Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Love Confession – is supposed to be a simple thing, wherein if you love someone, you just confess your true feelings and the both of you will be happy together. 

Anime- Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 


However, this does not apply in the case of Kaguya Shinomiya, the student council’s vice president, and Miyuki Shirogane, the president of their prestigious school Shuchiin Academy. The two are aware of the implications, possible exploitation, and the honor that is at risk if either one of them confesses first. It is a battle of wits and dignity, which is why they both decided to engage themselves in a war that no one knows who would ever win.

I will make you Invite me to a Movie

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Kaguya Shinomiya is known for her beauty, intelligence, and wealth. Her family is one of the conglomerates in Japan. Due to being born into a high-class family, Kaguya is very prideful and has decided to herself that no matter what happens, she will not be the one who will confess her feelings for the student council’s president, Miyuki Shirogane. On the other hand, Miyuki Shirogane, although born as a commoner, is famed for being the top student in the school and has also placed second overall in the national mock exams. Despite being a transferee at their school, he is still crowned as the president and the only one wearing the school’s Aiguillette which has been passed down by the previous generations of their academy only to the student council presidents. The two in their methodical ways of thinking and lack of experience in romantic relationships, both put themselves in a battle between who will bend the knee first when it comes to confessing their true feelings. They have thought that due to their attributes, it is just a matter of time before one of them gives up. 

However… 6 months had already passed, but neither of them had given up. One day in the student council’s room, they were offered two movie tickets for a romantic movie by their council’s secretary, Chika Fujiwara. Upon accepting the movie tickets, Shirogane checks his schedule and is about to invite Kaguya, however, he is interrupted by Chika when she explains that if two people watch this movie together, there is a rumor that they will be a couple. Shirogane stops for a moment, but Kaguya notices it and starts to insinuate him. Shirogane on the contrary won’t allow himself to fall for it, so he states that he doesn’t believe in those kinds of rumors, but Kaguya still keeps her act to manipulate Shirogane. They both kept their futile battle of who was going to complete the conclusion of this narrative. Therefore for them not to worry that much, Chika offers another set of tickets, but this time it’s not a romantic film. They both got burned out after a meticulous battle of brains and finally got beaten up by Chika’s innocence.

Kaguya Wants You to Stop Her

Kaguya receives a love letter with a date invitation. After hearing about it, Shirogane thinks that there’s no way Kaguya will accept it because other than himself, all the other guys who would dare to ask Kaguya out are just weeds. However, he is wrong when Kaguya says out loud that she will go and meet the guy. And another battle starts of whether Shirogane will stop Kaguya or not. A lot of forbidden tricks and rational explanations were laid out. The scenario escalated so much that Shirogane, in a slip of the tongue, said “What if I was the one who confessed to you?” Kaguya was caught in surprise, then Shirogane added, “Hypothetically speaking. Could you forget about that man?” Kaguya flusters and answers “There is a possibility”.And when Kaguya was about to leave the room, suddenly she was stopped, not by Shirogane, but by the bawling Chika, because she didn’t want Kaguya to be someone else’s girl.

Kaguya Wants You to Offer Her Food

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

It is finally lunchtime, Shirogane brings out the bento he prepared for himself. It was Kaguya’s dream to have a taste of such a lunchbox meal since all her meals are prepared by their top chefs, and always more extravagant than her dream bento. Meanwhile, the innocent Chika, also curious about the bento, asks Shirogane if she could take a bite, the kind president gives her a piece of his food and Chika is so pleased. On the other hand, Kaguya, while giving a disdainful look, felt betrayed by Chika. However, in Shirogane’s POV, he thought that Kaguya despises his bento, so he let Chika have more of it and got very good feedback from her. The following day, after vowing to make a comeback, Kaguya brought her fabulous bento set. She has plotted for Shirogane to exchange Bentos with her.

After seeing the expensive bento, Shirogane, and Chika bring their Bentos out and start eating. Shirogane adds that he prepared another bento for Chika. Kaguya is so disheartened when they both just ignored her bento, and when Shirogane refused to eat hers. Shirogane will not give up his bento to Kaguya so when he is being cornered, he eats as fast as he could and then leaves the room. The sad Kaguya has left with no commoner’s bento but just her fabulous bento, however, the nice Chika gave a bit of the Octo-sausage that Shirogane cooked, so although the exchange bento idea was a failure, Kaguya still got a taste of Shirogane’s cooking. At the Shinomiya residence, while removing her cuffs and collar, Kaguya’s assistant asks her if she falls in love first with Shirogane, will she still wait for him to confess first, Kaguya answers that she will check first the situation rationally and will go from there. Still, her pride comes first.

Kaguya Wants to Exchange Contact Info

Their day starts with Chika being super shocked that Shirogane has now obtained a smartphone for himself and now has a LINE account. Instantly the jolly cute girl asks him to exchange LINE contacts. Since he now has a new phone, Shirogane’s strategy to make Kaguya ask for his username has begun. On the other hand, Kaguya is headstrong for not falling for his trap. Asking for someone’s contact information is like confessing your love to that person, well at least for them. So the question now is “To ask or be asked?” Shirogane uses a young photo of himself as his profile pic to make Kaguya ask for his username, however, the desperate Kaguya thought of a plan that made Shirogane’s turn into crumbles. Kaguya starts saying that he’s horrible, she cries and secretly uses her eye drops to make the acting real.

 Shirogane in a panic doesn’t know what to do and by reflex, just to comfort her, ends up showing his photo. Now the situation is in Kaguya’s favor. As the situation gets heated, Chika suddenly interrupts the two by saying that it’s true Shirogane IS horrible, because he really cannot include Kaguya in their group chat since the young lady doesn’t have a smartphone, she only has a burner phone. Shirogane was so surprised by what he just learned and bursts into annoyance due to disbelief that despite being filthy rich, Kaguya only has a burner phone. In her defense, Kaguya states that this phone has been with her since kindergarten and could not easily have it replaced. The ending is that they both exchange email addresses since that is the only feature Kaguya’s phone has.

Fujiwara Wants to Go Out

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Chika tells them that she wants to plan a trip for them, and opens the floor for suggestions. Shirogane is very confident that a mountain trip would be the best. They could enjoy nature, they can go hiking, take pictures at the summit, and at night Kaguya and he will go stargazing and of course, will have Kaguya confess to him. His plan of spending their summer trip in the mountains is already very concrete until Kaguya suggests that she wants to go to the beach. Kaguya had imagined being with Shirogane, splashing water at the beach, wearing their swimsuits, and when the sunsets, the mood will make Shirogane confess to her. Shirogane in his contempt couldn’t imagine himself being at the beach because he was worried that Kaguya will know his secret, that he can’t swim. Shirogane thought of excuses for them not to go to the beach, however, Kaguya is fully equipped on how to counter those, she also adds that there are many insects in the mountains, which puts Shirogane in a tighter situation, because between insects and swimming, swimming is much better, insects are theorist. 

The poor president doesn’t have a choice and agrees to go to the beach. When everything seems going well, suddenly Chika says that she needs to buy a new swimsuit because her old ones won’t fit anymore. As soon as Kaguya hears it, it is then that she realizes that Chika’s chests are bigger than hers, and Shirogane might judge her for having a small set. Then immediately the tables turned. This time Kaguya wants to go to the mountains, but she was tremendously declined by Shirogane because of his fear of insects. The discussion escalates, and they decide to ask for Chika’s thoughts. Then Chika expresses that she wants to go to the mountains, BUT not any normal ones, she wants to visit a scary mountain and do spooky-related activities with them. They both were lost for words, and their summer trip itinerary collapsed.

Shirogane Miyuki Wants to Hide It 

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

One day a boy asks Shirogane for love advice. The inexperienced but proud president Shirogane accepts this boy’s call for help. He tells Shirogane that there is this girl he likes in their class but doesn’t know how to tell her his feelings. Shirogane asks if he ever has any contact with this girl. The boy answers that he received 3 pieces of Valentine’s choco balls from her. He thinks that those are just obligatory chocolates, but Shirogane thinks otherwise. Unbeknownst to the two, Kaguya behind the door is listening as they talk. Kaguya is surprised that Shirogane thinks very positively of this boy’s current situation. The boy also added that he is so confused about how the girl thinks of him because there is this one time that the girl asked if he has a girlfriend, and when he said no, the girl and some of her friends giggled. Shirogane once again makes the situation in favor of the poor boy and says that there’s no problem with it, that the girl truly likes him. Because of Shirogane’s optimism, the boy’s self-esteem became higher. Then he asks Shirogane how he should confess to her because he’s so scared of rejection. Shirogane, despite being inexperienced, gives him a tutorial. As he goes near the door, Kaguya firmly stands behind it so he won’t see her, he slams the door and in a deep sexy manly voice says, “Go out with me.” Kaguya on the other side of the door is so moved and speechless, it felt like he was indirectly confessing to her. After learning from the tutorial, the boy asks if this worked perfectly on Kaguya. The pair, inside their minds, violently reacted. Shirogane corrects him and says that they are not a couple, furthermore, recently he feels like Kaguya hates him. On the other hand, Kaguya is surprised by that thought. Shirogane was asked how he feels for her, he starts talking about the irritating parts of Kaguya, but when he notices she’s just outside the door, he changes his words to compliments. Afterward, back to their normal duties, Kaguya is so pleased that she prepares Shirogane a cup of tea, and the boy succeeds in getting the girl he likes.

Shirogane Miyuki Still Hasn’t Done It

The day officially started when Kaguya picks up a magazine and reads an article that gives the ratio of high school students who have already had their first-time experience. According to the survey, 34% of students answered yes. Everybody in the room except for Kaguya thinks that it’s a large scale. Kaguya, on the other hand, thinks that this is somehow average, and to be fair quite low based on her expectations. After hearing those from her, Shirogane and Chika were surprised. Then Chika politely asks her if she has already experienced it. Kaguya confidently responds yes. Once again the two in disbelief did not know what to say. After noticing the alarming reactions inside them, Kaguya had already developed a plan for Shirogane to confess to her. When people compare themselves and notice they got a late start, they panic. As a result, Kaguya uses this opportunity to make Shirogane fall for it. Kaguya stirs Shirogane more when she asks if he has a girlfriend, and the poor president answers that he doesn’t have one right now. The troubled Shirogane is torn between sticking to the truth that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and hasn’t done it yet, or lying that he had a relationship with someone before and has done it several times. The repercussions of those options are scary enough to make Shirogane sweat in bullets. In the end, he chose the route in which he sticks to the truth that he’s single at the moment. Kaguya expresses her dismay, she thinks that given Shirogane having a younger sister, he could’ve done such a thing a long time ago and that it’s normal for family members to do that. After hearing those from Kaguya, Shirogane and Chika just lost their sanity. So to clear things up, Shirogane asks Kaguya what she thinks “first experience” is, then she answers “kissing someone.” The scene became blank, poor Kaguya did not know what it meant, so Chika took the liberty of explaining everything to her. After 16 minutes of explanation, it is then that Kaguya realizes, all this time she’s wrong and Shirogane can now calm down peacefully.

Kaguya Wants Him to Guess Right

Anime Where Boy Makes Girl Jealous So She Could Fall In Love With Him

Later that evening, Kaguya and Shirogane were left to finish some council duties. Shirogane complimented Kaguya for being more approachable unlike before. Kaguya tells him that she has started to make an effort to be likable. Then Shirogane says that he wonders if he finally came to understand what kind of person she is. To gauge Shirogane’s understanding of her, Kaguya challenges him to a 20 questions game –a game wherein one asks close-ended 20 questions to find out the answer that only the other knows. Kaguya raises the bar higher by making him ask up to 10 questions only. Shirogane gets fired up and starts asking. At first, he could not come up to a conclusion because the path where he is being taken to is quite confusing. As Shirogane tries his best to ask the appropriate questions, he finally gets his momentum when he asks if it’s something Kaguya likes. Kaguya was caught off guard and answered yes. Shirogane then takes advantage of it and has finally come up with an answer. And shockingly, it is him that Kaguya is referring to! Shirogane is overwhelmed with how the events are transcribed, however, given that he also expects Kaguya’s slyness, he did not fall for it and answers “Dog” instead. After the intense mind battle, Kaguya’s very high hopes of him falling for her trap instantly goes down, and Shirogane passes the test of really knowing Kaguya.

Kaguya Wants to Walk

Since she was born, being part of a super wealthy family, Kaguya is always being driven to school. She never experienced walking on her way to school, until one day, their car broke down and she elected to go on foot. It is a brand-new experience for Kaguya. While on her way, she has already imagined a scenario that she would rendezvous with Shirogane on his bike and would agree to walk together to school. As she thinks about it, near the pedestrian crossing is a crying sixth-grader. Kaguya initially wants to ignore the kid, but can’t, so she helps her out to cross the streets and go to school. When they are almost near, the kid tells her that she doesn’t want to be left alone. Kaguya empathizes with the kid and suggests that it doesn’t mean that she’s a sixth-grader now, that she has to go to school alone, she can still ask her friends to meet up with her then they could go together. The kid is very grateful for Kaguya’s help and wonderful idea, then she successfully meets up with her friend on her way to school. Because of her kind deed, Kaguya is now late for school, but it is a blessing in disguise when she meets Shirogane on the street, running out of breath on his bicycle because he too is almost late. He tells Kaguya to hop on so they could arrive at school as fast as possible. The following day, Kaguya goes back to being driven to school.

Both smart and intelligent students of Shuchiin Academy, Kaguya Shinomiya, and Miyuki Shirogane have engaged themselves in a love war wherein the one who admits being in love concedes defeat. Despite their efforts to make each other spill the tea, it seems like fate is doing a trick on them and neither one is so far victorious. In their everyday lives as part of the student council, together with the airhead but kind and cheerful Chika Fujiwara, they get to learn more about each other and build a great friendship that will help them in their journey to their lives as normal teenagers.


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