Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

You can’t have them all if you decide to whine about it here at Ten Harem anime, where the main character is not a wimp or, let’s say, he is not a shy person.

So here is the list of the 10 best harem anime where MC is not a wimp:

10. Liar Liar

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

This guy isn’t a wimp, but he is a big, fat liar and it turns out that plays to his advantage. This happens on an island called Academy Island, where students get to play games to win stars. That’s right, you’ll do anything for stars.

So far, the champion of the games has been Sarasa but what happens when one guy defeats her by sheer luck? This is Hiroto and can our boy Hiroto lie and cheat his way through the games, as you guess?

This main character tells a lot of lies, but that is also what keeps him apart from the other main characters; he lies, trash talks and plays dirty to win the game and he wins the girls too, because that’s why this anime is on this list.

9. The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

This guy’s a manager, so does he know how to manage the theatrics of five girls? Not, but he knows how to manage a coffee shop. At least that’s something good. Here we have Hayato, a guy who goes to his childhood home after his grandmother’s death.

This is where he finds five girls, who all claim to be his grandma’s family. Now he has two options: kick them out or work together with them to build their home.

Well, since this is a harem anime, you can see where this goes now. This guy isn’t placing Yugi in the Wimple Harm King title anytime soon, but at least he’s a step ahead of the wimpy guys we usually get; he manages a coffee shop, befriends the girls, and lives a better life than you.

8. Girlfriend x Girlfriend

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

This guy isn’t a wimp but his IQ is lower than that of a newborn who missed his brain No, seriously, what kind of idiot goes and asks their current girlfriend if he could have another girlfriend while dating her?

Somehow, this guy thinks it’s a great idea Yeah, that’s right, this is one of those anime that throws Common Sense out the window and decides to stick with harem elements but hey, at least our main character isn’t wimpy How does his original girlfriend react to this?

Well, she thinks the new girl is cute and allows her main character to double date both of them once again. if you go to watch Kenjo Mo Koojo, expect a deep story; you won’t get it, but in terms of overall enjoyment, this will give you good harm plus some good laughs.

7. Spirit Chronicles

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

Time to move from the idiotic main character to the smart one who talks less than the world’s biggest introverted main character. This time, our main character is reincarnated into the body of a poor boy who gets his ass kicked immediately.

Even reincarnation isn’t kind to this man, but when he saves a princess from trouble, he gets his ass kicked immediately Even reincarnation isn’t kind to this man but when he saves a princess from trouble, he gets sent to the Royal Academy Do you think life is good? Nope, it turns out everyone hates this guy except for the nice teacher.

This main character might talk less but he isn’t a wimp and that’s because he’s overpowered as hell season 2 is also releasing this year so I thought this would be a good time to remind you that this anime exists. If you haven’t watched it, give it a go. you won’t get some six-dimensional plot twists here but you’ll get some nice harem adventures.

6. The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn Born as a Typical Nobody

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

Yeah, I guess the title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it and you’re right, we got demon lords again. Who doesn’t love demon lords in their harem anime? This guy is the Demon Lord and he’s been reborn and lowered his power level so he could be a typical nobody.

I think all of that was pretty obvious from the title but the twist of the show comes a bit later. Remember when I said this guy lowered his powers? It turns out that even though he lowered his powers, he’s still pretty overpowered compared to the rest of the cast of characters.

With all these powers, you can see how the main character isn’t a wimp. Besides, when was the last time a demon lord became a wimp? So watch this anime to see Demon Lord befriending girls like collecting Pokémon.

5. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

This main character sleeps on the lap of his sister, kisses a girl, and saves a goddess all within one single episode. I mean, that’s nice character growth we have in there in the hidden dungeon only I can enter. We have Noir, whose only special ability is to consult the Great Sage.

When he loses his job, he consults the Sage for help and after getting advice, he decides to travel to the most dangerous dungeons in the world. As you can guess, the selling point of this anime is the main character.

The rest is your average fantasy anime but it’s been some time since we got a unique main character in our harem anime so I consider this an achievement. So if you need that Danmiachi successor with more harm and a more developed magical system, then this is the anime for you.

4. Oresuki

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

This is another harem anime where MC is not a wimp with a twist. Do you think all these girls in the poster love this guy? Nope, it turns out his best friend’s the main character of this anime and with all the girls loving his best friend, how can this guy get the girls?

Oh, wait, this nice-looking Library girl supports him so at least he got her Uki is something that has its plot twists and I know when I say the horam anime has plot twists you leave and try to slap me in the face but in truth, UK’s plot twists are simple but hit you in the most unpredictable moments, just like hidden dungeon.

The specialty of this anime is the main character, who feels like a mix of Kazuma and Light Yagami and trust me, it’s high time since we had a main character like that in our harem anime.

3. The Eminence in Shadow

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

Remember how you tried to be a cool, edgy badass man character back when you were 13 years old? Sid is that but he is old enough to understand how cringe-worthy that would be instead of ignoring the cringe.

He embraces it and looks at the results. He has girls with names in the Greek alphabet and he has an army of women ready to serve him anytime but does he care about love? Nope, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. The Eminence in Shadow was cool enough to get a second season, unlike other anime that try to copy something.

This just pretty much goes on the same route: an overpowered villain exists, he starts being bad, our main character comes along, launches a nuke and Arc is over. I know it sounds boring when you hear it and that’s why you should watch it. It is one of the best harem anime where MC is not a wimp.

2. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

Is this an Assassin’s Creed? Nope, because this is done by someone better than Ubisoft When the world’s greatest assassin finds himself betrayed, he meets a goddess who decides to throw him into a fantasy world.

As an assassin, the goddess gives him another chance and our assassin gets a job assassinating the hero of the world. Can he do that? Of course, he can. Does he get girls along the way? Of course, he does. This was written by the same man who wrote Redo of the Healer.

So I went with my hopes on the ground but this took me by surprise. The female characters have personalities, the romance is nice and even the action looks cool so if you need an anime with assassins.

1. Trapped in a Dating Sim

Best Harem Anime Where Mc is Not a Wimp

And the winner of the less wimpy main characters is this guy who hates AME games but when he falls down the stairs like a chat, he gets reincarnated into the last game he played. He thinks his life will be hell but he finds it to be hell. It turns out there’s a mystery here; the main girl from the original game is no longer.

The main character and villain from the previous game are now victims. That’s pretty much the twist here. Another cool thing is how this guy has already played the game, so once he gets trapped in it, he already knows all the tips and tricks he needs to rise in the ranks and sit among the ladies.

The main character here is overpowered by a robot that sounds like Ultron, and just like Sid, love is the last thing on his mind. Apart from the action and the regular easy Kai stuff, this also has some nice drama in Our Last Arc, so check this out and pray for a second season to come out.

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So this is the list of the 10 best harem anime where MC is not a wimp.