

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

craving an overpowered protagonist who breaks the mold of the world after the end delivers It centers on Jaywan, a stubborn Tower Walker who rejects using a regression stone to redo the past. When humanity nears defeat, choosing to fight on in the original timeline, his shocking decision reveals secrets about the invading towers, boasting gorgeous art.

The battles are a visual Feast as Jan unleashes overwhelming, strong abilities While the convoluted plot can be challenging at times, the payoff is an unconventional and exciting journey as the seemingly invincible hero pushes forward down a lonely road. If you love overpowered main characters and unique TST and Tower Invasion plots, this intensely action-packed good Manhwa with op mc is a must-read roller coaster strapped in for a thrilling ride.

07. Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

Craving a fresh take on cultivation, Maas Reaper of the drifting Moon delivers it. It follows Pyow Wall, an orphan kidnapped and forced to fight other children to be molded into human weapons, who posts gorgeous art with graceful yet lethal skills to capture during confrontations, while some argue his feminine appearance doesn’t suit a domineering protagonist.

It provides a luring contrast to the unique poison-based abilities that drive his cultivation Set this apart, skipping common tropes for new territory. The plot thickens as Wool battles rivals while seeking freedom. Suppose you want captivating visuals, elegant, deadly combat, and a feminine yet mighty protagonist on a distinctive cultivation path. In that case, this good manhwa with op mc enthralls V’s quest to break his shackles and harness his potential as the reaper of the drifting moon.

06. Leveling Up With The Gods

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

if you love overpowered protagonists overcoming impossible odds and leveling up with the gods is a must It follows formidable Warrior Yuan’s return to the Past after a crushing defeat, boasting gorgeous art and captivating fight scenes His skills are breathtaking as he levels up again, taking on the tower, while the plot shares similarities with the second-life ranker and omniscent reader. The execution stands out.

Yuan is an absolute badass. His determination in the face of tragedy makes his incredible growth compelling, peppered with humor. His bold antics are highly entertaining. If you’re looking for thrilling action, rapid power spikes and a tenacious Mighty Hero battling Destiny, this good Manhwa shines. Join Yuan’s electrifying quest to defy fate and achieve the power to challenge even the gods.

05. Mercenary Enrollment

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

if you love captivating character growth, Mercenary Enrollment is a thrilling ride It centers on MC, a teenage mercenary returning to high school in Korea after years abroad. The art shines during confrontations as MC unleashes lethal skills honed from childhood trauma while his subdued personality leaves room for development. Each sarcastic quip and principled decision remains satisfying.

The plot thickens as a mysterious sponsor Shady teachers and a charismatic upperclassman pressure him. If you crave the intelligent tactics of a restrained yet badass protagonist navigating school life, mercenary enrollment delivers from running covert missions to acing exams and exploits in cheers and laughs Can a normal high school contain this teenage soldier? Join the enrollment to find out its a good manhwa with op mc.

04. Reality Quest

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

If you love unique twists on gaming, Maas reality Quest hooks you in It follows bullied gamer Doan Ha, who gains real-life skills after gaming himself to death and respawning the vibrant art that captures his shock navigating. In this Strange New World, Doan is an unlikely but appealing protagonist His gaming habits now feel like a captivating coming-of-age tale.

The comedy lands while the plot’s tension builds as he reluctantly completes his quest to gain power and confront his tormentors If you want a fresh gaming Good Manhwa with a creative hook, Quest mechanics that raise the stakes, and a relatable Underdog protagonist, this is a must-read Reality Quest puts bullies, bosses and a test of courage in the crosshairs of a newly badass hero. Join Doan’s Wild Ride.

03. Sword Master’s Youngest Son

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

Craving an electrifying Second Chance tail sword, Master’s youngest son delivers it. Centered on Jen Ren candle, a disgraced swordsman Prodigy revived after tragedy, boasting gorgeous art, his skills stun as he sets out to reclaim his destiny, Jin is a cunning, ruthless protagonist, though cold-hearted towards enemies His unringing resolve after humiliation remains captivating.

The plot thickens with political intrigue and a looming rival family. This good Manhwa with op mc is a must-read if you love badass fight scenes, satisfying power spikes, and watching a dynamic Mighty Underdog defiantly rise to supremacy. With relentless training and a lethal sword, Arts Jin confirms every obstacle in his path. Can Destiny’s Outcast become the ultimate blade master and begin the exhilarating journey?

02. The Boxer

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

Suit up for an adrenaline-filled field ride inside the ring with this gripping sportsman, Manhwa the boxer We follow a depressed protagonist who finds soullessness and strength in his raw boxing talents.

Artist Young G Park brings the gritty fights to life through dynamic panels that put you right in the action but beyond the pulses, this Manhwa also probes the tender hearts and histories that drive each boxer to push their limits.

If you love Good Manhwa read-like lookism that blends high-octane action with character-focused drama, this is one fight you don’t want to miss out on, so get ready to cheer on the underdog from the edge of your seat.

01. Solo leveling

Top 10 Good Manhwa with OP MC From Beginning

For the ultimate Manhwa binge, nothing tops solo leveling. We follow Jin Wu, the weakest hunter, who gets pulled into a game-changing system after entering a hidden dungeon. Artist Dungeon Im’s stylish art elevated the action and environments to a whole new level, from his first solo kill to dominating armies of monsters. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away as Jin Wu evolves into an unstoppable force, while the formula may now be replicated many times.

This original reign supreme, with its badass epic battles and mysteries, had me devouring chapters in one sitting. If crunching levels and powerful abilities keep you up at night, this is the manhwa to add to your permanent collection, and that wraps up my top 10 good manhwa with OP MC that will have you pulling in all-nighters.

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I hope you discover some new binge-worthy titles Be sure to hit me up on Reddit after your marathon reading sessions to discuss. I’m always down to fanboys over good manga or good Manhwa. A big thank you for tuning in and if you want more top 10 lists just like this one, thank you for spending your time with me.

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