10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Must watch upcoming romance anime in 2024

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of love, passion, and captivating narratives as we present the ’10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024.’ Get ready to be swept off your feet by the spellbinding tales that await, promising to be the heartwarming and unforgettable gems of the anime landscape this year.” Most of the anime on the list are underrated, which will surprise you.

10: A Condition Called Love

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Have you ever been struck with a disease called love no man? That’s a very hard disease to cure Knowing this, our girl Hutaru thinks she’s not going to date anyone and instead lives with her family till she grows old because she becomes a grandmother. But what happens when she sees her schoolmate Tenonai sitting in the snow after a messy breakup and offers her an umbrella?

If you need your drama romance anime in 2024, then this is a very good place to start. It’s got that sweet-looking animation plus some nice character designs, so you get a nice, wholesome anime to watch next April Yeah, it’s coming next April, which means you’ll have to wait a little but it’s worth the wait.

9: Spirit Chronicles season 2

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Remember Spirit Chronicles, the story about the guy who saved his teacher from marrying? Well, that’s what happened in the last Arc, but this story has more to it: switching bodies, attending royalty, and a growing mystery about who you are and what you are supposed to do. Imagine all of these combined into one anime.

The first season got some great world building and the lack of character development is quickly covered up by the growing mystery the show presents to you from the first episode itself. Spirit Chronicles also borrows a lot of tropes from many Isekai anime but that is also what makes it so enjoyable so keep your eyes peeled out for season 2; no specific release dates have been announced so keep an eye out for announcements as well.

8: Our Last Crusade or The Rise of a New World Season 2

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

This year is pretty much the year when underrated anime gets a second season. No, seriously, Our Last Crusade was a good hit when it was released in 2020 but people forgot about it faster than they forgot about the pandemic. It has the good old soap opera Isekai plot: the girl and the boy are enemies but once they find each other, they immediately fall in love and there’s more magic in this anime too.

Now what do we have in season 2? Uh, let me check the poster. We’ve got one girl, another girl, and another girl. Yeah, we know where this is headed, but despite that, I’m still keeping my eye out for this anime because, if they do the action right, it’s going to be one of the best action romance anime in 2024.

7: Banished From The Hero’s Party Season 2

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Here we have a guy who got banished from the Heroes Party and decided to quit going on adventures, settle down in a village and help the rest of the villagers but is that all? If that were the case, then this anime wouldn’t exist. Like every lucky guy in anime, this guy gets a girl by his side. That’s right, this is all about living a peaceful life with your wife.

Honestly, by the way the first season ended, I never thought there would even be a need for a second season. It pretty much gave us that wholesome Slice of Life ending that proved who the main couple is. This is what made it miles better than a lot of Isekai Haram shows coming out these days. That said, I’m really curious to see what this second season’s going to throw out so I’ll be waiting just like you.

6: A Sign Of Affection

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Finally, we’re back for some originality again and this has the promise to be something wholesome. Here we meet Yuki, a girl who who’s deaf but unlike a certain other anime, she isn’t bullied, which is a good thing and this time the prince charming to save her is one of her Upp classmate called Itsumoi.

Now all is good until, you guessed it, Yuki develops feelings for Itsumoi This feels like the wholesome anime of this season As a sucker for wholesome romance anime, this is definitely going on my watch list of romance anime in 2024. The animation and soundtracks aren’t anything spectacular but the characters in the entire story arc sound very promising so wholesome anime Gang This is the show for you.

5: Love is Indivisible For Siblings

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Here we go From the title itself, you can pretty much tell what’s going to happen in this. This time we follow a guy named June who falls in love with twin girls who are also his friends and his neighbors. So this is Domestic Girlfriend 2.0 Yeah, it soon will be but at least this time the girls seem to have some cheerful personalities.

If you need the whole What are you doing with the Stepsis romance anime in 2024? Then you can add this to your watch list in terms of when this anime will come. At number one but in terms of story, yeah, we’ll have to watch the anime to find out it’s coming in summer 2024 so mark your calendars and be ready.

4: Bottom Tier Character Tomosaki 2nd Stage

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Tomasaki, remember that anime about a guy who was bad at socializing, and a girl had to help him socialize? Remember how it was a pretty underrated anime and how you never thought it would get a second season? Well, buddy, it’s getting a second season. The thing I said about 2024 being the year where underrated anime gets a second season is proven true again. If you don’t remember the story, here’s a quick recap.

This time our socially withdrawn boy is a gamer and her popular girl is a gamer as well so all is well. It turns out our girl hates antisocial weebs so she decides to give her boy a bit of a glow, and, uh yeah, you know what happens when the two stars working together last season only gave a little buildup to our main couple so let’s hope this season will finally fulfill our dreams.

3: Date A Live 5

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Date a Live is getting a fifth season Seriously, this might be the only harem anime to get so many seasons Even Familiar Zero stopped after five seasons. Will this be the final season of Date A Live? I don’t know who’s coming in season 5; I don’t know when season 5 will be released in 2024; I don’t know if that’s the problem Date A Live 5 has very little information about its release so we’ll have to wait till it gets out.

For those who don’t know about data life, the basic premise of this is that our main character should make spirits that attack our planet fall in love with him and then make them live in his house. The fourth season continued with a decent story until it introduced Karumi again and then it was so awesome so my only hope is we’ll see Karumi again.

2: Chained Soldier

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Did you know this anime has six genres? it is action adventure Drama Ecchi Fantasy and romance it’s the first time I’ve seen all of those six in one anime so I’m looking forward to what sort of Masterpiece or dumpster fire this will turn out to be The premise is pretty much ripped from Chainsaw Man. Boy exists; the boy is about to die; the cute girl comes to save him; the cute girl makes the boy’s servant; and the true theme of the story is about how it’s not the journey that matters but the masochists we find along the way that come in.

As I said, since this is combining six different genres into one, this has so much potential, and I’m hoping the anime will use it to the fullest. 2024 is in dire need of action-romance anime. so hopefully this will fill the void. I’ve heard good reviews about the source material so I’m going to put this on my watch list of romance anime in 2024 to count days until January 4th.

1: Spice and Wolf

10 Best Upcoming Romance Anime in 2024

Remake Spice and Wolf are back Oh, wait, this is a remake Sincerely, I’m surprised Spicy Wolf gets a remake because the original anime was so good it doesn’t need a remake. I’m all in for it and if you’re a new anime fan, then this is all the more reason to catch up on one of the best romance anime I’ve watched. Wolf knows how to blend in the story between a deity and a merchant in this medieval-looking fantasy setting.

You can learn about trade, you can learn about their cultures, and most of all, the anime doesn’t solely rely on the romance of the duo to carry it forward. I’m really praying the new anime maintains the quality of the original anime, because if they do it right, this is going to be the best romance anime in 2024.

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