Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Romance anime where the bad girl falls in love with good guy. If you want to see tons of more underrated anime recommendations with a section on why you should watch them, check out my other blogs. Tired of the innocent, good girl? Let these anime bad girls take a turn.

Here is the anime where Bad Girl falls in love with good guy:

10. Dagashi Kashi

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Do you know the feeling of being the owner of a sweet shop? Well, this guy does and he doesn’t want that; he wants to be a manga author, so what does his father do? He brings on a cute but weird girl, Shidare Hotaru and asks her to convince his son to inherit the family business, but can this weird girl with a very nice-looking character design help our guy out?

At first, this feels like a good comedy show but the next moment, it feels like a Japanese candy commercial. But you know what’s good about the characters? Seriously, this show has a super fun cast that’s always so energetic that it can make a depressed guy avoid therapy. The comedy might be cliche at times but that doesn’t make this show less enjoyable. Candy fans, here’s your bad girl candy lover show for you.

9. Tsukuyomi moon phase

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Are you a photographer? Have you ever taken a picture of a ghost? Well, then why call yourself a photographer? Bro, see this guy. This guy keeps getting ghosts in his photographs all the damn time so don’t be surprised when he visits a castle in Germany and sees a vampire. Somehow, our guy is immune to this vampire girl’s curse so the vampire girl decides to seek her help. How does he help her with the infamous living together anime Trope, where a guy lands in his house with the anime girl?

Yeah, you know what we’re heading into. It’s the good old accidents love dramas and some house full soap operas but surprisingly, apart from that, Tuskuyomi also adds its fair share of romance and comedy. Some nice wholesome romance moments make you think, man, perhaps the real Tsukuyomi is the wholesome moments we saw along the way.

8. Love tyrant

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Back in the day, I didn’t know the meaning of a yandere but now that I know what that is, I could call this red-haired girl a yandere Her favorite weapon is a knife and she has those gleaming eyes of a psychopath. What more could you ask? But this isn’t a regular Yandere anime.

From the start of the anime itself, you could see that this is a well-done parody of Death Note so what’s the story about a cupid named Sai in her notebook? If this boy doesn’t kiss anyone, he’ll die very soon. To prevent it, Gri asks Segi to kiss Aane, the most popular girl in school. It turns out our boy kissed the wrong yandere at the wrong time but it turns out his life isn’t that bad with her.

7. Princess Resurrection

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Who doesn’t want a cute princess controlling them? Wait a minute; I don’t anyway. If you are into that kind of thing, you might as well be this guy called Hiro Hiori. One day he sees a girl about to die and thinks, Hey, she’s beautiful; I’ll be sad if she dies, and then saves her. It turns out she’s a princess and decides to reward the boy by making the poor guy her servant.

Wait a minute. Is that how you reward people in the monster world? That’s how things happen. This girl is the daughter of the king of monsters and no, this doesn’t mean Godzilla has a child, so no Godzilla or Kong in here, but if you need zombies, vampires and some really weird monsters like sharks, pandas, and, uh, killer dumplings, then this is the show for you.

6. Phantom requiem for the Phantom

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Do you know what goes well with romance thrillers? I mean, it went well the last time Phantom takes a similar approach. One man wakes up with no memory and gets recruited by an assassination organization. Wait a minute, this looks like the premise of the original Hitman game. Anyway, he meets a cool-looking assassin girl called A, who says the rule of the clan is to kill or be killed.

Now this might not be Ubisoft adopting Assassin’s Creed into a modern-day anime but you pretty much get a lot of cool stuff in here: action; fast-paced thriller; romance; hell yeah, we have that too Come on, what more do you need? There are some very weird time skips and tonal shifts but if you survive those, you are in for a thrilling ride.

5. The cafe Terrace and its goddesses

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Welcome to Cafe Terrace, where five girls work together in a cafe while being managed by a guy who looks like he made the worst decision of all time. Here we have Hayato, a guy who goes to his childhood home after his grandmother’s death. This is where he finds five girls, who all claim to be his grandma’s family. Now he has two options: kick them out or work together with them to build their home.

You can pretty much guess what happens, right? Cafe Terrace takes the good old Haram anime route and a lot of the elements in that show are stuff you’ve seen before but it does everything right in terms of character and drama. The first episode is pretty much proof of it; along the way, he learns lessons like teamwork, managing the restaurant budget and what arrogance does to a teenager while making sure all the girls fall in love with him. That’s last season’s horror anime show for you.

4. Date A live

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

The funniest thing is that the bad girl in this show is the one who carries the show on her back. It has become so obvious that even the writers start to show Kurumi every season. That’s right, boys, this is that anime you first thought didn’t exist but later found out it did. Here, our guy Shido needs to make sure girls fall in love with him before they turn into weapons of mass destruction. How about just going on a date with them?

This is pretty much an opportunity Hollywood missed. Instead of killing aliens that come to planet Earth, why can’t the military go on dates with them? Oh, it turns out all these aliens are cute girls with not-so-cute powers, so if you do something wrong on the date, they are going to drop a nuke on you. Now, as always, Kimi is the best girl in the show and if you disagree, you seriously need to reconsider your tastes.

3. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

no dance anime fans This isn’t an anime about dancing. Sorry to disappoint you, folks but vampire anime fans gather around because this is a very good one. This time, the queen of vampires declares that she’s about to build a haven for vampires in Japan and Japan agrees to it because the vampire queen is kind enough to pay off the country’s debt.

So now we follow the life of a regular Japanese citizen who has to be with the queen of the vampires. This has fluid animation and even though the story feels a bit too fast-paced at times, it can still give you a ton of interesting character interactions. This is also one of those shows that twists and turns the vampire trope, so you’ll find surprises everywhere, and it’s animated by Studio Shaft. What more do you need?

2. Endo and Kobayashi live! the latest on Tsundere villainess Liesellote

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

Yeah, it’s a very long title and that means you know this is adapted from a light novel. Here we follow Aoto Kobayashi, a guy obsessed with the OT game called Magiko, and that’s about to change everything. This game follows a friend who attends the Royal Academy of Magic, with a bunch of interesting characters. Boto is addicted to Liset Rysty, the game’s villain.

Now this is a pretty interesting game anime because instead of throwing the characters to the game world, the characters in The Game World can hear the voices of the people playing it so the playthrough takes an unexpected turn when the Prince starts hearing their voices inside the game. Now Kobayashi is like a god, and he tries to save Liset, our very loved Sundre, from her doomed destiny. Instead of one love story, you get two so what more could you ask for?

1. Mirai Nikki

Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy

We won’t be doing justice to bad girls worldwide if we don’t put Meai Nikki on the list. Here we have the queen of all bad girls. You know, Meai Nikki takes the death game formula, twists it a 180, and makes sure the winner of the game becomes the god of the universe, making everything very brutal. But what makes the show truly interesting is the main girl. You know, gas. Yeah, if you didn’t guess it, she’s the girl who made the Yandere anime pretty popular.

This show combines psychological elements with its mystery and adding that to a death game means you get some extra suspense and action along the way as well. If you’re in for romance, you’ll get some sweet romance too. Using the word sweet in this case can be very subjective but at least you get romance and Youo is the best Yandere ever so if you don’t like this anime, she’ll cut you off and kill you while you sleep.

This is the list of 10 Best Anime where Bad Girl Falls in Love With Good Guy.

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