Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

School Life Romance Manga Recommendations

Hello everyone! This is anime expert. For today, I will make a new list of school life romance manga. Let’s take a break from all the previous lists and get into the romance genre. There’s been a lot of school romance manga on my list before, but for some reason, I never made a title like this. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Watashitachi wa Koi wo Shiranai

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

A story about two people who have never fallen in love. Between Kuga, a popular and air-headed guy, and Amano, a quiet and expressionless girl.

They end up sitting next to each other, and Kuga can’t seem to leave Amano alone and always approaches her. As they begin to grow closer, they become attracted to each other, but they haven’t realized their feelings yet.

9. Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

High school boy Ichijou Hajime found out that everyone in his class but him had become a couple! Feelsbadman…… But then a girl named Ninomiya Chitose transfers into his class. Everyone in the class started shipping them together, but they couldn’t seem to get along…

8. Tonari No Furi-San Ga Tonikaku Kowai

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

Taira finds himself sitting next to a girl who looks like a delinquent, Furi Youko. Because she looks scary, he becomes afraid of her.

But she is a sweet and nice girl, and she also has a crush on Taira. Will Furi’s feelings reach him, and will Taira notice Furi’s true charm?

7. You, the One Sitting Next to Me, Are the Cutest

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

A story about Hoshikawa Yuu, a boy so beautiful that people mistake him for a girl. and Kohinata Akari, his seatmate who is interested in him. They each think that the other is the cutest; I think they like each other…

6. This Love Is Assumption Outside For Fukami Kun

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

Fukami is a good-looking, smart, and popular boy. However, he is stubborn and strict, leading him to be rejected even after confessing. One day, he meets a strange girl named Higurashi Akio. She is a carefree and free-spirited girl, the type of person Fukami hates, yet for some reason, he is attracted to her.

5. Satou-San Who Sits Next To Me

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

Yamaguchi sits next to Satou-san, a rather clumsy yet sweet girl. Even though she doesn’t do well in school, she is always optimistic and caring. As they slowly get to know each other, Yamaguchi finds himself getting more and more attracted to her.

4. Pseudo Harem

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

A harem that I can get behind… A story about two people from the drama club, Kitahama Eiji and Nanakura Rin. Eiji has a dream to have a harem, and Rin will make his dream come true. Using her acting skills, she will use various personalities to realize Eiji’s dream of having a harem!

3. Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

From the creator of Teasing Master Takagi-san, comes another rom-com about Tanaka Ayumu, who is secretly in love with his senior, the president of the unofficial Shogi club, Yaotome Urushi.

He vows to confess to her after beating her in a game of shogi, but he always loses to her. Meanwhile, Yaotome keeps trying to get Tanaka to admit his feelings, but he always has a poker face.

2. Insomniacs After School

Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

Nakami is an anti-social high schooler who gets on his classmates’ nerves. But his attitude is because he has insomnia. When he goes to an astronomy observatory room, he meets a girl named Magari Isaki.

It seems they share the same problem of having a hard time falling asleep. Together, they find comfort with each other and try to fix their insomnia problem.


Top 10 School Life Romance Manga

Everyone probably already knows this manga.. or maybe from the anime… For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s about a working man, who becomes young again and goes back to high school, due to some medicine and an experiment by a certain company. This manga is really good…

Well, this is it.

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Ahh.. school life romance… I wish I had experienced this when I was in school… At least I can read school-life romance manga to make up for all the regret and void I have…

Thanks for reading, and see you on the next one.

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