Top 08 OP MC Anime to Watch


OP MC  Anime to Watch 

These are the best-overpowered anime where MC is more powerful than anyone. 

1. My hero academia

Genres- Superpower, Comedy, Action.



Summary- Where having a superpower is normal, Izuku was bullied for being born with no superpower. After showing an act of courage, Izuku is granted his quirk by the world by the world’s greatest hero. Izuku starts his superpower training at a school for superheroes and gets involved in battling an evil force.  

2. Black clover

Genres- Shounen, Magic, Action, Adventure.
Top 08 OP MC  Anime to Watch

Summary- In a world ruled by magic, orphan Asta was born without it, while his friend Yuno is a prodigy. Once the closet of friends, Asta and Yuno grew apart as they join two different magic squads. As children, they promised that they would become the next wizard king. A touching story of friendship, courage, growth, and magic training.

3.  Dr. Stone

Genres- Sci-fi, Adventure.



Summary- Taijuu was supposed to confess his love to his crush until a stone apocalypse happened. He and his genius friend from school, Senku try to save humanity from the stone apocalypse and bring back civilization in life. The stone apocalypse has made humanity petrified, but the world still grows and gets changed.

4. One punch man 

Genres- Comedy, action, Supernatural.


Summary- Saitama can knock out anyone and anything with just one punch. In a world full of super-beings that can be defeated, Saitama yearns to find a worthy opponent. He had also lost his hair due to harsh training, so he’s bored and bald. Comically tragic.


Genres- Superpower, adventure, Action.



Summary- Ichigo Kurosaki is like any other high school student, except for the fact that he can see spirits. When his sister is targeted by a hollow-a masked monster- he meets a soul reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. Out of desperation, Rukia lends Ichigo her powers, opening his eyes to the real dangers that lurked.
6. Kenja na mago 

Genres- Isekai, Fantasy, Magic, Ecchi.



Summary- Taken in a formidable sage named Merlin, Shin is raised by being trained everyday use magic. Expect for the fact that he is inexperienced outside the world of magic, he is immensely powerful. To learn how to hone further and control his powers, Shin in a prestigious magic academy.

7. The king avatar

Genres- Fantasy, Adventure, Action.



Summary- Ye Xiu is a former pro player that becomes an internet cafe manager. He was kicked out of his team but he wanted to come back to the pro gaming scene. In the gaming fantasy world of glory, where ye xui is the battle god.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

Genres- Horror, Action, Supernatural.



Summary- Kaneki becomes a ghoul after an incident leading to a ghoul’s organs being transplanted in his body. He attempts to maintain his normal life while having to deal with the problems of ghoulish life. A classic tale of tragedy, moral dilemmas with the original gothic art style.    

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