High school fight manga

  Best school fight manga like Mercenary Enrolment

If you have read mercenary enrollment and are looking for manga similar to it then in this list. I will be sharing with you 10 manga just like “High school fight manga” and you will find three more of them on my website Noble suggestions now let’s get started starting our list.

10. Boss in school

High school fight manga

Summary-The main character of this manhwa was able to fight just anyone naturally he never once trained in his life and was able to defeat his opponents very easily his life changes when he finds out about his father’s death after that incident he joins a different school as a transfer student in the middle of the semester the art of this manhwa is exactly like rooftop swordmaster and has a great fighting scene to keep you entertained. 

09. I am a middle schooler becoming the demon lord

High school fight manga

Summary-  It is a little different from all the other manga on this list since it has magic the main character is next in line to become the demon lord but for that, he needs to pass one test and for it, he needs to go to earth after coming to earth he pretends to be a human student and joins the school. Overall it is a great manhwa but it is cringy at some times.

 08. Ultimate legend kang hai heo. 

High school fight manga

Summary- The story takes place in a school that was specially made for delinquents. The main character has amnesia and forgets all his past and his memories about him being one of the best fighters. He was trained as a killing machine for the military and was also one of the strongest there little by little he starts to get his memories back in this school. The story and plots of this manhua are really great and also have comedy to keep you entertained.

 07. True education

High school fight manga

Summary- This is one of the best manhuas you can find in this genre the main character here is not a school student but actually a grown man. Who works for the student council visits different schools one after the other and solves all the miss happenings of those schools although it is really good it has really less chapters. But I can guarantee you that you will really enjoy it.

06. Second life of a gangster

High school fight manga

Summary- This is actually a time travel type of manhua and as the title suggests the main character was a gangster. But one day he gets betrayed by his own people and died after that while he was dying he regretted all the things he did in the past just when his soul was about to get judged by the angel. The angel gave him a chance to change his life by sending his soul to the past this time.  He wants to change all the things he regretted doing in his past life.  

05. The world is about money and power 


Summary- This manhwa is similar to the anime kakegairu in the sense that in both of them, the school allowed gambling. The father of the main character of this manhwa was falsely accused of using his power as the congressman to get admission for his son in one of the biggest schools in Korea.  Now after this incident, the main character had to transfer to a school where gambling was allowed. Here the characteristics of the main character are very similar to Eisen from mercenary enrollment.

 04 Study group 

High school fight manga

Summary- The main character here actually wants to study, but in reality, he is really bad at school right now. He is in is filled with delinquents and fighting is a regular thing here one day a new teacher joins in who actually used to tutor him in the past.  All this time the main character hid his strength but this time formed a study group and save all the people who want to study. He starts to fight back.

 03. God of Blackfield 

High school fight manga

Summary- This manhwa is most similar to mercenary enrollment considering the main character has the same military background and even the personality of both protagonists are similar. Here the main character was the commander of a French battalion but one day during a mission his team was ambushed and all of them died after two years of that incident the protagonist finds himself in the body of a high school student in Korea and this is where the whole story starts up.

 02. Real man

High school fight manga

Summary- This has one of the most fantastic story plots you will ever find in a manhwa I love this manhwa a lot here the main character was a CEO of a big company. But despite all that he was not happy one bit one day while he was returning after giving homage to his dead friend he finds a mysterious bar he went inside and was offered a drink. He fell asleep while thinking about what went wrong in his life after waking up he finds himself in the past when he just passed college.  

01. Medical return

High school fight manga

Summary- This is also a time travel type of manhwa where the main character was given a chance to relive his life the main character was a doctor but everything started to turn horrible the moment he started his own clinic he went into a lot of debt.  By treating patients for free because he couldn’t even take care of his sick mother. In this second life, he wants to make better decisions to live a better life. 

So this was all for the list don’t forget to check my website to find three more of them  and also consider comment on the post thank you 

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