15 BEST School Fight Manga

Top 15 Best School Fight Manga

School Fight manga is those mangas in which the school life of fighters who fight with each other to become top fighters in the school and those who make them suffer get smacked by them. These are the top 15 school fight manga you should read.

I have updated this list by adding new manhwa or manga in this list hope you like it.

15. Weak hero

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Once the bullies target you, it’s game over. The school is run by tyrants whose favorite hobby is tormenting the weakest kids in class. but then Gray arrived, and this mysterious new student threatened to dismantle the established order. He may be small in stature but he is calculative and his brutal fighting leaves unsuspecting opponents lying on the floor, begging for mercy.

Now the school’s toughest bullies have to scramble to take down this new and unusual hero: In a school run by shameless tyrants that prey on the week-long transfer student Gray, who begins destroying the system, Although he does appear weak, you’ll be in for a surprise when he’s in a fight.

This webtoon is so good; it suspends character development, takes action and a full story goes into a common sphere—no fantasy, no cheat, nothing—in a simple environment. There’s a drama adaptation in this webtoon, so it’s worth the read.

14. Study group

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Nicknamed the school for future criminals, Technical High School isn’t exactly the ideal place to study a rarity among his peers Gammon is a student with just one goal: to get into university at a school where it’s every man for himself.

He is rejected from countless study groups before he decides to form his own when Hankyang Gammon’s former tutor joins his high school in hopes of earning her teacher certification It seems like they’re both reaching for the impossible Can they defeat the odds and achieve their dreams?

Amazing, unique plots have twists and turns that leave you at the edge of your seat it’s interesting to see the story unflawed and realize how each detail you read before is a key factor in future chapters it’s got one of the best story lines I’ve ever read and the characters are amazing. Each character has their own story and in this story, the art was outstanding and well drawn. The art makes the whole manhwa even better. All in all, this is more than worth reading.

13. Reality Quest

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Darwin is a bullied gamer whose bullies force him to grind to obtain in-game items for them. After one such bully demands that Down obtain an impossibly rare item for him or be beaten in front of the prettiest girl in school, Down games day and night for a week until he drops dead from exhaustion. However, as soon as he dies, he responds in his classroom one week before his death.

Everything is the same as it was before, except now he has all the skills he’s acquired from the games he’s played in real life Will Darwin be able to use his newfound abilities and gamified existence to defeat his bullies? MC is a game shuttle. He is very good at playing games but he is bullied in real life. One day he dies while playing games, then he gets reincarnated a few days earlier in the real world and he gets a system.

The system assigns tasks to MC, and if he completes those tasks, he receives keys that help in unlocking abilities and different perks, but if he fails to do so, the system is totally brutal, and he can even lose his balls. This is so good, that I highly recommend trying this top-tier school fight manga.

12. Quest Supremacy

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Gaming geek so high and Kim hate school and the dislike is mutual every day he faces Relentless bullying from his classmates led him to wish his life was more like the RPG Quest games he plays. So Hyyan’s wish is granted when a quest prompt pops up in real life with an easy quest and an enticing reward.

With nothing to lose, he takes the chance and one quest soon leads to another. As the stakes get higher and the rewards get bigger, So Hyun soon finds he’s gone from being an ostracized nobody to the top of the school. Just how far will So Hyun take his quests and how far will he fall if he refuses to participate?

This is a system-type manhwa but in school, he needs to complete the quest to get skills. The MC is not overpowered from the start but later in the story, because of the system, the art is good and the side character is also good. Give it a try if you want a high school fight manga read.

11. The Bully In Charge

15 BEST School Fight Manga

After dropping out of school, Dagon Kwan is working part-time at a convenience store while preparing to get his GED. After being harassed by a group of punks during work and teaching them a lesson, Dagon is approached by a woman from the Education Foundation about a project called designated bully.

After being offered another chance at a normal life, Daygun accepts the offer and attends school to perform his one duty as the designated bully to take down the other bullies and restore order to the school.

The main characters have an interesting past that is gradually being revealed and it will have an interesting story. The MC is overpowered from the start, the art looks cool, and the side character is also quite good overall. you need to read this if you want to read the School Fight manga.

10. Super-rich

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Genres: Webtoons, Drama, School Life

Summary: Daeho Han is known as the best fighter in his high school. Jihoon Han is a very genius individual, hiding his identity for personal reasons. To become the top 0.01% of the super-rich,” they begin to collect money using a method no one could have ever considered.

09. Boss in school

Genres: Drama, School life, action

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: Growing up as a child, Seth Kang had always gotten himself into fights with other people. Now in Youngjin high School, Seth tries to keep his mother’s promise never to get into a fight again. Yet, following his father’s wish, Seth faces his new rivals tougher than before.

08. Action Idols: Age of Young Dragons

Genres: martial arts, action, school life

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: After the suspicious incident with her brother, Zena Han decides to continue her training to become a top martial arts student so that she can be accepted into a clan and obtain the title of an action idol. She transferred to a new school and soon finds herself barreling down a path where power and truth can be uncovered. 

07. Legend: The beginning

Genres: drama, school life, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: The new guy, Chun Mudeok, is determined to make it through high school without causing any trouble. On his first day of high school, he was defeated by a gang member from his school but rescued by a classmate, Han Yongjae. At Mokin High School, they all fight for the title of king, and Chun has an interest in joining too.

06. High school devil

Genres: drama, school life, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: He has gotten the nickname high school devil. After his mother passed away, he changed his name and moved schools, but high school gang members still did not leave him alone…….

05. Tokyo Revengers

Genres: school life, romance, action

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: A 26-year-old man gets into an accident while mulling over the death of his high school girlfriend. He wakes up back in his middle school years, determined to save the girl for the future. To do so, he aims to become the strongest fighter in Kantou, thus beginning a fighting journey.

04. The breaker: New waves

Genres: Drama, martial arts, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: Yi Shioon used to be a very simple schoolboy until he met a man who introduced him to the world of murim. Sadly, Shioon failed to meet expectations and is now an expelled disciple of the martial arts realm. Yet, by a turn of events, a certain heirloom medallion ties his fate to the powerful Sunwoo clan.

03. Greatest outcast

Genres: Drama, martial arts, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: Kang Haneul is a weak and helpless schoolboy who can’t even save his only friend. With the help of schoolmates Lee Ha Ru and her uncle, Hansel begins his lessons on self-defense. A flashback story on how a teen boy becomes a great fighter, defeating several that cross his path.

02. Ultimate legend- Kang Hae Hyo

Genres: martial arts, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: Kang Hae Hyo is a high school student who often loses up. He is chosen, together with his rivals, to attend the government school for troublemakers. A harassed boy’s rough and tumble adventure in the secluded ultimate high school for delinquents!

01. Sugarless

Genres: school life, martial arts, action.

15 BEST School Fight Manga

Summary: Kujima High School, also known as “Windmill,” is known for having the strongest fighters. Shiba Gaku is a freshman at this school who hopes to defeat Aramaki Itaru, the top dog. However, Gaku is not yet even close to his level, and he will have to defeat many others on his way.

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These are the best school fight manga that you should read. If you like this list, then please share and comment.


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