Manga Where MC Become OP

 Must read these Manga with OP MC

These mangas Where MC become OP are just my online-based list and some are my personal favorite Enjoy the list. You can read all mangas manga apps or sites.

10. Rebirth of the urban legend
 Genres-supernatural, action, martial arts, seinen.
 summary- This manga was launched in 2019. After 500 years, the immortal was reborn on earth and returned to the city of his past life where he lives with his parents, to make up for the regret of his previous life and play the story of pretending to be the weak.
09. The gamer
Genres-fantasy, school life, comedy
summary- Jee Han, is a high school student and has the power to convert the world into a game. He tries to discover the origin of his power where he gets it and adapts to the strange environment and dangerous game world. Decided that he would stay in the game, and make himself powerful to protect himself and others.
08. The god of high school
 Genres-fantasy, adventure, martial arts.

summary- The god of high school is a tournament between elite fighters, where the winner is granted any wish. Among the participants are a taekwondo expert, a karate practitioner, and a skilled swordswoman. Little did they know, that the reason behind the tournament was more than just pure entertainment.
07. Soul land
 Genres- isekai, fantasy, action.


 summary- Tang Sect, the most famous martial art sect in Soul Land. Tang San steals its most secret teaching to fulfill his own dreams and he commits an unforgivable crime. By completing his ambitions he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome “hell peak”.
But he could have never imagined that he would be reborn in another world. Where people fight with their soul power.
06. Tales of demons and gods
 Genres-fantasy, martial arts, action.
summary- Nei le, the strongest demon spirit in his past life standing in the martial world, however, he lost his life during the battle with the sage emperor and the six deities beast, his soul was then reborn back in his time to when he was still 13. Although he is the weakest in his class with his previous knowledge, he trained faster than anyone and became powerful.
05. The legendary Moonlight sculptor
 Genres-fantasy, action.


summary- The legendary god of war the man knows as the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. He sells his account for 3.1 billion won, bringing great joy to him only for a matter of time all money taken by a vicious loan shark. To make his life better he again starts playing a new game that is worldwide released and becomes rich again.
04.  A returner’s magic should be special
 Genres-fantasy, adventure, action.


summary- Desir and his team are the last survivors of humankind and to clear the shadow world and they just failed to save the world from the shadow world. Instead of dying, he was reborn three years before the emergence of the shadow world occurred within the world. With a chance to change the future, he must gather powerful comrades to overcome the shadow world and save the world.
03. Apotheosis
Genres-fantasy, adventure, a martial art.


summary-  This manga story starts when after losing the Luo family’s secret heirloom, Luo Zheng becomes a slave to his own clan members. He burns his father’s records in anger, unleashing powerful energy that makes his skills. He begins his journey to find and rescue his sister, refining and honing his power along the way.
02. Battle through the havens
 Genres- fantasy, martial arts, action.


summary- Xiao Yan mysteriously lost everything three years ago and became a laughing stock for other people. The story is in a land where the strong set the life rules that the weak must follow. Can Xiao Yan find himself again to survive and figure out what had forced his fate upon him?
        01Solo leveling
 Genres- fantasy, adventure, action.


summary- Sung Jin-woo struggles when he even enters the basics of dungeons, also he is also known as the world’s weakest hunter. After discovering a high-level dungeon and nearly dying a secret, Jin-woo received a strange skill within him. Knowing the secret to level up, Jin-woo is on his way to being the strongest S-rank hunter in the world.  





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