10 Best Gangster Anime series

 Top 10 best mafia or gangster anime to watch

The top 10 best mafia or gangster anime to watch, and if you are a fan of Tokyo Revengers, which is trending right now, then you will enjoy this list the most. So without further ado, let’s start with our list! 

10) Baccano

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The Gangster anime story in Baccano! is very straightforward. Usually, it is the style in which the story is told that receives the most attention. Baccano! adopts a non-sequential storytelling style. It contains a nice mixture of drama, action, and comedy. This, linked with amazing characters and a good small story, addresses Baccano!, one of the most pleasant romps in current years.

Baccano is very heavily influenced by Western movies made in this style. it is set in 1930s America and revolves around different characters and their stories, which involve several unrelated plots intersecting and crossing each other. 

9) Banana fish 

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The plot is that Ash Lynx, a 17-year-old gang boss, and an abuse survivor, is hooked up in the byproduct of a thing or entity named “Banana Fish”, connected to his brother Griffin and the war in Iraq. Ash’s boss and abuser, Dino, wants the drug back. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Eiji from Japan arrives as a photojournalist covering New York’s gangs but gets caught up in the conflict. The plot, while certainly reliant on genre tropes, makes for an excellent thriller.

There’s never a dull moment in any of the episodes, aided by a smart and fast adaptation of the manga. Not an episode goes by without a few major developments and plot twists or three. Intelligently, this gangster anime series doesn’t focus too much on the mystery of what “Banana Fish” is, with plenty of other plot developments going on as well. Don’t worry though; there are fairly quick answers as to the truth about “Banana Fish,” and it’s turning out to be more interesting for the plot than you think at first. I recommend watching this Gangster anime series if you are bl fan.

 8) Black Lagoon

10 Best Gangster Anime series

Black Lagoon’s story is mainly focused on our four main characters and their adventures together that tie in through the chemistry that helps them grow with each other. Black Lagoon manages to pull off even the most ridiculous plot arcs that could easily be looked at with eye rolls and as a laughable premise. The story follows a team of pirates and mercenaries known as the Lagoon Company, who smuggled goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early 1990s.

Our main characters get caught up with some of these pirates, leading to one of the most entertaining stories I have ever seen. It gives Black Lagoon a spark of creativity in its witty black humor that creates its unique personality to deviate itself from other gangster anime like it in terms of writing.

 7) Ikebukuro West Gate Park

10 Best Gangster Anime series

Ikebukuro is home to many various corporations and gangs. This includes Makoto Majima, the notorious “troubleshooter” who negotiates among warring factions. Makoto understands all of the ins and outs of the bustling Tokyo region and aims to keep peace beside the G-Boys, who assist Makoto in his troubleshooting attempts.

Led by the charismatic and ruthless Takashi Andou, the G-Boys are the most influential gang in all of Ikebukuro. But when the new party, “Red Angels,” starts moving in on the G-Boys’ turf, urgent tensions rise. With various enemies dispersed around and within the G-Boys, operating through the streets becomes more challenging for Makoto. While continuing to troubleshoot difficulties, he gently unravels a plot that may trigger an all-out battle and endanger the entirety of Ikebukuro. 

6) 91 days 

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The story takes place in prohibition times and it is about a young boy named Angelo who had his family murdered by mafiosos right before his very eyes, leaving Angelo with no reason to live other than seeking revenge for the family he lost.

Everything that seemed to be a generic “revenge” plot turned out to be a complicated but convincing look into the manipulations of the mafia, packed with suspense, breathtaking moments, disloyalties, and plot twists.  I recommend watching this gangster anime series if you like the plot and twists.

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5) Durarara!

10 Best Gangster Anime series

Durarara!! starts with the teenager Mikado Ryuga and his arrival in Tokyo, where he is greeted by his childhood friend MasaomiKida, who has lived in the city for several years now. Mikado has longed for a big city life ever since he was young and was newly convinced by Masaomi to transfer to his current high school in Japan’s capital, Tokyo. During their childhood, the two were best friends up until Masaomi moved away. Friends have kept in touch through the internet ever since then.

As they finally meet again in one of the biggest cities in the world, Masaomi wastes little time catching up and immediately proceeds to show the timid Mikado around Ikebukuro. However, Mikado, still overwhelmed by the intimidating urban lifestyle prevailing throughout Tokyo, is even more stunned after realizing just how many secrets and mysteries this city holds. 

4) K

K’s story is set in an unavailable, futuristic city where, beneath its grandeur, lies supernatural authorities and deadly gangs. Much like Durarara!!, the show has multiple storylines that end up intersecting each other in the end. Now, if this was the first time something like this was done, I would have enjoyed it much more. I am a big fan of Durarara!! like I am, you would be very distracted by how many similarities these two shows have.

But that did not prevent me from loving the story of K. From the intense tale of the chase for a murder case suspect to the story of the psychic power-wielding, it was a pretty interesting plot.  I recommend watching this Gangster Anime series.

3)  Jormungand 

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The story in Jormungand is about Jonah, a boy who worked in the Middle East as a child fighter and is being recruited as Koko’s partner. Koko is an arms dealer who travels all around the world selling guns. As an arms merchant, Koko must have many hindrances, like opposition from a group in the country or even a competitor in trading with arms.

As her subordinate, Jonah and the companions must ensure Koko’s safety in every transaction. By reading the premise of the story, maybe you understand the premise. There will be many spectacular actions and stunning visual gunfire, which will be accompanied by a full pack of action. Well, if you’ve enjoyed mafia gang wars with guns and a lot of action and fights between gangs, then this anime is for you! 

2) Gangsta 

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The entire Gangsta fiction is set in a little town named Ergastulum. When it comes to the city, it is a very dark, shady village full of thieves, whores, corrupt cops, and gangs. I think you all can imagine it in one way. At the heart of the story, we have the two main characters, Worick and Nicolas. Two partners that do all sorts of odd posts that nobody else needs to do. Now the question that makes Gangsta separate from other programs is Twilights. Twilights possess enchanted abilities due to their predecessors’ use of Celebrex (some kind of drug).

They are recorded for being especially violent and disruptive and as such, they are mostly selected for killing jobs. One of the Twilights in this anime is also Nick. The novel gets more engaging in the ninth episode, while the so-called “Anti-Twilights” resemble. A fight between them begins and continues, but the first season ends. There is still no information about season two, but I have hope because the anime is manga-based. I recommend watching this Gangster Anime series.

01) Bungou stray dogs

10 Best Gangster Anime series

The story of Bungou Stray Dogs is centered around the orphan protagonist, Atsushi, who was kicked out of the orphanage because of mysterious incidents around him. Having no intention or clue on how to withstand, he aimlessly roams around, just to coincidentally fish out a self-destructive detective by the name of Dazai out of the river.

Of course, it just so happens that he is not a regular person; he works for a firm of paranormal investigators. Being pulled into this world, the daily life of the protagonist begins with a wacky cast of characters. 

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And that was for the list of the top 10 anime about mafia and gangster anime which are somewhat like Tokyo revengers. How many anime out of this top 10 list have you already watched? And do you think that I missed any gangster anime that I should’ve added to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.