Top 10 Action Manhwa/Manhua/Manga With 100+ Chapters

  Top 10 Action Manhwa/Manhua/Manga With 100+Chapters 

Here are my all-time Top 10 Action Manhwa/Manhua/Manga With 100+ chapters that I have personally completed. I hope you enjoy the list and please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section right below this list. It’s not easy finding action manhwa to read, because most of them are incomplete. A good amount is even abandoned. But there are some free full manhwa out there worth reading if you know where to look. They may be older and might not have the prettiest art, but they are still fun. I have compiled a list of 10 manga that are over 100 chapters long. They are some of the longest-running manga series with hundred chapters and over.

10. Dimensional Mercenary

Summary- Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, Soul Sellers, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that is right, people like you. Are you dealing with angels or demons? 30-year-old freeloader Chul Ho Kang made a deal through this shady site, even selling his soul for the chance at what else? Money! An invitation to the other world for the weak and downtrodden of society for a chance to change their lot in life! That is the mission given to Chul Ho Kang! This manhwa Has over 100+ chapters so do check this out.

 9. Release That Witch

Summary- The story is about a man who got reincarnated as a spoiled prince in a medieval age period. I know a lot of Manhwa’s that have this plot, but what makes this one different is because of the situation of the MC when he got reincarnated. He was in a terrible situation and also at a huge disadvantage against his enemies. But because of the knowledge of the MC’s past life, he started to rise and challenge his enemies with the help of the witches. it’s really good and I 100% recommend Excelentmanga. I like the drawing style – witches are simply sexy 😉 The story is also simple but funny and well pacing. There is nothing “unique” about this isekai, it simply uses a good and well-known formula and executes it well – and that is good in itself. So be sure to check it out. Okay,

 8. My Wife is a Demon Queen

Summary- Well you have the classic isekai with a normal human being who is transferred to another world because of a ring. That seems cliche and you are thinking about an overpowered MC with a hidden power because he’s the incarnation. Our MC is just a normal boy, he won’t shine with magic spells or with swordsmanship. He has no magika at all, unlike the demon queen who’s perfect in both. MC will become what they call smiths and craftmanship. To summarize MC will draw and by thinking about the mechanism of what he is drawing, he can create objects. The system of classes is logical and easy to understand. It permits one to create some powers without forcing the reader to ask himself “How? I can understand what is this shit, how powers work this??” like you can have in a bunch of bad manga about powers like that. this Manhua Has over 100+ ch so do give it a shot. 

7. Tales of Demons and Gods

Summary- This manhua has over 100 ch. Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritists in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world, however, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deities ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only the Red Soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge that he accumulated in his previous life, he trained faster than anyone. Trying to protect the city which in the coming future was being assaulted by the beast and ended up being destroyed as well as protecting his lover, friends, and family who died by the beast’s assault. and to destroy the Sacred family who abandoned their duty and betrayed the city in his past life.

 6. The Servant Is the Demon King

Summary- Compared to other cultivating manga/Manhua is very interesting and engaging. As the Demon King, Yifan Zhuo uses his knowledge and power, collected over millennia, to defeat all foes, until the day he is betrayed. With his last breath, the demon king manages to reincarnate… but into the body of a puny young servant! To Yifan’s dismay, the servant has a spiritual bond with his mistress, Lady Luo. Yifan, now known as Fan, finds himself inexplicably drawn to Lady Luo and links his fate to her family. With Lady Luo at his side, will he regain his place as the Demon King? This manhua also has more than 200+ ch.

5. Max Level Returner

Summary- The world falls into a state of panic when 120 million players of a popular VR game, Eternal World, vanish without a trace one day. A few months later, they begin returning one by one after dying in the game. But they’re not the only ones to make it back—monsters also start to appear and wreak havoc on Earth. All hope seems lost until the Masked Monarch, the most powerful player of the Eternal World, returns. He quickly assembles his old team back together to defeat the beasts and the nefarious Demon King once and for all. But man-made weapons are useless against the enemies they must fight, and players are struggling to level up without the game’s special items or rewards. The Masked Monarch has a few tricks up his sleeve, but will they be enough to save the world? This manhwa also has 100 ch.

4. Volcanic Age

Summary- If you Are looking For a good fun ride to read then one might be one of those.Itsone of my fav manhwa .Joo Seo-Cheon, a man who survives the age of war through sheer luck, becomes the Hwasan faction’s elder only to live a life full of regrets and doubts. He then lies on his death bed waiting for the inevitable when he is returned to the past… an amazing story. For me, it feels like the void the breaker had created and it is surely one of the best murim-based manhwa out there. Give it a try and you will be hooked up for sure. I strongly recommend it to anyone. So give it a try no 

3. God Slayer

Summary- Despite having once lost his parents and half his limbs in a car accident, Bei Ming still retains a desire to live life to its fullest. After defending his childhood friend from some thugs, he ends up in the hospital once again, but when he wakes up he suddenly finds a hot-tempered dog demon sitting beside him!? His name is Xiao Tan, and due to some unusual circumstances, his spirit has melded together with Bei Ming’s. Chained to this new, unfamiliar presence, the two now have to work together to understand how and why this has happened. 

2. The Beginning After the End

Summary- King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpose and will. Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life. Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge, however. Underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world is an undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, questioning his role and reason for being born again. With more than 100+ ch and also might be fav one for most of my viewers. Soo everybody knows this I think if you haven’t read then read it out. This List is not in perfect order bear with me Then At no 

1. Solo Leveling

Top 10 Action Manhwa/Manhua/Manga With 100+Chapters

Summary- I recommend this one The story is so so so so good and also BY FAR MY FAVOURITEMANHWA and will be forever my favorite one. Jin-woo, an E-rank Hunter used to live a crappy life, but one day in a dual dungeon, an incident takes place. Suddenly, he gets a system that’ll help him become stronger. Solo Leveling is the most popular and #1 choice of the audience. In every way, it is perfect, and the main character Jin-woo is quite overpowered and badass. The skills, leveling up themes, and world-building is some of the best out there. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa with the game system, this should be your #1 choice. This manhwa has more than 100+ ch so give it a try. 

Ok, That’s it thanks for reading. Comment below on which one you have seen, and do share your experience.  Till then, take care and stay safe. 

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