Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

Top 10 Action Manhwa with unique story to read

These days, stories of Manhwa are becoming very common and it is getting hard to find action Manhwa with unique storylines. So in this list, we’ll share the top 10 manhwas with a unique storyline that is also very interesting to read. On this website, you can find mini-manga and manual suggestions in different categories. Be sure to check out the website if you want to save time while looking for suggestions.

10. The youngest son of conglomerate

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character of this manual was an employee of one of the biggest companies in South Korea. He worked for 13 years and managed to reach the top of the company but one day, in the end, he was betrayed by the owners of the company and got killed. Later on, right after dying, he finds himself returning to the past in the body of the youngest son of the table family.

Knowing everything that’s going to happen in the future, the main character decides to take over the company from the inside, in between the power struggles of the family. It is a newly released manual with good art and the pacing of the story is also quite good. The main character is very smart and makes cautious decisions. Be sure to try it out.

09. Beijing news agency

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character No Huacha was the only man who was above the world. 460 days later, he hid in a cave and practiced countless martial arts to become the strongest being but when he came out of the cave, the world completely changed. He knew later that he had met a girl who worked for a Beijing news agency and followed her.

As they help each other with different needs of their own, the start of the story might be a little confusing, but later it turns really good, and it’s really enjoyable to read. The art of this manhwa is good and the story is also unique. The main character is all-knowing from the start but as the world changes, he doesn’t know what to do so if you’re looking for a unique manhwa, then you should try it out.

08. My daughter is a dragon

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character Jihoon is an ordinary person who is a science engineering university student but due to his Professor, he is a complete mess Even though he works hard and tries to finish his work on time, his professor, Alice Coles, humiliates him. Due to this, his life, which should have been ordinary, was a complete mess.

But one day, while returning home from work, he finds a small girl who claims to be his daughter. Thanks to Chiron, his life takes an unexpected turn and things start to look good for him. The art and the story of this manual are amazing. This is a slice-of-life manual, which you should read. The story is very heartwarming. So if you haven’t read this till now, then I highly recommend you check it out.

07. Mage again

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

Ranger Cassel, the greatest mage of the land, sacrifices his life to seal the king of destruction and permit six sacred relics. The relics are distributed among six different hands to be kept safe and once again, peace is restored.

However, when someone begins to collect the relics to resurrect the demon, a reindeer could awaken from 600 years of slumber. As the boy rang Hai, the art in the story of this manhwa is great, so if you’re looking for a unique manhwa to read that is different from others, then you can try reading it.

06. I’ll resign and have a fresh start in this world

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character was an ordinary guy who was born into an ordinary family, went to a boy’s only school in the military, and later enrolled in an engineering college. But five years ago, he suddenly lost his parents and due to this, he became an addict. After many tries, he got into a game development company.

But one day he finds a dimensional gate in his house, which connects it to another world and follows him as he begins his new life in another world. The art of this manhwa is amazing and the story is also great. This manhwa mainly focuses on a slice of life rather than action. So if you have nothing else to read, then you can try reading it.

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O5. EX and Ash

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

This man consists of two main characters who want to become knights: X and Ash. They lived off by stealing golden jewelry from nobles. But both of them decide to become knights after meeting Ryu, the best swordsman among the knights.

Follow them as they survive in the testing ground of the knights, where only the strongest gather and emerge victorious against the Elite Nobles. The art of this manual is amazing and the storyline is also great but the main characters go through character development in the story; they are weak at the start but later get stronger while training.

04. Dungeon athlete

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

This is a newly released action and fantasy manhwa that follows the story of Hansel, who was considered to be the strongest person on Earth. One day during his death lifting tournament, he lost consciousness while lifting heavy weights, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a completely different place than what he had seen on Earth.

Follow him as he once again becomes the strongest person in another world. The art and story of this manhwa are good and the main character is strong from the start and also starts training monsters in another world. This manhwa also has many comedy scenes and you’ll like it so if you haven’t read it till now, you can try reading it.

03. Auto hunting with my clones

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character Seng Wu was a 20-year-old university student who ended up joining an awakening program that allowed even regular civilians to awaken and use kills. Right after entering the program, he gained a cloning skill. Although clone skills were considered normal as they were illusions, the sang-woo clone skill was unique as it could do physical work as well.

As all the benefits aren’t achieved by hard work, the clones are transferred to the main character. Both the art and the story of this manhwa are good. The main character is weak at the start but becomes stronger quickly with the help of his skill so if you are looking for a monster and a hunter manhwa, then you can try reading it.

02.  L.A.G

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character of this manhwa is stuck in a tutorial mode where he needs to survive to get out of this place but time and time again he dies and restores his life on his first day of hell. In this place, the only way to get out is by surviving until the end but just when he thinks he will pass this time, he gets betrayed by his companions and gets killed.

Soon after that, he again starts on day one in a different setting. But this time, it’s different from all his previous lives. In this life, he gains many different skills that he never thought were possible. Will he be able to make it out of this place this time around Reddit to find out if it is a really good manual that you guys should try out?

01. The Demonic master of Mount Kunlun

Top 10 Action Manhwa With Unique STORY

The main character was a true heavenly demon who had to unwillingly inherit the position of cult leader due to the sudden death of his father. But he passes away just one year after his inheritance and wakes up in the body of an abandoned baby that was picked up by the Taoists of Kunlun, a sect that belonged to the Justice faction.

The Taoists later start raising him so that he can lead the condolence act to Greater Heights. The art style of this manhwa is good and the story is also great. The main character gets stronger quickly using his previous life knowledge; he’s also ruthless and smart. So if you’re looking for a marine manhwa, then you can give this a try.

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