Top 10 Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

Cultivation Manhua recommendation with OP MC

Welcome to animeexperts we are back with another top 10 Cultivation Manhua recommendation list if you like our list please leave a like in a comment of your favorite suggestions below. Without any further ado let’s get started.

10. Dragon Prince yuan

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

When the main character was born he was cursed by a rival clan he cannot open his eighth madrina due to this curse. To save his life his mother sacrificed some of her life essences. Now the main character gets enrolled in a cultivation academy to get powerful and get his revenge. The story of this manhua starts pretty well but becomes too generic later on the plot also feels dragged sometimes side characters are mostly courting death. The only best part about this manhua is the art this manhua is only recommended for hardcore cultivation manhua lovers.

09. Venom doctor

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

With his powers, he cures people of the venom inside their bodies as well as the venom of society. A college student returned to his hometown to start a chicken farm but it’s not going well he finds a jade figurine that bestows his martial abilities and lets him see inside people’s bodies this cultivation manga is one of the better ones to take place in modern society. There is a lot of generic recording of death, and bad guys, here but the good guys are also well made the personality of the main character is quite good the art is a little bit on the average side.

08. I returned from heaven and worlds

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The main character has a dragon cultivation route and he’s considered a prodigy in the whole city but one day he was cheated on by his girlfriend and she also stole his dragon cultivation roots because of that main character became a potato his father imprisoned him for three years during these three years in prison his soul got separated from his main body and a female master helped the main character cultivate after three years. The soul of the main character returns to his body and now he knows higher cultivation levels. The spirit of the main character is the strongest spirit but they made him into a pig for some laugh. The art of this manhwa is marvelous the story is a little bit generic but it still provides entertainment to some extent. The worst thing about this manhwa is the translation it is very bad only read this if you have already read a ton of manhua and have developed an autocorrect feature in your brain.

 07. Becoming a god by teaching six sisters

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The main character was a genius cultivator of this sect but for some reason, his cultivation stopped increasing and he was reduced to a sweeper in this sect. But the truth is that the main character was increasing his cultivation and hiding it from everyone. One day he decides that he had enough and revealed his cultivation to everyone. The main character also comes to know that he has six sisters whose cultivation base is very high and they try to help their brother in some ways. The art of this manhua is quite good and a little bit over-sexualized as usual this story is also a little bit better some characters are always courting death. As the usual translation has some minor pronunciation errors other than that it is a good cultivation MANHUA also doesn’t read the zero chapter it ruins some future events and gives a bad first impression of the whole story.

 06. Qin Xia

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The ira warring states are over with the ascension of the one true emperor of China peace has finally arrived but as time passes the Emperor starts to realize his mortality in his act of desperation for immortality. The emperor invites the dark sex to his court one main character sacrifices himself on the emperor’s whims to save his family from a fate worse than death. This is modern-day low-key cultivation of manhua the art is decent and it gets a little bit better later on. Some side characters are also vague the pacing of the plot is quite good if you want a manhunt set in modern times with minimalistic cultivation then this one is for you.

 05. Emperor domination

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The rise of revered cultivators has been witnessed for countless years however the eyes of the world fail to notice that behind every cultivator there seems to be a mysterious yin crow. After the yin crow guided a legion of young cult evaders to the peak of cultivation and established a sect he chose to leave and abandon it. Thousands of years have passed since his departure and circumstances have changed the once brilliant sect was left in shambles and vulnerable to imminent danger aware of the impending downfall. The yin crow returned as a young boy to fulfill his agreement to guard and restore the sect to its former glory. This manhua is quite good the main character is overpowered from the start fight scenes are well portrayed all characters have a little bit of personality plot moves at a decent pace so it never gets boring. The world-building is also on point if you are into overpowered main character stuff then this manual is for you. It is adapted from the novel of the same name but it still fails to even hold a candle against the novel only read it if you have not read the novel or you’re gonna be disappointed.

 04. Hero Shi feels lonely

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The main character participates in the martial arts contest he easily wins the competition but notices that the other participants are happy with their partners even though they have lost the competition. This feeling of being alone haunts him a lot he returns to the sect but now a feeling of loneliness haunts him. It is a comedic cultivation manhunt the main character is overpowered from the start this manhua never takes itself seriously the interactions between the main character and the side characters always lead up to some funny situations. This manhua has no actual story for now only read it if you’re looking for a good comedic manhua.

 03. A legend of the wind

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

The main character gets dumped by his girlfriend he enters an end to drinking and eating to his failure to forget the pain of being dumped. Suddenly [ __ ] hits the fan and some cultivators start fighting in the inn the main character follows them out of curiosity and finds that all of those cultivators killed each other. There he finds some cultivation techniques and an ordinary young man’s bloody journey of ascension from ordinary to extraordinary starts he discovered the correct method of practicing the family martial arts and changed his life. This manhua is good the cultivation method in this manhua is also unique from your regular everyday manhua. The personality of the main character is the best he is very good at grabbing opportunities. The art is somewhere between decent and good only read it if you can bear some bad translations still the overall story is very good.

 02. Eternal first god

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

Even in his dreams, Lee Chen Ming can’t stop himself from laughing because his family pets are all the primordial chaos beasts of myth. Followed by his management of pets li Chiang Ming begins his ascension to become the number one beastmaster of the ages. He journeys across the many worlds only one thing remaining constant no one is ever ready for the likes of his pets after all who’s ever prepared to fight a phoenix and its fellows? This is a very good one main character is super overpowered in the start and is considered a genius but he is framed by his girlfriend and his cultivation has been crippled now. After three years the main character finds out that he has 10 super rare spirit beasts which he can hatch and they can boost his cultivation. It has some really good revenge thing in the mix the art of this manhua is good so is the story.

01.  I’m a hero in the cultivation realm

Top 10  Cultivation Manhua Recommendation

Hao is a courageous hero who has saved a hundred different realms. Nevertheless, he has to cross dimensions once again to rescue one last realm that belongs to the cultivators exhausted he decides to make his weak disciple Chen Juan the next hero. Janan is timid and extremely lazy and Hau succeeds in training him meanwhile the real reason why Hao was summoned to the cultivation realm was to compete for the role of the cultivator’s leader. How will they overcome these strange adventures for unknown reasons there seems to be a bigger secret hidden beneath this realm. This manhua is an absolute beast it has done everything right the story is marvelous the plot also comes deep as the story goes on Art is marvelous it shines the most during fight scenes. This manhua has one of the best comedic scenes all characters have a certain amount of depth to them the world-building is also on point this is an absolute gem for cultivation genre fans I highly recommend giving this a try.

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