10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

What seems to be quite popular in romance is the school-life setting. High school romance manhwa is popular as it is more relatable to the target audience; however, it can be enjoyed by anyone, including orange marmalade.

Many high school romance manhwa is a must-read for people who enjoy this setting and genre, so if you’re searching for romance manhwa that suits your taste, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

We will provide you with the best list of high school romance manhwa that you can’t find so easily.

Best High School Romance Manhwa to Read:

10. Beloved Existence 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

The plot revolves around an extract about Runner, who is undergoing heart surgery and must find new meaning in her life. She lives with her mother as a kid of freshly divorced parents and goes to a new high school.

When she fulfills the male protagonist, who is the kid of the heart donor she got, and we follow as they grow better, the summary leads you to believe that this story is nostalgic, bittersweet, and perhaps even dismaying.

Yet it is incredibly heartfelt and amusing to read. It adds to the story’s depth by providing a tone of realism with a dash of supernatural, and the manhwa pacing is good because you learn just enough and advance at a good speed.

This is a charming tale that is sensible, informs a stirring story about handling life’s downs, and is a must-read if you’re searching for a decent high school romance manhwa.

9. Oh! Holy 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

Without a doubt, this manhwa will make you question your sanity at times, and that is among the most compelling reasons to read it. This is a romance drama with a dash of humor and Magical elements polio’s Relentless yearning for Jamie is unstoppable.

Holy and overachieving extrovert transfer student ends up thinking about Jamie Oh, who is a constantly introverted lad whose soul buddy is a ghost. There’s no going back as you embark on the interesting journey of these two facing their challenges together.

This is an excellent pick for feeding a strange romantic yearning since it depicts a strong female heroine with nice comedic minutes peppered throughout the course.

8. Back to the Highteen

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

The plot is well structured from the start, when the girl, with all her troubles, can’t leave her regular existence and feels the problem of her age approaching her 30s. The true narrative then begins with her being compelled to participate in a complete year of high school due to unexpected situations.

The change is not violent, the function is not small, and it is likewise a big up for the quantity of hilarity that runs throughout the whole story. The characters, moreover, are the most pleasurable element of the manhwa.

The female lead has challenges that everyone can identify with, and she has natural doubts and feelings. This manhwa is entertaining and humorous, with solid panels and appropriate artwork. Give it a go if you root for the female lead.

7. Need A Girl 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

The plot depends on three males who are anxiously looking for a partner in their unhappy teenage lives while going to some wicked extremes with their resourcefulness. They then find that their classmate has been privately dating a gorgeous girl for the last 100 days.

So they pursue him to inquire and see him being strongly disposed of, thus their odd brand name of sociability and overall loser Way of Life Starts: this manhwa who is Art is rather excellent, and all of the characters are produced with attention to information, giving them unique appearances.

Overall, this manhwa got off to a great start with laugh-out-loud minutes and a captivating plot.

6. My Secret Brother 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

Handmade pushed the first day of her brand new school to record the attention of her crush, and everybody now believes she is dating her stepbrother. This manhwa concentrates on the step-siblings and their lives in this brand-new school.

As their background gradually becomes clear to the audience, the story becomes pretty fascinating, and as you find out more chapters, it begins to buckle down for each character.

The art is delightful; all the characters are beautifully and perfectly drawn, and all are remarkable and amusing because each has its own story. That’s the primary pride of this Manhwa that makes a story worth reading.

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5. Goodbye in-law 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

The protagonists of the story abort one another after a quarrel in high school some years ago. When they reunite as adults, they find they will be in-laws due to their older brother or sister’s marital relationship.

However, following the sad loss of their wedded siblings, the two are involved in a mishap that carries them eight years into the past. The two are shocked by the incident, however, and instantly understand that it needs to be a chance to repair their destiny.

Because this is when their older brother or sister first died, despite their displeasure, the two must preserve their distinctions and find out how to alter the future to avoid their brother or sister’s deaths.

Expressions, style, and color scheme, along with emotions, were all excellent and well-matched to the category and development of the manhwa. If you’re looking for a time-travel-themed manhwa with a compelling plot and hilarious characters, this is certainly something you should check out.

4. Ghost wife

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

As the female lead witnesses a disturbing image one night, she is encountered by the ghost. The relationship between Damon and Liz’s purity. The core changes as Damon learns how to socialize and Liz gets comfortable with her now totally different lifestyle.

If you want to read about something that can fill in all the voids of romance humor fiction with a unique art style that captures all the dark and spooky things, this Slow Burn high school romance manhwa is definitely for you. 

3. A Good day to be a dog 

This is a manhwa about two instructors in high school: a curse bearer who transforms into a pet dog and a person who is frightened of dogs. Hannah is cursed to end up being a pet the very first time she kisses someone, and the only way to escape the curse is to kiss the very same individual as a dog.

Since she had never experienced her first kiss, she impulsively kissed her crush while inebriated, and it ended up being her co-worker rather than her crush. A Good Day to Be a Dog is a manhwa that integrates humor and drama, with Jin as the amazing male lead character and Hana as the bumbling but all-the-more effective and considerate character. It wins the heart as an easy-going manhwa with sentiments that last a lifetime.

Overall, the artwork is charming and standard, and it properly depicts the character’s feelings. This is a must-read if you’re seeking a special romantic narrative that is well-written. 

2. Orange Marmalade

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

This is a supernatural comedy and fantasy manhwa set in a world where vampires exist. Some human beings live and embrace them, while others do not. Marie is a young teen vampire who has dealt with discrimination due to her nature; she can’t withstand satisfying the most popular male in school, and the difficulty is that he despises vampires.

This romantic manhwa isn’t uncommon; however, all the components will attract your attention and compel you to read the complete thing. Overall, you can’t afford to miss this manhwa with a k drama made up for it.

This vampire-human romance is full of emotions, and a splash of the classic vampire context of the character arcs is brilliantly depicted, so when it comes to leading high school romance manhwa, this series is a must-read.

1. Spirit fingers 

10 Best High School Romance Manhwa

Amy, the lead character, is 18 years old, and her shyness and lack of self-confidence drove her to remain in her space without a date. However, she did sign up with a club called the Spirit Fingers, where people of any age are welcome, and now she has started to discover a world beyond painting from there.

The story is great, yet it is exceedingly remarkable given that it manages to impact the reader’s feelings when they are supposed to be moved. The graphic design is lovely, and it was great to view the group’s character growth in general. If you enjoy a romantic, funny manhwa with captivating characters, this romantic tale is for you.

So this is the list of 10 best high school romance manhwa to read.