Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Ever dreamed about the popular girl falling for the unpopular guy? Well, get ready to live that fantasy through our top 10 new anime where popular girl falls for unpopular guy.

10. The danger is in my heart

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Ready for something truly cringeworthy that might just stir up those awkward teenage years? We’ve all tried to forget that we’ve all been there, right? Well, meet Kotaru Ichikawa, our main guy and the living definition of a cringe-worthy teenager. He’s got that edgy kind of creepy vibe and a burning desire to, let’s say, deal with his classmates, especially the beauty Anna Yamada but Kotaru isn’t as troubled as he appears and Anna turns out to be odd.

If you’re into heartwarming romances, especially those with the same Feelgood vibes as Comey can’t communicate with, then this anime is right up your alley. Season 2 is just around the corner, so the weirdness is about to get even sweeter; it’s a genuinely adorable story with a natural and relatable relationship, dynamic characters, and you’ll fall in love with a killer tracked by Usio Kuk and some wonderful direction. Trust me, this one’s a must-watch.

9. The Angel Next Door spoils me rotten

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Ever wonder what it’s like to live next door to an angel? Well, Ammane finds out when he crosses paths with Samaru; she’s a true beauty loved by everyone, excelling both in books and sports. They barely exchanged words until one rainy day, when Ammane spots Maru and offers up his umbrella. In return, Maru takes it upon herself to tidy up and whip up some delicious meals for her somewhat messy neighbor.

There were plenty of times that had me thinking, come on, please get married already It’s straightforward storytelling made keeping up with the plot a breeze, and surprisingly, it excels in delivering those long-awaited heart-fluttering moments. The slow, not too hasty romance is brimming with innocence, tenderness and authentic affection enough to melt even the coldest of hearts, perfect for some easy feel-good viewing.

8. A couple of cuckoos

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Imagine this crazy scenario: you find out you were switched at birth and then run into Erica, a social media influencer they call the princess and she wants you to be her fake boyfriend to escape an arranged marriage her parents set up with some stranger. But wait a moment; you’re that stranger. Meet Nagi, our main guy, who is suddenly thrown into an arranged marriage after their parents figure out their birth mix-up.

This anime might not be all about character development but the characters play a vital role Nagi and Erica are like a breath of fresh air, with personalities that perfectly complement each other. Their relatable qualities, the way they connect and their sheer likeability are what truly make you invest in their story, plus this anime is brimming with vibrant and offbeat characters, making it a must-add to your watch list. Best anime where the popular girl falls for the unpopular guy to watch.

7. The dreaming boy is a realist

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Fresh out of the anime oven, we’ve got a seriously recent one for you, Mewataru Sajo, who has a longtime crush on his popular classmate Akia Natsukawa. Just like us fellow weebs, Wataru finally faces reality and accepts that his dream is probably never going to happen so he starts giving the pretty girl space and holding on tight because instead of being happy, Akia slowly realizes her feelings for Wataru. Anyone else out there is thinking that was me.

Drawing similarities to Rent a Girlfriend, this anime is a must-see for all your character and harem-like plot fans. Sure, the characters might seem somewhat cliche and familiar but don’t let that discourage you from diving in. It’s your classic high school romance comedy with a focus on multiple love interests and the complex world of teenage dating. That’s a cup; go give it to the world.

6. Kubo won’t let me be invisible

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

This show has a plot where an extrovert adopts an introvert but the introvert is invisible to everyone else and is John Cena in anime form. Well, that’s until his classmate, heroine-level beauty Kubo, enters the scene and starts noticing him. She even loves to tease him yet as Kubo keeps playfully involving the reluctant Shirar Rashi in her antics, he might just realize that his youth isn’t as dull as he initially thought.

The invisible twist certainly brings a fun and intriguing element to the story. In terms of character development, the anime takes a quality-over-quantity approach. The duo’s relationship is beautifully fleshed out and even the side characters leave a lasting impression. When it comes to animation soundtracks and voice acting, the series hits the mark, delivering a pleasing experience. one of the best anime where the popular girl falls for the unpopular guy.

5. More than a married couple but not lovers

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Here we have a school system that pairs up boys and girls as make-believe married couples, then grades them on how close they become. This sounds unbelievable. Thank you again. This absurd series follows the lives of an introverted boy, jiru and an outgoing guy, Akari, both of whom hate being paired with each other. But there is some hope the top 10 couples in their year get a shot at swapping partners for someone they truly like.

The premise might sound ridiculous but oddly enough, it’s quite entertaining. The characters are quite irresistible and have good character development as the series goes on. The way they evolve feels realistic and spot-on because, let’s be real, teenagers often act a little funny around their crushes, slowly winning you over. This seems to be the show’s underlying theme.

4. Shikimori is not just a cutie

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Prepare for this one, because this anime will make you blush. Shiki Morisan isn’t just a cutie; she’s got this cool, mysterious side that only comes out in the right situations and her boyfriend, Isumi, can’t get enough of it. Poor Isumi seems to have luck—that’s anything—but great luck might not be on his side. But with the cute yet cool Shikimori, he’s sure things are about to change.

This anime is an incredibly heartwarming story about high school sweethearts who adore each other. Even though one of them happens to be the unluckiest character in the anime, their dynamic of always being there for each other and lending a hand is truly fantastic and forms the backbone of the entire series. It’s indeed a wholesome way to spend your time if you’re in the mood for a good smile. Best anime where the popular girl falls for the unpopular guy.

3. Mother of the Goddess Dormatory

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Attention, lovers of Ecchi and Haram fan service, because this one’s for you. This anime dives into the everyday life of our protagonist. Koshi, as he navigates life with a bunch of attractive, sexy college students who’ve taken him to the dormatory due to his father’s abandonment after their house burned down. With a house full of older women, each with their own quirks, Koshi embarks on a new chapter in his life.

This show doesn’t hold back when it comes to reminding viewers that they’re in for an Ecchi series. While it largely falls within the Ecchi plot, its occasional ventures beyond the usual boundaries give it a sense of depth that sets it apart from most Ecchi shows.

2. My dress up, darling

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

In a world where people can be kind of judgmental about your hobbies, this anime welcomes it by introducing Gojo. A bit of a loner who’s super into making Hina dolls but keeps it lowkey—that is, until Marin, a stunning popular extroverted girl he secretly admires, discovers his hobby. Instead of making fun of him, she asks him to make her a cosplay outfit. He agrees and from that day forward, they become friends and more.

This anime is a heartfelt and entertaining series and it’s the main character’s charisma that truly makes it shine, even though they seem like an odd pair. At first, they end up complimenting each other so perfectly that you can’t imagine one without the other. This anime is also self-aware and serves up a delightful dose of romantic comedy with lovable characters who are already showing some promised growth in just six episodes.

1. Horimiya

Top 10 New Anime Where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Once again, Horimiya takes the crown as our number one pick and it’s not hard to see why it’s a tale of two very different people. Hori, the perfect blend of beauty and brains, and Miya Maura, a quite distant figure among the classmates, oddly have a lot in common; their friendship blooms quickly and they often hang out at a friend’s place.

This anime has a special warmth and it’s all thanks to its characters. It’s quite surprising how well they develop the side characters in a story that mainly focuses on just two. Hori Miya is, at its core, a Feelgood wrongcom to the Max and that’s precisely why this show got the number one spot on our list of the top 10 new anime where the popular girl falls for the unpopular guy.

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